Starting my Brazilian Butt Lift Journey with Dr. Dennis Dass! - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hello Ladies! I finally booked the date, feeling...

Hello Ladies! I finally booked the date, feeling super excited and scared at the same time. So, let's start my story. I've been looking into having a Brazilian butt lift for a couple of years now. Two years ago I went to a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and was told I would have to gain 15 pounds. To gain 15 pounds for me would be quite difficult, plus I didn't want to go into surgery unhealthy and overweight, so, I put that behind me. I recently decided after having kids that it was time that I did something for myself. I went and had 2 other consultation with top rated Beverly Hills surgeons before I came across Dr. Dass. I choose him based on his patient before and after pictures and his confidence during our consultation. He assured me that I was a good candidate and he can help me achieve good results. Dr. Dass was more expensive than the other doctors, but I felt he was a good fit for me. He was able to answer all my concerns and questions during our consultation and I did not feel rushed at all. He took as much time as I needed. After our consultation I had more questions that I forgot to ask, so I emailed Angela his patient consultant and she was able to answer all my questions promptly and politely. Angela is awesome! I'm always a nervous wreck when I call her and she manages to calm me down. I am so far impressed with Dr. Dass and his staff. I have scheduled an appointment with my primary physician to do labs and to do an EKG at the end of June. This is not required by Dr. Dass, but it's my life and I have kids so I need to make sure I'm 100% healthy! I'm nervous girls, I have an amazing husband, and amazing children. I can't even imagine how devastated my family would be if something was to happen to me. Dr. Dass assured me the risk is very minimal and that this is a very safe procedure, I just have to keep reminding myself this. I will post before pictures once I figure out how to do so. I have my pre-opt on July 1st so I will post pictures then! Still nervous girls, any advice on how to stay calm before the big day?

Wish pics

Here are some wish pics! I want this shape, but nothing too big, just something proportional to my body. I will post before pictures when I get closer to my big day!!!

Before pictures

Here are my before pictures, I'm 5'3, and 138 pounds this morning. My belly button is kinda weird after having lots of kids. Dr. Dass said it looked fine, I guess that means he does not recommend doing anything about it. Let's see how I look after my surgery! I'm super excited girls!

Pre-opt done!

There's no going back now ladies! Paid in full, now just waiting for July 22nd :-). My appointment went well! There was no waiting time, they took me in right when I arrived. Angela his consultant walked me through the consent for surgery. There was a lot to read and a little scary reading all the complications and things that could go wrong. Angela comforted me and let me know that complications rarely happen and told me if I followed all the doctors post care I should be fine. Once I signed and initialed the consent I was taken in to another room where I met his nurse Megan. She took my measurements for my garments then called Dr. Dass to consult with me. Dr. Dass took all my before pictures and 1 video. I really liked how patient and sweet he was. He again answered a million questions that I had, and eased my concerns. I really appreciated that he was in no hurry and took his time with me. I am feeling confident that I chose the right doctor! He was very honest with me in what I can expected. He told me because I had several kids that my stomach will not go back to the way it was when I was a teen, but it would still look good and that I would be ok. Please pray for me dolls, I'm super excited and of course still nervous. I'm going to post my measurements, I'm 5'3 and weighed in at 136. I hope I don't lose anymore weight! Dr. Dass said the better shape I'm in the better the results and I should not worry about losing weight. He was confident he would find enough fat! That was a relief! I'm also going to post my supplies, please let me know if you recommend anything else. I'll keep everyone posted!

Lab results in!

Hi girls! My primary Doctor called and said my labs are perfect, such a relief. Dr. Dass did not require this, but I wanted to play it safe and have it done. I also asked the doctor for an EKG, just to make sure my heart is healthy, the EKG came back normal as well. Two thumbs up and ready for my surgery!

Surgery Done!

Hi dolls! It's all done! The surgery went well. I got to the surgery center at 6:00am, they took me in right away and had me sign some more documents. After that they took me to the surgery room and had me undress and put my compression socks on. The nurse then started my IV. Dr. Dass then came in and drew all the areas he was going to lipo. I was a nervous wreck but he was so calm and sweet, I knew I was going to be ok. I then went to the surgery room and the anesthesiologist said he was going to give me some oxygen and then I woke up and my surgery was done! I drained a bit on the ride home and a little at home but not much at all. I feel very sore and stiff but way better than expected. I take my pain medication every 4 hours, I will try and take only 1 pill every 4 hours today. The only problem I have is getting in and out of bed, it is so uncomfortable and hurts to use my muscles. I will post pictures Sunday when I shower. Ok dolls, I'm so high on pain meds I better get some more rest ;-)

Day 4

Hi dolls! I'm feeling a lot better, but boy am I swollen!!! I took my first shower yesterday and was a little scared to see myself naked, everything looked wrinkled and bumpy. I sure hope everything smooths out. Getting in and out of my garment was torture ;-). I think I'm going to shower every other day. Lol! My poor husband was sweating. My ass and hips are huge! You can't really tell when I'm wearing my garment but it's there! I'm not going to freak out as I know it will go down. I still have not went number 2, did anyone here have to use another type of laxative? I feel so bloated :-(. I will update with better pictures soon, I don't want to scare anyone. 48 hours after surgery is not so pretty.

More 48 hours after surgery pics

Ok dolls, I decided to post these pics. I was embarrassed at first, but what the heck! I'm super swollen, lol, my waist looked smaller prior to surgery.

5 days in!

Feeling better everyday, but I get depressed that I can't do my daily activities :-(. I'm only 5 days in! Yikes, 6 weeks seems like forever.

1 week post op visit

I finally made it to 1 week! I feel a lot better, still having a hard time getting comfortable sleeping. I'm done with antibiotics, stopped pain meds after day 5, I didn't like the way it made me feel. To my surprise, I've been ok, still sore and stiff getting around but not bad at all. I saw Dr. Dass today and he was very pleased with my results. He said, he sucked all my fat out (5 liters!). I had 2,900 cc pure fat but he only used 1000cc in each cheek. I was a little surprised, I thought he had put more. I trusted him and the day of surgery I told him just give me a nice booty for my frame, I didn't want big! Lol, maybe after reading everyone's reviews and the fear of volume loss I should of asked for more! I had hips already so I actually think 1000cc's is good for me, I totally trust him :-)

Before I forget, I really need to give credit to my amazing husband who took such good care of me. He took some days off, made sure I was taking my meds on time, feeding me, encouraging me, and taking care of my beautiful children. I don't know how some girls do it with only help the first couple of days. I depended and still depend on him. The first 4 days was the toughest! The pain was not so bad, but I could not get out of bed or use the bathroom on my own. He had to carry me, I had no strength! LOL! Good thing he's fit ;-). Ok dolls, I will post pictures when the swelling goes down. Thank all of you for your support and reviews, it really made the first week go by smoothly! Much love!

Almost 2 weeks!

Ok dolls! Made it to almost 3 weeks! I'm feeling almost back to myself. My lipo'd areas are still a little sore and numb. I finally got my appetite back but regret eating all this salty food, I feel super swollen. My waist is at 29", it was 28 only a few days ago, YIKES! Lol! Stay away from salt like the doc advises! I'm still really surprise my stomach looks ok for having 4 kids. Dr. Dass said I didn't need a tummy tuck, I was almost sure I needed one. Good thing he's honest. My stomach looks a little wrinkled because I do have some stretch marks from my pregnancies and from the compression garment and foam boards. I don't like it that much but think it will get better. Funny, my butt is huge but you can't tell in pictures. I do want it to go down a little more. These are the same underwear I wore for my pre op pics. I'll update more pics at 3 weeks :-)

2 week pictures

Here I am in a dress :-). My waist is at 27 inches today. I didn't have any salt, so girls if you're planning on doing this, stay away from salt! It's strange that I lost 2 inches in 1 day, maybe I measure wrong yesterday.

4 weeks!

Hi dolls, finally made it to 4 weeks. I'm feeling good, getting around and doing my regular routine minus the sitting. My butts gone down. My measurments are 27 waist, 40 hips. I'm worried about my lumpy stomach but it is getting better day by day. I attached pictures for you to see, is this normal? My butt looks smaller in pictures but it's actually still a good size. I just can't lose anymore! It looks really good in pants and fitted dresses. I'll try and take more pictures with clothes on soon ;-)

7 week check up

Hi dolls! Sorry for taking so long to update my review! I went in for my 7 week check up today. My new measurements are 27.5 waist, 39.5 hips. Dr. Dass was pleased with my results. Overall, I'm happy too :-). I wish my booty was a little bigger, a little more projection would of been nice! It's my fault, I told him I didn't want a big booty and I just asked him to use his judgement in how many cc's to add. My advice to all future Dass dolls, ask for at least 1200 cc's. I wish I would of! Don't get me wrong, my body is soooooo much better and I'm happy. I'm just so scared I'm going to lose more volume. I'm praying what I have is permanent! Ok dolls, I won't be updating for another month or so ;-). Thank you all for your support through this journey. Message me if you have any questions.

15 week update

Hello girls! It's been a long time since my last update. I can't believe it's been 15 weeks! This journey has been an emotional roller coaster. One day I'm happy with my results then another day I'm feeling blue and wish I had more volume. I get paranoid all the time that my booty is shrinking, although it seems to be holding steady. My stomach is still a little lumpy but is getting better so I'm still hopeful that it will all smooth out. Let me know what you girls think. Do I need a revision? Maybe a small amount like 200 -300 more cc's. Any dolls out there who's done a minor revision like that? Lol, or am I crazy to go through that again ;-). Thank you dolls for your continued advice and support. Muah!

8 month update

Hello my realself sisters! It's been a long time since my last update. My butt pretty much stayed the same. Waist measures at 28" and 41" butt as of this morning. My stomach is still a little uneven , I think this is the best it'll get(not bad for having 4 kids). I'm thinking of Corset training to get my waist down to 27". Any brands my sisters have to recommend? Much appreciated! I am also thinking of round 2, I'll wait until a year to decide. What do you think? It's very natural looking right now. I'll keep everyone posted on that ;-)
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