43 Years Old, 1 Child, Upper/lower Abdomen, Waist, Flanks

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I met with the doctor yesterday at Sono Bello for...

I met with the doctor yesterday at Sono Bello for my pre-op. As always they were very nice I would love that by the nurse gave me my little goodie bags, give me my prescription and explains the procedures. The doctor came in and asked me what I wanted I explained to him that I wanted my upper and lower abs, and outer thighs. He asked me what I was trying to accomplish when I explained everything he told me that it was probably be better for me to do my flanks instead of my thighs and to do my way so that this way it would help with a contour of my body. So now I've made arrangements to do that and I'm both nervous and excited about the procedure. I will post pictures the day before the procedure and I will try and keep you all posted.

At home resting

Okay so I'm finally at home resting. It wasn't that bad the procedure that's when he was near my belly button or lower part of my hip. Couple of times he had to tell me don't move. The drive home wasn't that bad I think I was still a little fuzzy from the cocktail that they gave me and I slept most of the way. About 3 hours since I've gotten home and I seem to be doing okay except for a little bit of tenderness especially around the belly button area. Going to try and post some pictures hopefully they come through.

2 days post op

I felt okay for the most part yesterday, I really wanting to see what I look like but I was scared so I did minimal looking only when changing my pads. I'm not gonna lie though, every time I walk by a mirror, I was like do I look smaller..yeah I think so. I drank tons of water (though my eyeballs were going to float) only took pain meds twice, once the prescription and the other Tylenol.I'm about to take my first shower (since procedure) and take pictures to post.

4 days post pictures

Dr John F Hsu

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