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Been to Dr. Lee for almost 4 years and has been...

Been to Dr. Lee for almost 4 years and has been unsatisfied with my rhinoplasty result due to its cookedness and looks somewhat not different at all. Im going to my 3rd surgery in about 3 more days so I am hopeful that this will turn out perfect. Im a makeup artist and part-time model so Im really hoping this is it because I am always in front of a camera. Dr. Lee and his staff are very kind though. But 4 years? My patience is getting thin and I am VERY patient. :(

Just got the revision yesterday!

Just got my revision yesterday! Dr. Lee came and saw me beforehand just to see where my concerns were and was hapoy to help. He was very kind. Everyone there was very very kind to me! I was put under general anesthesia. It WAS NOT horrible at all. Everything was very easy and comfortable! The nurses always checked up on me to see if I was ok. The anesthesia doctor was very nice and funny lol I fell asleep right away and woke up with no problems. Did felt pain afterwards when my husband took me home but that's to be expected. But the results is the important outcome! Going to update once I get my stitches out next week!

Still recovering!

I feel more sickish in this recovery compared to the last 2. Most likely its because I went under general anesthesia instead of the local. Have headaches and have the need to throw up here and there. It's like me being pregnant all over again lol but thank goodness I have the medication to fix my need to throw up! I thought my husband forgot to pick it up! Headache still hurts here :( my face is swollen and have bruises. Its fading though, so glad! My nose looks good but I'm waiting to see if the bridge is finally straight! Im so eager to take these tapes and stitches off! Need to do a shoot soon too!

So excited!

Going to take my cast and stitiches out soon! The week went by sooo slow for me but now that I think about it, wow... its actucally quite fast! My recovery was great. My heachaches and sickness went away after the first 2 days. After that, so did the pain. Didn't even need pain killers after that. The swelling subsided in about 3 days after. The bruising is still quite there. Its disappearing though. I kind of miss the swelling because it kind of made my dark circles disappeared lol the only thing that bothered me was my congested nose! I wanted to clean and dig out those old blood and noogie so bad! Ugh. After I take the cast off. Im going to post before and after pictures! I hope my bridge turns out straight this time!

P.s I have re-read my first review and I have to address that the reason why it took almost 4 years for my nose to be done, it is I had gotten pregnant after my 1st nose job. So I had to wait it out to get a 2nd :( the 2nd one didnt turn out quite right because of the bump on the bridge. So now I am on my 3rd. Fingers crossed guys!

I would also like to add

Dr. Lee also saw my concerns! He even said I need a revision when he saw me come in. I didn't even have to explain much or ask for one. He also said he has to do it because he "takes pride" in his work! He's willing to fix what makes me unhappy. Im just upset that my nose kept getting crooked after and the time I have to wait for the swelling to subside before getting a revision. But I do completely understand why.

Not really happy....

So I took my cast off a week ago and was not impressed. Im glad that the hump on the left side of my nose is gone but now, its on my right! On my good side where I always take pictures of! I am pretty bothered and really unhappy with this. But, I am hoping that this is swelling so I am waiting for 3 months for this to resolve. If not, I am going to Dr. lee in hopes that he can fix this! Because this is just ridiculous! I cant stand that im wasting my 20s for this... I have to cancel photoshoots and stop posting "instagram" photos for awhile and I do promote products. Dr. Lee and his staff are kind and all but this is going to make me explode. I'm sorry but I wont be recommending him to anyone if I have to "wait" again. Its just too much.

P.S. I will post pictures once everything is hopefully fixed. Its much easier for everything to post at once.

Oh dear.

Ugh. I was such in a bad mood yesterday when I typed those things. So much stress with my social media and personal life. Not only that, I developed an allergic reaction to peanut butter and nuts! Rashes everywhere! Currently recovering from that. Doctors gave me medicine and an epiPen to carry with me everywhere and I have to completely change my diet. Not having a good week so far. I'm calm now since I had a good talk with my best friend. I really hope these bumps go down so I can enjoy my summer and get back into promoting products and feeling confident going to work. For now, must stop stressing out.

Here is a few pics after surgery

Heres a few pic right after surgery! Its bloody so beware! I am completely satisfied with everything else! I love it! But, I HATE that my nose always had that bump on the left side of my bridge causing it to look obviously crooked! My right side always looks flawless but the right side looks like its rebellious sister. Ugh. Now that bump is on my right side. No improvement yet. Ugh.

Nose before the 3rd revision

This was before I had the 3rd revision to correct the very noticeable bump on my left side. (This pic is my second revision) This pic shows my right side of my nose! It was perfect! I contoured the bump that is suppose to be on the left of the nose bridge. Trying to find where I am not wearing makeup so you guys can bettee see. It will probably be difficult. I honestly can not find a pic of me taking photos on my left because I always took photos on my right. My good side! Now I am depressed that the noticeable bump is now on my right side after this surgery. Glad he removed it from my left in all but I didnt want it on my right side! I would of prefer it to return to my left or obviously no bumps at all! I hope the bump goes down!!! I can not promote/model for products and record tutorials! Ugh... i will search my phone for more pics and take a pic of my nose now. Been busy with work. Wont really post anything on my first rhinoplasty since it looks the same as my second. Anywho, I thought 3rd times a charm! Still hoping the bump resides after 3 months, of course I am a still little over a week post. Sooo trying to be patient and pray that the bump will reside!
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon

He's very kind along with his staff. Still "patiently" awaiting my final results.

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