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Well like everyone else who gets a rhinoplasty, I...

Well like everyone else who gets a rhinoplasty, I hated my face, got teased, and didn't like to take photos.
I went to many consultations trying to find a doctor. I have thick skin so it was hard to find a perfect doctor that would sculpt my nose to what i want. The first doctor I went to said I would never have a thin nose and the second doctor said he wouldn't be able t define my tip. Finally, I emailed Dr. David E Kim pictures of my nose because I was in a rush to find a doctor before January. Due to being a colllege student and having to head back. I wanted to be completely semi heal before I start the semester and the new year with my new nose. I went to my pre opp yesterday and Dr. David E Kim was completely nice! He said he could do everything I wanted. My only conn is everything that he does is an extra charge. Etc (Nostrils, Opening up breathing passages) Other doctors, I visited had included to open it up without charging me. However, I still love Dr. David E Kim work and I can't wait for my surgery.

Before photos

Two days post opp

I literally feel like it hasn't me that surgery is two days away. I dropped off my prescription today for the pills I will be needing. The office will call me tomorrow and tell me what time is my surgery on Thursday. They will also be filming me the day or surgery so I'm pretty nervous about that; especially, since I will not be wearing any makeup. I think I'm more scared of the mean comments are going to leave on video because of how society is, but I know I'll be okay. I bought a U shape pillow, nasal spray, gauges, and thats it so far. I'm not really sure what else I should get.

After Surgery!

Im extremely happy with choosing Dr. David E Kim. My nose looks way better even with the cast on and knowing that its going to get more defined over the months makes me happy. However, having these spongie thingys in my nose is so uncomfortable, I can't wait to get them out. My mouth is super dry but the biotene spray is literally my best friend. I was a little nauseous after and did throw up all the water I drank but thats due to me not eating anything at all and taking antibiotics and pain killers.
My friends and family are being so supportive! It literally has me in tears on what great people I have surrounding me. I filmed the video from 545-630 and surgery was 630-11. I'm already feeling like a more confident version of me. Can't wait to post photos. BTW I'm changing my gauze on my upper lift very 30 minutes. I have a lot of bleeding but the doctors office said thats completely normal :)

Day of surgery

Day 3 post opp

I'm not taking any of my pain medication anymore. I don't need it, but they are right about the third day. I look like a chipmunk! My cheeks are super swollen!!!! I had lip fillers before getting this surgery in August and all this swelling is making my lips look small lol. I really can't wait for the swelling to go down. Yesterday he took off the packaging which was amazing. I get dry blood around my nostrils but I clean it with peroxide and q-tips. It feels so great to breath from my nose instead of my mouth. I do have a nasal drip going on but I know that is completely normal to the healing process. I get my cast off next Thursday morning (Christmas Eve) so Im super excited about that!!

Day 3

5 day post opp

No more yellow and no more black eye! It's fully gone and I can't be much happier. I literally can not wait for my cast to come off!! I'm so bored staying home, while everyone is out and about. However, I know it would be worth it at the end :) here's some photos foryou guys.

cast removed!

In love with my results dr.david kim did an amazing job!! My til is still swollen and since I have thick skin, I know it's going to take awhile to go down but I can't wait to see the final result. Thank Dr. David Kim for making me feel beautiful.



Here's a little update for you guys! About a little over a month in. The tip is still hard, so I'm looking forward to that going down. Hope this is helpful for you guys. Lmk what you think.

2 month post op

Still very swollen, Dr. Kim is considering giving me steroid injections; since, I have thicker skin it's taking me more time to heal than with someone with thinner skin. The tip is still bulbous.

3 months post op

Went into my third post op appointment and got injected with steroids to make the swelling go down. Love my result so far!
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