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I have avoided looking at my hands for years. ...

I have avoided looking at my hands for years. When I thought about aging, it was all about my face. After several procedures (Voluma to the temples, Radiesse to the cheeks, Perlane to the chin, Restylane Silk to the lips, and some Botox and Dysport for fine lines and wrinkles), I felt good about my face. People even complimented me, saying I could pass for someone in their 40's (I am 62)! But there was that constant reminder that I am someone that can still qualify for my senior discount....my hands!! If my face looks 45+, my hands looked like they belonged to someone in their 80's - veiny, with bones sticking out from loss of volume. I avoided looking at my hands everywhere, on the steering wheel, on the keyboard of my laptop, and even on the table when I was out to dinner! I wished for cold weather, when I could hide my old phalanges and thin, crepey skin under a pair of gloves.
Dr. Jason Emer, my dermatologist, offered me a solution one day, one that I did not even know existed. He explained "hand rejuvenation," also known as a hand lift. He said the FDA had just gotten approval for injections of Radiesse for hand rejuvenation, and he was the first in the U.S. to demonstrate it. He explained that one of the most age-telling features is our hands, and that no amount of skin cream is going to reverse that aging process. He also said that many people focus on the face and other body parts in their quest to look younger, completely neglecting one of the most visible and telling body features!
Convinced, I agreed to try hand rejuvenation, and the results were not only stunning, they were almost immediate. Carefully and gently, with almost no pain at all, Dr. Emer injected Radiesse into my hands, massaging them afterwards. Instantly, the back of my hands began to regain volume, and as they plumped up, the veins and prominent tendons and joints disappeared. The bony, veiny look was gone! My hands even felt smoother and softer. The final result surpassed all my expectations. My hands look much younger than my face! I am extremely happy and even celebrated with a manicure, because I no longer have to hide this unsightly feature. My hands look young and beautiful, and I've received several compliments from family and friends who had no idea that "hand rejuvenation" was even possible or existed!
I highly recommend hand rejuvenation as part of the package to look younger and fight aging. And I couldn't be happier to recommend Dr. Jason Emer, whose patience, expertise, and skills always produce results far beyond my expectations!

I have avoided looking at my hands for years...

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