Looking for a Surgeon for Ethnic Rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills, CA

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Very difficult looking for a great surgeon...

very difficult looking for a great surgeon experienced in ethnic or Black or Asian rhinoplasty. Ive scoured through website after website and I think because Black clients are so discreet that they likely don't allow surgeons to use before and afters on their site. In any event, if you are Black or Asian and had a successful rhinoplasty and would like to recommend your surgeon AND if you can share your Before and after photos. Please reach out to me. So far, the only doc Im interested in seeing is Dr Grigoryants. I live in Los Angeles but will travel anywhere for the right surgeon. Thanks guys. xo

Black Rhinoplasty

Hey you guys. I live in Los Angeles and looking for a surgeon. I have consulted with Dr Soleiman and Litner of BH profiles and have ruled them out. I have also ruled out Dr. Frankle. I am considering consulting with Dr Yoo. and Dr Hamilton because they come highly recommend but I have my reservations about both of them too. Dr. Yoo before and after images seem like the noses look more "bulky" after. and Dr Hamilton;s work seems more conservative. Another surgeon Im considering is Dr. Grigoryants in Glendale although his reviews are hit and miss. I want nose my nose to   be more refined, the nostrils brought in, the flare of the nostrils taken in, the tip defined, and columella brought up a bit because it drops too much and an overall straight, refined nose.  If you have any feedback let me know..Ill be sharing more journey with you so pull up a chair :)

Pics of type of noses

Pics of noses I love! Not saying I want any of these noses because of course I need the best nose for my own face however this gives a good sense of the type of nose I'm looking for i.e refined nose, defined tip, nostrils that are not wide etc

Final Consultations

WOW you guys!! it's getting real! after meeting with two other doctors, I have scheduled my final three consultations! I have a consultation with Dr. Jason Hamilton on Thursday, March 2 (next week) I have a consultation with Dr. Grigoryants on March 9 and I have my last and final consultation with Dr. Donald YOO on March 29! let's see how it goes with each of them!! wow!!!!! Feel free to let me know where u guys are at with your procedures! It's encouraging knowing we're not alone!


Hey you guys, I will still consult with Dr. Hamilton on Thursday, however I just read a review that says he uses implants. That is a "no no" for me but I will consult with him anyway. and let you know how it goes.

Consult with Hamilton

Hey you guys!!! So...today I had a consult with Dr Jason Hamilton. I will say this he is an excellent listener. He is also very very talkative. I didn't feel rushed at all. His staff was also VERY professional. He came off confident, not in an arrogant kind of way but in an experienced kind of way. He spent plenty of time with me! He answered all of my questions. I walked away feeling like he understood my goals and feeling like he COULD achieve them. My concern with him before the consult was, will his work be too conservative. Do I still have that concern after the consult??? Yes but not as much. I say that because he showed me a before and after of a case where he went further with the surgery based on what the patient desired. I think he would do a great job. Ive already eliminated 3 other doctors. A week from today i have my consult with Dr. Grigoryants. Im very curious to see how the consult with Grigoryants compares. Ill definitely keep you in the loop. XO

Dr. Grigoryants consult comming up

Hey you guys I just wanted to reach out to you because I have a consult with Dr Grigoryants coming up on Thursday. If any of you who happen to have noses that were wide, with wide nostrils and/or lacked definition, etc... please reach out to me if you have photos that you are willing to share with me. Thank you!

Consultation Update

Hey you guys. I hope you all are doing amazingly well! I was able to bump up my consultation with Dr. Yoo for Monday MARCH 13TH! So...it looks like Ill be making a decision sooner than i thought. Will let you know how it goes.....feel free to let me know how you all are doing with your surgeries too! XO

Consultations Complete

Hey you guys so… I completed my final consultation. This one was with Dr. Yoo. I'm going to try to focus on just the consultation itself I'm not going to harp on the fact that I was there for 2 1/2 hours and it was about an hour and a half before I saw him . Dr. Yoo started by asking what it was about my knows that I disliked. initially I didn't think that I wanted any work done to the bridge of my nose because I have a strong bridge especially for a black guy, he seemed kind of surprised by that I think he would he likes the idea of increasing the height of my bridge as well as smoothing out a small bump. if I if I decide to go with him I will maybe consider it. They took some before pictures and then he did some computer morph imaging.

Here's the thing about computer imaging: it means very little in the grand scheme of things. You can have a doctor do computer work imaging and your final result may look nothing like that! I think it's better to focus on the before and after photos of that doctor's previous work. The only useful thing about the computer imaging is that it's a good way to make sure the surgeon understands what your goals are in terms of improving the look of the nose. It eliminates some guess work. He did a morph and I wanted him to go further in the morph imaging and he did. He understood what I wanted and I asked him all of the questions that one should ask him and he answered all of them. he came across very confident in his ability. I asked him when the last time he had done a nose like mine. he said it is been a few months because my nostrils are excessively wide. Both Dr. Yoo and Dr. Jason Hamilton both agreed on narrowing the nasal bones, Alar base reduction, reducing the flare of the nostril, the only difference I would say is that Dr Yoo suggested using a graft to give my tip more support and to lift it up he says it drops down just a little bit too far. Dr. Hamilton didn't want to do that and felt the drop gives character to my nose. I asked Yoo if he was confident that he would understand how my skin would heal and how it would form and take shape and he said yes and that he has a solid understanding of that he stressed to me that he believes he's got a really good technical skill as well as an artistic eye.
When I began consulting with doctors I thought that I would have is feeling OK this is going to be the doctor with for doctors I can say that it's been easy to illuminate the ones that I have a lemonade it but I can't say that I really strongly about One vs the other.
if I go with Dr. Hamilton my concern is his work is so conservative that I'll go through all of the money and downtime to essentially look the same. & im not going through all of this for nothing haha. Dr Yoo is about 4 grand more expensive. Another draw back to Hamilton is he doesn't work with care credit so I'd have to wait to pay for it in full. So I just have to ponder this things

Yoo vs. Hamilton

Hi you guys. Im a little tense today about this. When i first started this quest, i thought i would just "Know" it was the right Dr. when I found him. I thought i would have that innate "feeling" that generally guids me well. But I don't just "know" ...Im having to really figure it out. One of the things that has kind of come up today... is the difference in pricing initially when i was given the quote from Dr Yoo it was only for the rhinoplasty, I contacted the patient coordinator to ask for the full quote to include a chin augmentation which is something I would like to have done ideally at the same time. Ishe emailed it to me today and you guys.....t brings Dr Yoo's price to nearly double what Dr Hamilton is asking. DOUBLE!!!! I mean....Im just not sure yet you guys, I may need to meet with Dr Hamilton a second time.
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