Looking for a Surgeon for Ethnic Rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills, CA

Very difficult looking for a great surgeon...

very difficult looking for a great surgeon experienced in ethnic or Black or Asian rhinoplasty. Ive scoured through website after website and I think because Black clients are so discreet that they likely don't allow surgeons to use before and afters on their site. In any event, if you are Black or Asian and had a successful rhinoplasty and would like to recommend your surgeon AND if you can share your Before and after photos. Please reach out to me. So far, the only doc Im interested in seeing is Dr Grigoryants. I live in Los Angeles but will travel anywhere for the right surgeon. Thanks guys. xo

Black Rhinoplasty

Hey you guys. I live in Los Angeles and looking for a surgeon. I have consulted with Dr Soleiman and Litner of BH profiles and have ruled them out. I have also ruled out Dr. Frankle. I am considering consulting with Dr Yoo. and Dr Hamilton because they come highly recommend but I have my reservations about both of them too. Dr. Yoo before and after images seem like the noses look more "bulky" after. and Dr Hamilton;s work seems more conservative. Another surgeon Im considering is Dr. Grigoryants in Glendale although his reviews are hit and miss. I want nose my nose to   be more refined, the nostrils brought in, the flare of the nostrils taken in, the tip defined, and columella brought up a bit because it drops too much and an overall straight, refined nose.  If you have any feedback let me know..Ill be sharing more journey with you so pull up a chair :)

Pics of type of noses

Pics of noses I love! Not saying I want any of these noses because of course I need the best nose for my own face however this gives a good sense of the type of nose I'm looking for i.e refined nose, defined tip, nostrils that are not wide etc

Final Consultations

WOW you guys!! it's getting real! after meeting with two other doctors, I have scheduled my final three consultations! I have a consultation with Dr. Jason Hamilton on Thursday, March 2 (next week) I have a consultation with Dr. Grigoryants on March 9 and I have my last and final consultation with Dr. Donald YOO on March 29! let's see how it goes with each of them!! wow!!!!! Feel free to let me know where u guys are at with your procedures! It's encouraging knowing we're not alone!
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