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It's been about 3 weeks since my surgery and my...

It's been about 3 weeks since my surgery and my nose is starting to look normal again. A lot of the swelling have gone down (thank goodness). My left side seem to be more swollen so i'm trying to eat and drink pineapple juice more because I have heard that it helps the swelling go down. I've been worried about my nose getting crooked during my recovery so I'm still sleeping sitting up and with a neck pillow. Lol.

I normally would never write a review nor would I share my experience with the world but lately I find myself on RS a lot researching about other surgeries.... and figured if their stories are helping me in some way then maybe I should share mine also. lol

Anyways, I only had one consultation for my rhinoplasty and it was with Dr. Nassif! I was going book more consultations with other doctors but I told myself I'll just see him first and if it doesn't work out then look elsewhere. But as soon as I saw him, I pretty much knew he was going to be the one. He's known for doing revisions.. and I felt like my nose wasn't really bad or ugly..I just wanted a tweak, a more defined look. Figured it shouldn't be that hard for a perfectionist like him to do. The consult went well and I booked my surgery date that day.

Consult day*
I can't remember exactly what he explained to me.. but he evaluated my nose and pointed out my nose was a little crooked, deviated septum, and was pinched. I never really noticed any of that until he pointed it out! I He asked what I wanted done, I told him I wanted it a little higher if it wouldn't make me look weird (my bridge was already high enough for me), nostrils smaller, and more defined tip.
He explained that he would use part of my rib, diced, along with fascia from my scalp.. I can't remember exactly everything else.. or in what order.. it was a lot of information given all at once. I did ask, why not my ear instead and he said he could, but if there was not enough cartilage, he would move on to the next ear, and if thats not enough he would use my rib. In the end, we just decided rib was best. I did more research on him after my consultation and it seems like he uses the rib in most of his operations.

During my consultation, Dr. Nassif informed me that Dr. Yoo would be the one cutting my rib. I also met Dr. Pang but I'm not sure if she was involved in my rhinoplasty although she was there from the beginning (my consultation visit & pre-op) and I saw her AFTER my operation too. She's the best! She made me feel so comfortable and explained everything more than once so I understood what was going on.

pre-op day*
We went over everything again but somehow it felt more intense. Dr. Nassif explained to me all the things that could go wrong. Like my nose not being symmetrical, lungs collapsing while taking a piece of my rib, all sorts of other things. It was scary. I didn't want to hear those things but then again, It was just things he had to mention for my safety. It was then that I realized how serious this is!

The night before surgery Dr. Nassif gave me a call and asked if I was ready for surgery. He also told me to call in the morning about my operation time because it might be delayed. I thought that was nice of him.

Surgery day*
My surgery was supposed to be early morning around 7 or 8am, but then they made me wait until the afternoon. Yes, Dr. Nassif told me the night before to call and check but I didn't really think I would wait until the afternoon. Thankfully, I waited at home instead of their office. They called me when they were almost ready for me to give me time to reach their office. Got to their office, Waited some more...... It seemed like forever.
Finally, It was time! I changed into my dressing and chit chatted a little with Dr. Nassif while waiting for the OR to be ready. Once it was ready, I headed in, laid down, and the anesthesiologist started talking to me, asking me questions about my life while pumping meds in the iv. I felt the tingling feeling then I was out.

Woke up feeling a little groggy.. first person I saw was Dr. Pang! She told me everything went fine. I just nodded. I don't remember much. I was taken to Serenity Spa after surgery. Its a mandatory one night stay if your rib is used. The ambulance takes you from the surgery center to serenity.

The nurses at Serenity were wonderful. Even though I only stayed there for that night after surgery, they kept checking up on me all night. They made me smoothies, juices, breakfast was served, and they even washed my hair the next morning! The nurse drove me back to Dr. Nassif for my post op the day after surgery.

Post op*
Everything was ok, set date to see dr in a week.

Took my cast off the following week
after the cast was removed, brown tape was put on my nose for another week to stop the swelling.

Rhinoplasty did not hurt that much. It was just annoying having to breathe with your mouth. Sleeping with your mouth open was the worst. Towards the last few days I was getting angry because sleeping with your mouth open makes your mouth so DRY! I felt like I was in desperate need of water in the middle of the night.

My rib was super sore for the first week. I think it the pain level was worse than getting breast implants. Second week was still a little sore. It's now been 3 weeks and I don't feel much soreness anymore. Haven't been lifting anything heavy though, just to be safe.

I'm going to see Dr. Nassif in a few days. My nostrils are different shape/size, I hope its because its still swollen. My smile is different now too. I read its because they cut part of your nerves so its going to take a while to get them back..

SO FAR, I am happy with the results. I know it's too soon to say anything. My face is still bloated, nose is still numb, and my scalp where the fascia was removed is still numb too. I just can't wait for another few months to pass. Can't wait to see my final results!!!!!

A little over 4 months POST OP

So it's been a little over 4 months now and I'm FINALLY seeing some changes in my nose.

I was really disappointed a few weeks after my surgery because my nose was starting to look crooked. I tried to relax and not freak out but after the first few weeks I couldn't take it anymore

When I pointed it out to the Dr. They said it "looked" crooked because my left side was still swollen and my right side had a small depression in it.

They suggested some steroids injection on my left side to make the swelling go down

I had probably 3 or 4 Injections overall.

I had to fill my right side with some fillers to make my nose seem straight.

For now, im happy with how it looks. I just sometimes forget that my fillers are just temporary and it will probably go away in a few months. I will probably get a revision too later on.

My nose now looks better than my nose before for sure.. But I'm a little sad that it's not a perfect looking nose. My nose now doesn't look drastically different from my old nose. People can't tell I've had it done. Yes I know that's a good thing and what most people want .. But I'm really not Into the whole natural looking noses. I don't know if that sounds crazy or not.. Just my preference.

I've been to Dr Nassifs office numerous of times. The staff is nice.
Dr Peng is wonderful. She really does a great job at making you feel comfortable. A genuine person.
And Dr Yoo is great too.

Can't wait to hit my 6 month mark.
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

Professional Dr. who truly wants the best for you. Sincere. He takes his time to listen to what you have to say. Simply thee best! Thank you!

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