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I feel so grateful and lucky that I found Dr....

I feel so grateful and lucky that I found Dr. Robert Kotler, and I can’t say enough about how much he has done for me and how he has changed my life! Words cannot express the deep internal transformations that are happening to me ever since I saw Dr. Kotler for a non-surgical revision-rhinoplasty. If anyone has contemplated this procedure or is on the fence about going through with it, I hope you will read my story, and I hope it will give you the motivation to follow through; and please get it done by Dr. Robert Kotler. 

He has been a God-send in my life and this experience has been life-changing. He has been doing this particular procedure for 37 years and is THE expert in his field. If it wasn’t for Dr. Kotler I would still be worrying about how I was going to fix my nose and move on with my life. My journey to how I finally found Dr. Kotler began ten years ago in 2004 when I got my first rhinoplasty. A little background on me: I come from European descent and I am Jewish. Growing up, I always felt self-conscious about my nose and especially my profile. I felt my nose was rounded like a beak and the tip drooped lower than it should. 

I had done research on rhinoplasty surgery and I knew that I wanted my dorsal hump shaved down a bit and my drooping tip lifted ever so slightly. Seemed like an easy job to me. After consulting with about 5 different plastic surgeons, I chose one that I felt confident could do the job. He seemed cocky but said he worked on celebrity noses. Although he was a bit insensitive and detached, he made me think everything was under control. Boy was I wrong! After surgery, I was left with a severely botched nose and my self-esteem in shambles. My nose looked like I was in car accident! I couldn’t believe that this doctor had had managed to mess up my nose this bad. The whole reason I has nasal surgery was to correct the aesthetic problems of my nose, now I had a whole batch of new problems to worry about! My nose looked terrible. 

Crooked, asymmetrical, the left-side collapsed, the bottom pinched, too much cartilage removed, etc. Now I was even more self-conscious of my nose than before surgery! Flash-forward 2 years: my self-esteem at an all-time low, I found myself consulting with plastic surgeons again for what would be my second surgery, AKA revision-rhinoplasty. I felt that I couldn’t live with my nose looking how it did. I was determined to fix the problem. I found a surgeon I liked. He said the first surgeon removed way too much cartilage which caused the left side to collapse. He also said that since the left side collapsed and the right side still had a partial hump, this gave my nose a crooked, operated-on look. I agreed. The plan seemed simple enough: since the left side of my nose had collapsed from surgery #1, he’d harvest some ear cartilage from my left ear, rebuild the left side, shave down the right side a bit, and voila, all would be well, right? Not a chance. After another long and grueling recovery from surgery, the bandages came off. My nose was still crooked. The cartilage didn’t work out right. The left side now looked scooped. Not to mention, I now barely had any cartilage left in my ear. Depressed and despondent, I was sadly resigned to live the rest of my life with a very jacked-up looking nose. 

I was miserable. This was supposed to be an easy thing and I was supposed to have the nose I wanted. I was filled with regret and sadness. Not only did my nose look worse than before anything was done to it, but I had spent almost $15,000 for this horribly deformed nose. Years passed and I would sometimes be tempted to go for a 3rd nose surgery. The fantasy and promise that the next surgery would fix me for good was always looming in front of me like a dangling carrot. But no, I couldn’t go through all that drama again; the psychological build-up to the surgery date, the uncomfortable and long recovery, the excitement of getting the bandages off, and the heavy let-down when they came off. I knew I could never have another nose surgery and I was destined to suffer and live with this nose that looked operated on and ruined. A few more years passed and one day I heard or read the term “non-surgical rhinoplasty”. Intrigued, I Googled the words. Seems that there were a few doctors doing injections of Restalyn, a temporary filler normally used for lips and cheeks. I researched and learned that each injection would last about 2 months before my nose returning back to its sad state. My joy turned to sadness and disappointment as I realized this would not be the solution I wanted. I needed something permanent. Then I saw it. A small ad in the corner of the page. If I hadn’t noticed it, who knows where I’d be today. It was for a “Robert Kotler, MD” and he was offering a PERMANENT non-surgical rhinoplasty! My heart started beating wildly and I linked up to his site. As I read about his non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure and started looking at his “before and after” picture gallery I just knew I had to call his office and set-up a consultation. The woman I spoke to was helpful, friendly, caring, and explained to me that Dr. Kotler uses a medical grade filler called “Silikon 1000” that is 100% permanent! 

Not only that, but she told me that Dr. Kotler has been using it since 1977 without even one problem. I immediately set-up a date to get something called a “saline demo”; a temporary test-run where the doctor injects temporary saline to see what my nose would look like with the permanent Silikon 1000 injections. After patiently talking with me about the areas of my nose I didn’t like, Dr. Kotler slowly and methodically began injecting my nose with the saline, stopping to explain each and every thing he was doing, and letting me look in the mirror after each injection to see what he had done. When he was finished, my nose looked incredible! It looked EXACTLY how I wanted it. Dr. Kotler had filled the dips, depressions, divots, and imperfections of my nose with the skill only someone who’s been doing it for 37 years could accomplish. The symmetry was UNBELIEVABLE! 

I felt filled with genuine excitement and joy and I knew this man could correct the problem I had been living with for over a decade. I immediately scheduled my first permanent non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure. It can take a few visits to get your nose how you want. Dr. Kotler’s nurse will apply numbing cream to your nose before the procedure so the injections barely hurt, they feel like a little pinch. Very tolerable. The worst part is waiting in between visits because your nose looks soooo good after each visit!! After my first visit, the changes were significant. The major flaws were addressed and the large dips and depressions were filled in. After my second visit, my nose really started to look symmetrical and I felt a surge of newfound genuine confidence within myself. The kind of confidence where you KNOW you look good. After my third and final visit, I was astonished and overjoyed to finally be given the nose I had wanted all along. The nose I was going for in 2004. My experience with Dr. Kotler has been amazing. When I look in the mirror now and see how symmetrical my nose looks (nearing perfection, I’m serious J), I am able to release all of the regret, anger, and sadness about the previous surgeries. 

What is so shocking is how affordable the procedures are, about 70%-80% less expensive than surgical rhinoplasty. Dr. Kotler is extremely caring, a good listener, and meticulous in his craft, probably the best I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot). Dr. Kotler has a big heart. He is patient and methodical no matter if he is explaining what and why he’s doing something, or when he’s actually performing the injections. His sense of aesthetics is uncanny, his measurements precise. He has been performing this non-surgical rhinoplasty for 37 years so I feel so safe and secure in his presence and I know I am getting the utmost care and attention. He explains every injection he makes and shows me with a mirror what he is going to do before he does it. His work is precise and exact. Dr. Kotler has restored my confidence in myself. It’s amazing but now when I look in the mirror, I feel pride in how I look and MY NOSE LOOKS AMAZING!!! Psychologically speaking, so much has been given back to me. I look people in the eye now and I know my nose looks natural, symmetrical and complete. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dr. Kotler! I can’t say it enough! I am so grateful I found you and so appreciative for what you have given back to me.

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