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Hi...I'll be 45 this fall.. I have always been a...

Hi...I'll be 45 this fall.. I have always been a tiny girl..size 0-1 at most..until about 2 years ago.. I don't know if it's hormones or what, because I eat like a bunny rabbit, but I have gained 10 ugly pounds and most of it landed around my middle... I'll admit, I'm no big fan of "working out", however I am a very active person and I work hard landscaping in the yard etc.. I don't eat gluten, or sweets, or anything that isn't totally "clean" and I haven't for years. I don't get it...but I do know..i hate looking at myself in the mirror now. Bad enough becoming middle aged having to dye grey roots, and get botox a few times a year...now this? lol... So, I have decided to go down swinging. I'm completely terrified. So many questions. Will this hurt like the dickens while they are doing it? Will I be miserable after? Will the flight home 3 days later be torturous? Will the results be all I had hoped for? I chose Elite Bodysculpture in Beverly Hills, Ca. w/ Dr Aaron Rollins. I have seen him in the media quite a bit, and feel I can't go wrong with him. His office manager, Kara has been wonderful as far as scheduling and attempting to ease my mind. I will keep you all posted on how everything is going.. I really appreciate this community... I'm including some of the photos I sent to the Dr's office via email for a long distance consult with them. Let's hope it all goes well. Any info you all have would help me tremendously. Thanks


@ community manager. i think my review should be in the smart lipo category rather than liposculpture, but i cannot find a way to change that...any way you could fix that for me? thanks

2 weeks..the countdown begins

in exactly 2 weeks i will be doing this thing!! i'm so nervous abut the whole thing...i hope i am making a wise decision...time will tell...shopping for comfy fitting clothes this week to take with me on this crazy adventure. i'll just be glad when it is all over with. lol

one more week!!!!

this time next week i will be in los angeles and probably will be a bag of nerves!!! i'm excited, but looking forward to getting the painful moments over with and moving on from all of this anxiety...


ladies..i will be unable to update while i'm in california for my surgery, but i will keep a written log so that as soon as i get back I can let ya'll know how everything went ( :

made it and back home last night

Hi ladies... I made it back from Cali. I had a WONDERFUL experience with my surgery!!! I have lots of photos that i need to upload from phone to laptop to get them on here for you.. This morning I had password issues, and couldn't get on...the realself team just resolved it for me...Once i gather my notes and get pics loaded I'll have a day to day update from day of til now to share with ya'll. I will say this....if you can save alittle longer in order to go to dr rollins....do it!!! he is an absolute genius, and a doll baby to boot!

day of surgery 11 june 2014

My surgery was at 9am...Went n..got hellos from all of the super cool folks at Elite Bodysculpture...put on the sexy paper bra and panties, pictures were taken, was given a shot of demerol, a xanax and a couple of oral demerol... ( i did not get high from any of this..)i was very coherent for surgery. Went in..hopped up on the table and away we went. I felt NOTHING...Dr Rollins and all Elite Bodysculpture facilities use no needles, no scalpels and no stitches. I felt NOTHING the entire time...we laughed and chatted and had a fun time. Once he was finished, the sweet nurses got me into my garment and hooked me up to an IV to replenish fluids for about 30 minutes and I was out of there. Me and my mom went to lunch, and then i went for a long walk around Beverly Hills. The weather was divine. I felt fine. Went to the hotel and snapped a few pics when i took a peek of my tummy. Had a nice dinner out and chilled. I didnt take any pain meds..not even an advil. Piece of cake. Dr Rollins is incredible...I urge anybody looking to do this type of thing to go to him. This is not regular smartlipo..this is air sculpt laser lipo..and he has a patent on it..you won't find it anywhere else other than Elite Bodysculpture. They have 3 offices..Beverly Hills (Dr Rollins) Roseville, Ca, and just opened in Houston Tx.

day 2

Slept fine..still not even so much as an advil..woke up a bit sore and tender, but felt fantastic...Had a normal day...Went all over LA enjoying the weather....This is a breeze!!! At this point i think i have a mad crush on my doctor..hahahaha

day 3

Day 3.... Still feel great. No pain meds..Garment itches , but otherwise..no problems at all....I'm stoked!!!!!

day 5..flew home yesterday

Feeling like a rockstar!!!! This was a great experience!!! I can't thank Elite Bodysculpture enough...Pricey? Hell yes...Worth it? HELL yes!!!! Don't go cheap when it comes to your body ( :


i had no bruising under my chin at all..but some slight swelling....tiniest bit of bruising around flanks, but barely..the swelling settled in my lower back and flanks on day 4...no sweat..this was easy. i did all of that worrying for nothing ( :

day 6...

Boy am I itchy!!! I'll be so happy to ditch this garment, but for now, it actually fells better when it's on so I don't get too much movement going on and everything feels stable. The crotch cutout thingy digs into my buttcheeks..OUCH..lol...
My love handle area seems to be really swollen right now..atleast i hope it's swelling and not fat, but doubtful it's fat. he worked on me for over 2 hours.. other than that all is well....daydreaming of wearing my normal clothing and rockin crop tops and bikinis soon ( :

day 7 post op

had lots of swelling yesterday, but today is much better..soreness has subsided quite a bit...started massaging in the shower..a bit tender, but not too bad..only a few tiny little hard balls..about the size of marbles...flanks and lower back are still the part swelling the most...he florida heat is tough with this garment on, so other than quick trips to the grocery i have been staying inside..going to totally chill today, drink tons of water and try to keep the swelling down. overall doing great. i read on a friends wall who had surgery today that she was in horrible pain during her procedure.....i'm so glad i had none...i would have freaked out if it had hurt...

day 8..not liking what i see today at all

not happy at all today...looks like fat left on my love handles and a diver near my right hip..lumpy, bumpy all over..little hard knots everywhere...the compression garment leaves big marks on me so it distorts photos...maybe i'll let it loose for a few then take some more in sunlight... i really hope it is just swelling on my love handles and regular healing process everywhere else...day 1and 2 i was so smoothe and slim ) :

day 8 more pics

i have absolutely no shape today ) :


i had a new garment overnighted and it just got here ..i ordered a small and worried the foam may not fit, but it does, and it feels so much better..no zippers or hooks digging into me now and fits much tighter on flanks than the one the doc gave me...i had bunching on my flanks on that one which may be why i swelled so much...this one is like a braless one piece bathing suit with ab and flank panels and hook and eye crotch..much better than the old one with the "hole" that had seams digging into my butt crack and causing the "double butt effect" in yoga pants... i'm going to wear it all day today and see how it goes..when i shower tonight i'll be sure there are no places that could cause a problem, but in just the past 10 minutes of having it on i feel better supported on my flanks...yay! it's a veronique post abdominal surgery garment and it's cute...has lil flowers on top ( :

garment came today

this is the new garment i ordered to give a whirl...i got it in black..looks good under yoga pants and tshirts even with foam in place. no zipper area digging in

new garment under workout pants

under workout pants and with my own cami top....much less bulky than previous garment

new garment seems to have made a huge difference

so the garment i bought and put on today is much tighter than the one the doc gave me, and also has no big zippers digging into me or bunching on the sides....i have had it on for quite a few hours now and took it down to make sure it was leaving no strange indentations on me. i also took some pamprin today because it has both a pain reliever and a diuretic.... low and behold...the swelling has nearly completely disappeared....i'm going to stick with this garment...maybe even order another...LOVE IT!!! i finally got to see a glimpse of what my final results will look like and WOW!!! i am starting to get hard with little knots all over but you can't see them just can feel them.... yay for the veronique garment...it REALLY turned things around today and quickly...

my fat in a bucket..lol

this is what he took from my upper/lower abs and flanks...i'm not sure how much it is??? i guess i could email and ask...

oops..here it is

day 9 post op

the new garment made a great difference overnight. took it off to let my skin breathe and massage this morning..really hoping the little bits on my love handles aren't fat, but they are soft not hard so i'm a bit worried it's fat that was left behind...hope its just fluid...not sure yet.. not very sore anymore...only if i push down on it with too much pressure....

day 10 post op

WOW!!! i feel great today just 2 days after starting massage...i have no hard spots or knots this morning left and my results are already really staring to show. i'm so happy that i decided to have this done, and even happier that i chose Dr Rollins!!!

day 10 post op....i have died and gone to ab heaven!!

treadmill time!

my swelling has seem to subsided enough that i feel comfortable enough to start walking a nice incline on the treadmill for a couple of miles now...it just gets REALLY hot with the garment on..( i also have one around my head and neck for my chin)...hopefully i can get the last 5 pounds off of me.....then...i'll be hitting the gym and tearing into the squat rack pretty hard..lol i'm giving myself the goal of being where i want to be physically by New Year...so while everyone else is making resolutions, I can smile and know i have it in the bag already ( :

2 weeks post op!

Today is 2 weeks out! Still quite tender and I get very sore after sitting for any length of time, and waking up in the morning after laying down all night. I only have a few little hard knots that are going away nicely...I'm alittle itch, and my skin feels sensitive...All of my garments have become too small..I have ordered more, but they haven't arrived yet..I really hope one shows up today. Still swelling slightly..Not much, but I am also about to start my period, so..pretty normal for me to bloat a bit. My PMS has been HORRIBLE this month and I feel really sorry for my husband, because I'm like a crazy person..lol It seems that the swelling from the chin lipo has FINALLY started to subside, and it isn't as sore, but still very sensitive...I simply can't wait to have no more soreness and to be able to dress in normal clothing again. 2 weeks as felt like forever in yoga pants and sundresses... And I am dying to get a tan. On the bright side. The tiny puncture holes that were made in my face are totally gone and invisible and the 8 on my midsection are smaller than a freckle..It isn't going to leave any scars at all. Totally undetectable ..My results are smooth and natural. My doctor did a super job. I'm a bit surprised that I have had zero contact from the office since the day after surgery to check in and see how things are going. Kind of thought they would email some advice on healing, etc, but I guess they figure if there are any problems i would call them. Since I have had no problems at all, I'm ok with that.


i meant all of my garments have become too large

16 days post op

Feeling like my old self again. Only slight soreness left. I was told I only had to wear a compression garment for 2 weeks, so I've not used one for 2 days now and all is well. I will probably wear it for a few hours a day, but certainly not as a full time gig anymore. My incisions are undetectable and healed nicely. I have only a small bit of hardness here and there, not much. Played in my pool all day and got some sun..it felt great!! I'm ready to get my butt to the gym, but I will follow instructions and not workout until I'm 6 weeks post op...that doesn't mean I won't be on the treadmill and in the pool as much as possible. I haven't had any salt since the week before surgery, and have been drinking tons of water.. Cut back eating meat to twice a week and have a diet of nothing but lots of veggies and fruits. No potatoes , no corn... I still haven't lost a single pound ..Same weight I was pre op, but my shape is much better and my measurements are better. Even still...i want 10 pounds off of me by the new year... I like being skinny. I feel more energetic when I'm super thin...

3 1/2 week post op

Doing pretty well. Only sore in flanks and lower back now. I'm still praying that the extra, whatever it is, in my flanks is swelling or fluid and not fat ) : This has been too much to go through to not have the results I dreamed of. My upper and lower abs look fantastic..Very flat and tight. The skin still feels as if i have a bad sunburn. Still zero weight loss. I'm going to need to ramp up the cardio or something, because i simply couldn't have a better diet. I don't even cheat! Ever! So..who knows. I'm super tired of wearing yoga pants and dresses, but it's too hot for much else right now anyway. Been sticking at home and hiding out for the most part. I don't even want to take any pics right now because I still have swelling. I looked better on day 2 than I do right now. I sure will be glad when everything is back to normal. Much longer recovery than I anticipated, but hoping it will all be worth it. Sure would love to drop 10 pounds soon. 120 sounds like heaven to me... As far as my chin area goes. I'm not happy thus far. Still very tender and tight feeling. Swollen. Doesn't really look much different other than weird lumps and bands under my chin that i never had before. Fingers crossed on that getting better.

i month pics

waiting for the swelling roller coaster ride to end..

this was pre op

do you see much difference? i am VERY happy with the donut around the belly button being gone....

side by side


i heard from Dr Rollins yesterday and he assured me that I am only 40% healed and still have swelling. He said over the next month I will shrink a lot and look much better... I just love him ( :

another death in DR all for the sake of a big ole butt and cheap surgery!!

Dr Cabral has killed yet another patient!! I'm sorry. I have just got to comment about this, and I am certain I will get combative responses, but...really? really? you are going to go to a 3rd world country for SURGERY??? They routinely do BLOOD TRANSFUSIONS after surgery....are you kidding me? you shouldn't need any transfusion after surgery..needless to remark on the quality of their blood bank. My God ladies...is your life worth saving a few thousand dollars? HELL NO!!! Save longer..your butt can wait!! And to go and put yourself in debt you can't afford (even with a cheap surgery) is utterly irresponsible!! Vanity is something i def have....but financial responsibilty and being responsible for my health come first! As it should for everyone. If you can't afford a good surgeon right now..wait a bit longer...get yourself in a better spot first. Don't go coupon shopping for discount surgeries...You will be sorry..and you may not live to tell about it if you go to another country.... It's just not worth it.. Get your heads on straight...

no more garment! YAY!!!

I'm out of the garments for good!!! My swelling is pretty much totally gone...Maybe a bit in the evenings but it isn't really noticeable. I have no hard areas at all anymore, and thankfully never had any lumps to deal with. I have zero pain or tenderness anymore. It's back to normal life for me....I'm so excited! I'm very happy with my results!

week 5 post op and feeling good!

only sore and puffy in the evenings now....mornings are glorious! lol

ps...week 5

still alittle swelling just above my hip bones and in the curve of my back....

2 1/2 months post op and really starting to appreciate results! ( :

only slight swelling in the evenings now...feeling good!! loving my results now, and can't wait to see even more improvement!!
Dr Aaron Rollins

I can't say enough good things about everyone at the Beverly Hills office of Elite Bodysculpture... They are so friendly and fun. Dr Rollins is simply the BEST! He is funny and talkative...It was like being at happy hour with your crazy friends. Surgery was a breeze, and recovery has been easy also....not a single painkiller needed at all... Kara, the patient coordinator is a doll. The staff at Elite makes you feel like family rather than the cattle we all feel like at almost any physician's office these days. I urge you to call Kara for a consultation/estimate. She can do this via email and phone. Also..Dr Justin Yovino works in this Beverly Hills office and is an amazing surgeon and artist. He has wonderful reviews here on RS.

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