42 Yrs Old Airsculpt Smart Lipo on Arms , Tummy & back

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I am a 42 yr old mom of two kids. I have always...

I am a 42 yr old mom of two kids. I have always watched my diet and try to eat healthy most of my life. It seems like the older I get no matter how much I diet or work out I cannot get certain areas to lose weight. I lost 20 pounds and my whole body showed it except for my arms and tummy. I had heard about Dr Aaron Rollins and Elite a Body Sculpture on Tv and saw some of the work he had done on a few celebrities so I made a consultation. After talking to him I felt really confident about him being the one to do my surgery. I decided to schedule my surgery For May 29 for my arms and one week later my Stomach and flanks.
Yesterday was my arm procedure and let me tell you it was an awesome experience! I went in pretty nervous. I was afraid of the unknown not knowing what to expect, of being awake while they did the procedure and if it truly is as painless as everyone said in all of videos and reviews.
I was checked in, then taken to the pre op room. Dr Rolllins came in and took some photos and marked the areas of my arms that he would be working on. I was given a comfy robe and warm socks. Dr Rollins sweet nurse took my vitals, administered a (painless) shot of Demerol, a Xanax pill, antibiotic and a sublingual of an anti nausea medication. The medication was the perfect amount because it immediately calmed my nerves without making me feel too loopy or weird. I felt good! I was taken into the procedure room and hopped onto the table given laughing gas and oxygen and the Dr got started, the Dr has an awesome bedside manner chatting and answering any questions I asked as he worked. The nurses were sweet holding my hand and being very attentive. The best part of all of it was that I NEVER felt any pain during the whole procedure!! I could not believe I was awake and having liposuction and not in pain at all! After the procedure the nurses put me in a super fitted long sleeved garment and I went to post op for about 20 mins, was given post op instructions by the Dr and I was all done. The entire experience took about 1.5 hours from start to finish and I was up walking out the door and hungry enough to stop and get a bite to eat at a restaurant a few doors down. I had a prescription for Vicodin and for antibiotics. I did take Vicodin last night because I was feeling sore and wanted to sleep good. So far the worse part of any of it has been the draining. I am laying on a giant pad and draining like crazy which I know is a good thing but it feels kinda gross. I cannot wait until tomorrow so I can shower! I am super confident and feel great about my decision to go with Dr Rollins & I am no longer nervous about my tummy procedure next week, I'm excited!
I will update with some before/After pics as soon as I can load them!

Day 3

I had a good day yesterday rested in bed mostly watched movies, ate a little, took my antibiotics and pain medicine. I was able to get up and wash dishes, feed my dogs and fold a load of laundry. I am pretty sore like if I had lifted some super heavy weights. It's manageable though. I really dislike my garment because it's so tight ! I know it's important in recovery so I'm gonna get over it! I recommend to anyone having arms done to purchase a second garment so you always have one clean to switch into.

Before photos

Before photos of Arms and tummy bye bye love handles!

After Arm laser Lipo day 6

After Day 6 ...Air Sculpt Lipo

Still super swollen a bit bruised and sore but up and moving because I hear it's the fastest way to recovery. I'm completely off prescription pain meds and only taking Advil. I'm not gonna lie I would get so much more done if I still had pain medication. My dr only wrote a prescription for 10. I'm almost finished with all my antibiotics. I'm taking Arnica for the bruising to see if it helps. I will attempt to blow dry and curl my hair today, should be interesting to see what my hair ends up looking like. I finally updated before photos and a few after photos. Sorry the quality is kinda bad but it's hard to get photos by myself lol!

Getting Ready for Round 2! Tummy and love handles

Super excited for round 2 of air sculpt on my tummy and love handles this Friday. I feel way more confident knowing that it will be a relatively painless procedure and I know what to expect as far as recovery and what I need. If your getting this done just know Poise pads are a must! You will drain like crazy!

Just got home from full Tummy and flanks Lipo

I just wanted to update. I'm wearing a full compression garment, pain level is a 5 out of 10 as long as I don't move lol!
Procedure went great, lots of fun actually. The staff at Elite body sculpture is awesome and hilarious banter between the nurses and Dr kept me entertained and my mind off what was going on ( and the laughing gas!) he removed a ton of fat yay! Doctor wants me up and moving the equivalent of 45 mins a day to prevent blood clots and promote healing. I think I will start that tomorrow as it feels too painful getting up other than going to the bathroom. I will update my healing progress as I go along.

Day 2 after Airsculpt laser Liposuction

Woke up at about 1:30 am feeling really sore and stiff. I took a pain pill and went back to sleep. I woke up this morning feeling so stiff but was able to get up by myself without the help of my husband ( I couldn't do that yesterday) walked around my house, cleaned myself up and fed my dogs. I feel really sore but I'm feeling good as long as I'm on meds and lay still. But it is important to get up and walk even if your in pain, my dr says you will heal faster.

I took photos of my garments so you girls could see how padded up you will look after Lipo on arms and midsection. I have poise pads tucked into lower back, hips, tummy and belly. They really keep you dry from all the draining. I also have a large peice of soft foam over my stomach, the doctor said it was super important to keep that in place. Luckily this garment is crotchless so you can easily go to the bathroom without removing it. I am peeing constantly! it's from all the fluid they put into you during the procedure and the IV, plus my dr instructed me to drink alot of water this week until my urine is almost clear.
My arms are healing nicely, bruises are fading and swelling is starting to go down, still a little tender.
Netflix and bed are my big Saturday plans!

Day 2! Removed My Compression Garment...

Feeling human again! Removed all poise pads. They were super heavy from so much fluid draining. It felt amazing to take them and the compression garment off and take a shower. Skin is super sore and sensitive to the touch and the little incisions from the cannula stung a bit from the soap and water. It looks like they are closed and healing for the most part. I think I'm done draining for the most part. I replaced the poise pads with small loosely placed band- aids over the incisions. I took a look at my waistline and love handle area, even though I am bruised, puffy and have indentions from my garment, I'm liking what I see so far! I'm trying to imagine the end result. I have a long road ahead but am excited for the final results. I know this is a long road to see your final result. No freaking out LoL!
I am still laying around watching Tv for the most part. I get up and pace in my back yard on and off all day just to speed my healing process and get fresh air. My last pain pill was at 5am and I'm feeling good still! So far so good :)

Day 3

Woke up so sore and swollen this morning ,I couldn't swallow a pain pill fast enough! I notice I'm far worse in the middle of the night or early morning . Just feeling so stiff and swollen like a sausage in a casing lol!
I was able to get up and shower and even do some minor household chores : dishes, a load of laundry, picked up my living room and even swept the house! I was exhausted after that and had to lay down for an hour afterwards, I get winded and tired so easily! It must be something to do with my body working hard to heal. My Compression garment is really digging into my sides an irritating one of my puncture wounds so I used an extra piece of foam that the dr gave me to pad my sides where the zipper and eye hooks are ....so much better! That foam is pretty awesome I recommend purchasing some from Contour MD if your DR doesn't provide it fits between your tummy and the garment and keeps things really smooth and flat. So far the hardest part of everything is all this down time! I'm sick of TV and laying around so much. I'm going to go for a walk around my neiborhood soon just to get out of the house and move around. I am gonna post a couple photos, I'm still very bruised in the flanks and especially right above my c-section scar where he had to suck out a lot of fat to try to smooth out my cooch- pooch. Haha! New word I just invented. Sorry I'm a dork ????

So swollen!

Today I was in a lot of pain on my sides, like a burning/ pulling sensation. It's super hard to drive my car because it's a Camaro and it sits super low and seat kinda hugs your body ( I never noticed before) plus I feel so stiff I have no range of motion. I had to drive around running errands and it really aggravated the pain and soreness. I had to lay down a take a pain pill as soon as I got home. Along with inner burning pulling sensation I have some really sore red marks cause by my Compression garment seams and hooks digging into my sides. I cut some lipo foam in half and added that to each side under my garment. It feels a lot better but now my body looks like a marshmallow! Oh gosh what a challenge getting dressed was today! I had to wear stretch pants and a giant tshirt and a kimono over that just to hide my crazy Fupa in these stretch pants LoL I went to a little boutique and bought a couple long prairie dresses for $20 each just so I had something to wear other than this crazy getup. It feels good to log into real self and vent a little every day, because I'm sure my hubby is over my whining by now! LoL
No photos today, nothing worth showing..
Dr Aaron Rollins

Awesome bedside manner, truly an artist in his field invented air sculpt liposuction.

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