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I was experiencing some pigmentation issues from...

I was experiencing some pigmentation issues from waxing and shaving in some areas in my private area and I wanted to get an overall even skin tone in that region for my upcoming wedding. I researched on the net endlessly for a solution to this problem and found Dr Micheal K Obeng of Miko Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills offered a treatment for this problem. I saw on the website he offered laser and another treatment called cryotherapy.

I contacted the office and was advised of a peel treatment and a lightening/depigmenting cream that were very successful in treating this issue. So I made an appt to see Dr Obeng. Dr Obeng seemed polite, he saw the area of concern and advised that I would should get the "peel" done as well as prescribing me the cream. I didn't have a drastic problem as he noted also. My problem was actually on the better end of the spectrum. So i queried whether i needed the "peel" or would the cream suffice? He said the peel would yield faster results. I was under the impression the peel and the cryo therapy were two interchangeable terms, boy was I wrong. Dr Obeng performed the peel without giving me any indication it was a TCA peel. So i thought it was the cryotherapy which I had searched and thought would be a reasonable treatment. Had I known it was a TCA peel I would have said NOOOO WAYYY because I am olive skin and prone to skin blemishes from any trauma even a pimple. So I would of refused the TCA peel it would have been too harsh for my skin and definitely would have resulted for me in hyper pigmentation.
I was told my skin will go red then peel. So when i woke the next day to very darkened damaged looking skin, i was immediately concerned. I went back Dr Obeng and he said everything will be fine once it peels.

A week later my skin peeled and I was left with extremely bad hyper pigmentation from the TCA peel and lines of demarkation. It was so embarrassing and I was extremely depressed that I actually wanted to give up on life considering the amount of money I had just paid and for the result to be this. I was really distressed. I contacted Dr Obeng and he said use the cream it will lighten the area once applied. At this stage I was hesitant about using the cream since he didn't give me any side effects of the cream and I was worried from the experience of the peel. I did some research and found some negative side effects but continued to use the cream since i was in needed a solution to lighten the awful looking hyper pigmented skin.
I continued to use the cream which had 1 month shelf life. Everyday I would use it as advised and I would patiently wait to see any sign of lightening. I used the whole 30 gr tube that cost me $800 to purchase from Dr Obeng only to not have any skin lightening what so ever.

So I was $3750 out of pocket and my skin was about 5 times worse than what it was when i walked in with areas of hypo and hyper pigmentation.

At this stage I was really in a rut and I need to fix this problem. I contacted Dr Obeng and explained my situation and I wanted a refund.
Dr Obeng should have known not to use the TCA peel on my skin type (skin type IV) as there is a huge possibility of hyper pigmentation. However Dr Obeng performed the peel and I feel it was very much motivated by money, why else would a competent Dr perform a peel on a patient when he knows there is a 90% chance he or she will have an adverse side effect. the risk is too great. I have been to so many doctors in the past who refused to perform laser or peels on me because of this potential side effect. they simply won't risk it. Dr Obeng did risk it to my detriment.

I asked Dr Obeng for a total refund since the cream did not work either and he and his assistant Kehsa Batista have been arguing with me over the refund for nearly a month. They are refusing to refund me the $800 paid for the cream but were willing to refund the cost of the peel.

How unethical and greedy could this Doctor be. His incompetence and greed caused me to suffer injury to my skin and regardless I need to repair the damaged skin by obviously using some product to help eliminate the hyper pigmentation. The cream he prescribed did not work, as I believe it may have been ineffective due to the short shelf life or some other reason in its manufacture deeming it ineffective.
Yet Dr Obeng refuses to refund me the overpriced amount of the 30 gram cream. This cream can be purchased from a dermatologist for no more than $100.

So Dr Obeng not only damaged my skin but the least he could do is refund me the cost of the cream given it was ineffective and I need to resort to seeking more medical treatment to fix the area of skin he caused to be hyper pigmented.
He is an unethical Doctor who is greedy and does not care about his patient. He has left me with disfigured skin and wants to wash his hands clean and walk away as he is totally avoiding me and only communicating with me through his assistant Kehsa who is very obnoxious and rude.
Wow a Dr arguing over $800 after damaging my skin that has got to be the lowest act I've ever dealt with. What a shame. Shame on you Dr Obeng. SHAME ON YOU.

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