Tummy tuck w/lipo to the flanks

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A few years back I met with Dr. William Bruno in...

A few years back I met with Dr. William Bruno in BH I was thinking a bout a tummy tuck. After speaking to him about the procedure I realized I was not ready to go through with it (he was not pushy, he made me very aware that this might be something I'd want to wait for).

I was in a new relationship and thought that I would maybe want another child besides my one boy...3 years later I came back to Dr. Bruno with my mind made up. I love my son and we are a complete family along with my partner.

My son was a big boy weighing in at 8 lbs. 12oz, He did a number to my body. I was over the 200 lbs when I was pregnant, and after a few years of yoyo dieting going from 130-170
I am now a steady 150-160lbs. I feel good when I am fully clothed. I love my body. When I work out I love it even more, but there is always that extra belly fat & stretch marks that no matter where I was at with my weight I was never truly happy with my body.
so here I am getting ready to fix my belly. We will find out if it's worth it I guess??

a few more days...

Getting ready for this, somehow I am expecting it to be life changing. Reading so many reviews make it seem that it will be. Tuesday is the day and though I thought I had planned this perfectly, I feel my period will beat me to the surgery :(,
The concerns I have right now is that my dog will jump on me. I have bought a baby gate to keep him away hopefully it works. Does any one have any advice on how to make things easier when left alone without help during the day? My sister will be with me on day one after that I will be alone during the day.

So depressed. Tummy tuck cancelled due to PVC complications

I woke up in the operating room thinking wow it's done! I was transferred to the recovery room. I realized that Something was wrong . I was informed by my sister that the surgery didn't happen. The surgery was cancelled due to abnormal heart beat. I am so depressed that I went trough all this and still have this tummy. I now have to get EKG. I am so confused. Has this happened to anyone else??

Finally got Clarence and had my surgery

I feel pain, even with the Tylenol 3
Should I ask for Vicodin?
I'm laying on the recliner and every time I get help to get to the bathroom it hurts. I am super hunched. My stomach feels like a ton of bricks and feels heavy and like gravity is pulling hard on just my stomach I have to hold my stomach tight . I get to peek at it later today.

Recap of the last few days..

My surgery was Thursday 10/23/14 I was home in the evening and in pain. I had my follow up on Friday 10/24/14and took a peek, it looks tight and i didn't see stretch marks! ???? I showed up at my follow up super hunched over, I didn't know how I was going to make up to my ps office with out a wheel chair. I just held on tight and my fiancé walked me up slowly. When I saw my ps he said let's see it and he went to open the binder, I was so scared of him opening the binder! Once he did I felt better, all the anxiety of not knowing what was under was kind of over. He let it breath and said that I can shower. He asked me of I could walk straighter...I was able but am afraid Of stretching. After the appointment I asked for a walker, it was the best purchase, it got me walking around the house with more confidence. Right now I am waiting for my shower chair to come so I can attempt a shower. I really want to take the binder off and take a really good look! The incision looks really low. I am concerned with showering because of the drains... As of now I have no trouble peeing, but I haven't had a bowel movement yet, and honestly I am not looking forward to it. I am looking forward to getting these drains removed on Thursday 10-30. Hoping to take pictures tonight after my shower.


Today I'm walking straighter, I have been trying to stop using the walker as much. I tool a T3 last night before bed. Haven't taken anything today, waiting to talk to my ps to ask if I can start taking regular Tylenol. Trying to do more on my own today getting around getting my own things like, my own jello, water, etc..I was brave enough to open my binder to take a few pictures..

1-week later

I've been having these crazy nightmares! woke up screaming! Had my drain tubes removed today and boy was I not ready for it! I'm still hunched over trying to stand up straight little by little, but I have this terrible back pain. The heating pad is the only thing that helps. Last night I showered and it went better than my first attempt(I had a panick attack). The shower chair is a life saver! I feel free now without the tubes. Will post more tomorrow

Day #9

Today is day nine. I have a sore throat and slightly runny nose. I have been avoiding sneezing by pinching my nose when I feel the urge coming. I have to figure out what to take for this. I am still having crazy dreams and getting little sleep at night. I'm going to try not napping during the day. I have bags under my eyes:/ but as fa my recovery goes, I feel a lot better today after an emotional day yesterday.. I made my own breakfast shake and boiled my own eggs for my lunch. I was also able to shower on my own, my son had to adjust the shower head for me before my shower, it was awesome to be able to do this with little/no help. Looking forward to my 2 week mark.

Trying not to cough or sneeze! Argh

This cold is terrible. It's hard trying not to sneeze or cough. I have been using a pillow to support my tummy if i need to cough or sneeze. I don't know what kind of medicine I should take. I will have to call the ps tomorrow. Still have not had a goodnight sleep. To top it all off we had a breach at our business, luckily everything is ok. But the drama!!! I made the mistake of not napping during the day thinking If I didn't nap I would sleep all night. I suggest nap when you feel the urge, get the rest when you can and feel tired.

Day 12

So, it's day 12.
I have been able to "cook"(sandwiches) for myself. The recovery is going well, minus the set backs of the cold. If I didn't have it, I'd say I would feel great! I also notice a stitch end popping up from the inside of my belly button.

Day 15

Day 15 and my cold seems to be getting better. My back is still hunched, BETTER but still hunched. Starting to feel helpless without being able to work. My fiancé/caretaker also has a cold now! So we are staying away from each other. I miss driving my 10 year old everywhere, we get to talk so much in the car. I miss it.

Does anyone else feel weird when a shirt touches your new belly?

Just photos day 15

Just photos

Day 15

Clothing feels weird on my bare skinn

Day 15

I really want things back to normal. Very happy with my new belly button

Day 16

I was able to get out today first time in a while. My sister came to pick me up and took me to the mall, I picked up my pictures from jc penny(we took family pictures the night before the surgery) stopped and looked at some push up bras from vs..couldn't get myself to buy anything yet. Still hunched over and can't wait to walk straight. I miss my bed. I made the mistake of eating out today and I'm looking super swollen.

Day 17

I haven't driven yet, but thinking of doing so tomorrow. I've been too scared to drive, afraid I wouldn't be able to react to sudden stops.. My sister took me to the mall yesturday, there is a store called lipo express they sell compression garments, I bought #1601 going to wear it once I get an ok from my ps. I'm not walking up right yet, still hunching over but getting better each day, although by the end of the day I'm back to hunched alot. We are planing to go away for thanksgiving I am really hoping that I am better before we leave.

21 days (3 weeks)

Today marks 3 weeks since I decided to have this surgery. I had a full tummy tuck with liposuction of the flanks. 3 weeks later here I am, still recovering. The first two weeks were tough because I got a cold. So, I was coughing a lot for the first two weeks. I have no idea what my scar looks like, the tape is still on. Now, I have been wearing I was feeling helpless because I have been taking things super easy and have not technically returned to my office or my house duties. My fiance is so busy and grocery shopping & house keeping has taken the back seat. Yesterday I decided to take advantage of Vons delivery, it was the best thing I have done through this recovery process. I wish I would of done it before. I recommend this delivery service for people that need extra help. So today my groceries were delivered and that's another thing off our list. There is still something wrong with my Belly button, so still babying it. My back still aches because I am still slightly hunched it is getting better every day. I am going to be one of lucky ones that is took a full 3-4 weeks to stand completely straight.

week 3


Week 5

I've been on vacation the last few days. Visiting family for the holidays. Took a 5 hour flight. It wasn't bad. I am batteling swelling at the moment. Morning is the best time (less swelling). It gets bad in the evening. I am walking straight now it took me about 4.5 weeks!! I'm still sleeping on my back. Sleeping on sides barely. Feels weird. I have stitch ends sticking out from inside my belly button, ps said they will dissolve on their own.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Bruno has a very mild manner about him, which made me feel at ease.

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