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I just want a flat stomach and be able to wear a...

I just want a flat stomach and be able to wear a tank top with out fat hanging out. I'm getting my flanks, whole abdomen and my lateral chest wall done. I'll probably go back and get my arms and back done depending grow much I love music results. I had my daughter really young so I always had the little belly pooch, so really to see it go away.

One more day till my procedure

I am so excited and nervous . Here are some picks i took today. I cant wait till i dont have tl cover my armpit fat anymore .

Surgery day

Dr Saul and the nurses were great today. They were super attentive and made me feel comfortable. Total fat and liquids taken out were 5 containers. Love that he took his time. Will post pics soon

Super swollen

I'm super swollen. But i can already see my curves just got to wait for the swelling to go down.


I'm super swollen n look disgusting to my self. Don't know y my tummy looks the way it does. Hopefully the swelling starts going down so i can not feel like i made a mistake with going through with smart lipo.

Yay my swelling is really starting to go down

My swelling is starting to go down. I still wear my garment but just at night since i work as a security guard and its too hot to be outside with it on. I cant wait to see the final results when my swelling just disappears

Swelling still hasn't gone so the way down

Swelling still hasn't gone all the way down but I'm already feeling more confident n better in clothes . Pics ate from this morning

Swelling is going down slowly

Here are updates pics

Correction Lipo on my arms, Lipo on my arms and axillary

2nd time around wasn't that bad. My abs dont hurt as much but my arms r sore.

Day 2 post op

Loving the results so far
Los Angeles Physician

Lulu was great and Dr Lahijani was nice when I met him.

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