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First I want to thank everyone who shared their...

First I want to thank everyone who shared their experiences. I have been following this site for about 2 years now, along with other research, and finally decided to get it done. I also found my doctor on this site. Ok, I have so much to say... I'm gonna try to sum it up a little. Im 26, 5'6" 166 lbs. I have had stubborn belly fat my whole life. And I am ready to get rid of it, permanently.

1/23/13 Went in for my consultation, first I spoke with Jacolyn, the coordinator. She was super nice and made me feel comfortable. Then it was time for to meet Dr. Amron, he first looked at my body and told me what was disproportioned, then asked me what I wanted done. We both agreed on my upper/lower abdomen, flanks, waist, upper back. He made me feel really comfortable and not pressured into anything. He said I was a good candidate because of my age and skin elasticity. He took his time and encouraged me to ask questions. He even suggested questions for me when I didn’t have any :/

Next I went back in to meet with Jacolyn and talk about costs. I have seen much cheaper prices but I don't know if people are posting the entire fee, including surgical costs, compression garment, labs... My total cost for everything was higher than I had planned for. The lipo itself was $6500. We went over pre and post op care, and other paperwork. I scheduled my surgery two weeks following that day to get it over with.

1/28/13; Pre-op appt went well. Dr. went over what to expect and the procedure again. All of my questions were answered. Also got fitted for my compression garments, and my prescriptions. There was a prescription for Mephyton (vitamin K) to minimize bleeding. Unfortunately that medication is around $250, with no generic form available. So I bought the vitamin K supplement which only comes in 1mg, (mephyton is 5mg) and I took 5 capsules a day :/

2/7/13 Day of procedure: I was late due to this horrible LA traffic, that I'm not used to. But everyone was super nice about it. Got changed into my surgical gown. Got an iv started just in case I needed it during the procedure. Took a valium for anxiety. Which didn't work for me. Got marked and pictures taken.

The Procedure: Started with injections of the numbing medication (tumescent fluid). This part was a painful. The fluid leaks everywhere but the nurses tried their best to keep me dry. Once I was numb, he used the laser, then the lipo. There were areas such as my upper back, and upper abdomen where there wasn’t much fat, that were sensitive. I had to change positions a lot and it was mostly uncomfortable. The procedure took about 1 ½ hrs. They took about 1 liter of fat. My only complaint is that I wish there was someone who checked on me more during the procedure. I was draped so my face was covered. And I went through a few crying spells (which is abnormal for me). Mostly because I was uncomfortable, and nervous. And the few spots that did hurt, really hurt. But the pain didn't last. Also this was my first time ever having any kind of surgery. The doctor may have asked me once and the nurse asked me at the beginning if I was ok. I said "ouch" a couple of times and the doctor told me it was the "sensitive areas". It just would have been nice if someone would peep around the drape a couple of times to look at me and see that I was not ok. But before and after the procedure the staff were really patient and sweet to me. The nurse squeezed my abdomen to get out as much fluid as she could. they cleaned me up and then put the compression garment on. They offered me a snack, took a couple of sets of vital signs and made sure I was ok, then walked me down to my friend's car. We went to get food after leaving and walked a couple of blocks (which was a mistake). That made me hurt. So when I got to my friend's place I took a pain pill and went to sleep. Not a lot of draining, just one site in particular that drained a lot and came through my clothes. The rest were ok. That night Dr. Amron called me to see how I was doing, and asked about my drainage. How sweet of him :) My abdomen is very swollen and still numb; it feels like blubber, lol. I can’t wait until the swelling goes down so I can see some results!

POD1: Woke up, went to the gym and took a 2 mile walk on the treadmill. I have a 2 door sports car which was very hard to get in and out of. Finally took a shower that felt amazing! I wasn't draining anymore so I put band aids on my (8) incision sites, with some Bacitracin ointment. I was hurting from all of that so I took a pain pill and went to sleep. I was determined to not stay in bed so I went to work that night. btw I work 12 hr overnight shifts as a nurse. Let me tell you that God was on my side because I had the lightest night ever. It was hard still especially getting up and sitting back down again. I was able to take a nap on my break and took some extra strength tylenol and I felt so much better. So yeah DONT GO TO WORK THE NEXT DAY! Overall it was rough. It mostly just feels sore like after a really intense workout. But I did it again for the next two nights...

POD 2-3. Worked 12hrs, sore, still swollen...

POD4 2/11/13. First day wearing regular clothes, I can see a difference, but I do still have on the compression garment. I feel like when I take it off, I still look the same as pre-op :( but I'm patiently waiting. I can finally get up and down without pain. I only took Tylenol once today. I will post before and after pics once the swelling goes down and I have some after pics that are worth posting...

Hello All, Its been over a month since my...

Hello All, Its been over a month since my liposuction, and so far... not so happy. I know that it takes time and patience but I just want to see SOMETHING! I can say that when wearing a girdle or compression garment I can see results but without one, no! My doc said to exercise and tone my abdomen but I believe I paid 8000 + dollars to take care of that:/ I'm still sore at times, especially when exercising. Not many more details. I didn't want to get back on here with a negative attitude but that's how I'm feeling at this point. I would just love to see better results and soon. But I know it could take up to one year to get full results, I'm still very anxious.
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