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Years ago I was placed on strong synthetic...

Years ago I was placed on strong synthetic hormones for a medical condition. I was allergic to these, and it caused severe bloating of the upper body and dramatic weight gain. I proceeded to lose a significant amount of weight in a very short period but was left with stubborn new pockets of fat around my waist and back and slight jowling in my early 20's. I originally came in to ask about dermal cheek fillers to bring structure back to my face, as well as minimal lipo of the abdomen. Dr Berger offered numerous other solutions I would have never thought of, including thread lift, various fillers and multiple minimally invasive liposuction and laser tightening techniques. He was adamant about giving me as much info as possible and did not direct me towards any particular option. Because of this I was able to choose better treatment options and have decided to go with his advanced lipo procedure around the waist, as well as a laser lipo of the jowl area. His patient care coordinator Tracy has been on the phone with me almost daily and willing to stay on the phone for 40 minutes at a time to make sure I feel comfortable and have all my questions answered which was very important to me. When I popped a new deadline on her due to an unexpected trip and start of a new job, she quickly moved their schedule around for me on short notice and I am due for surgery in just over a week. All around great experience with the team that was necessary for me to feel comfortable going into the procedure. I am glad that I chose a doctor that specializes in facial cosmetics so that I could be educated on an array of options and feel more in control.
Beverly Hills Physician

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