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Hello All, So the second procedure that I've been...

Hello All,
So the second procedure that I've been interested in is a Rhinoplasty. I've I been wanting this procedure for as long as I can remember. The best way to describe my nose is " WIDE"! I hate it! You will never catch me taking a dead on profile pic, I always have to turn my head some kind of way. This year I will be turning the big 30 so I decided to get my nose done (with the help of my boyfriend) for my Birthday/Christmas.

Last Friday, I had a Rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Jarrah-Nejad also known as Dr. J. OMG, he was so amazing! He was very thorough, patient and kind. He even took a look at my butt for me. I explained I didn't really want to change the appearance of my nose too much (meaning I don't want it to look fake). I just don't want it to be sooo wide. He drew up a sketch showing my bone structure a lot more narrow and two small incisions on each side of my nasal to bring it in. The price was a little more than expected ($9,800), but I know he will do a great job. My Birthday is Dec. 11th and I wanted my nose done before then. The Office Manager Daria was great with fitting me into Dr. J's busy scheduled. My Surgery is now booked for Nov. 9th, I am super excited and I can't help but wait!! Stay tuned....

It's happening! Got my lab work today!

Added some before pics!

Day 5 post op

Hello All,

So I had my Rhinoplasty on Monday, 11/9. I've had little to no pain thus far. My body bruises very easily so I was expected a lot of bruising and swelling, but surprisingly I have little to none. So I guess I'm healing pretty well.

My follow appt was on Wed which was two days after my surgery. Dr. J cleaned my nose and removed the bottom dressing. I feel like I look like something out of a Halloween movie because my stitches are now exposed and I have dried up blood so it looks kinda crazy. Lol

My next appt is on Wednesday, 11/18 to remove the cast, splints and stitches. I can't wait to see what my nose is going to look like once all the dressings are removed. From the looks of it right now, I have a completely new nose and I like what I see so far. Photos are attached, I will keep you posted.

Updated photos

Updated photos

Day 5 photos

Updated photos


Day -7

Day 12

Cast removal was on Day 10, my nose was still very swollen however zero bruising. Dr. J said, I will have to wear tape on my nose for the next two weeks to help with the swelling.

Update day 16

So far the swelling has gone down, however I'm still healing. I took some pictures in between cleaning my nose and adding fresh tape. The shape of my nose looks a little weird because some areas are more swollen than others. But, I can see the direction its headed. I can't wait for it to start looking normal, I've been icing it like crazy!

Week 4

So far I'm healing well! I am on week 4, still lot of swelling but my nose is becoming more and more defined!

Week 4

More photos from today 12/2

1 month post op

So I'm two days from 1 month post opt. So far so good. Every couple of days my nose is becoming more and more defind.

1 month post opt

I took some close up pictures today so you can see my nostril incisions and swelling. Some parts are more swollen than others

6 months post op update before and after photos

So it's been 6 months since my Rhino with Dr. J. My recovery has gone really well. It took me a while for me to post an update because my right side took for ever to come in, the swollen took some time to even out. It's finally looking normal. I have posted some more before pics so you can see how wide my nose was compared to now. Oh my gosh, when I was going through the photos I forgot what my nose used to look like already lol. I love my new nose, it came out great! Such a big difference! Feel free to ask questions!


Rhinoplasty - 1 year post op

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to share an updated pic. I am one year post op. I absolutely love my nose! ;)

Rhinoplasty - update

Hi All,
I just wanted to share a photo from last year compared to this year! I feel like my nose job has improved the overall appreance of my face. I am sooo happy and grateful.
Every year my family and friends go to Oktoberfest, don't mind my German beer girl costume! Lol
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Awesome Doctor! Very kind, Thorough and patient! I look forward to my surgery on Nov. 9th

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