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I'm a 24 year old female living in the Central...

I'm a 24 year old female living in the Central Valley of California. I have always had allergies, and issues with sinus infections, stuffiness, and breathing, as well as hated the way my nose looks on my face. It is fairly crooked, one nostril is very slightly higher and a rounder than the other, I have a slight bump that from one side looks very large and the other is almost unnoticeable when I smile (due to crookedness it appears different from each angle) and when I smile the tip droops down making me feel as if I have a minor form of a "witch nose". I delete every picture that is taken from my right side and am sad to say I've deleted some very memorable photos because of the way my nose looked.
I have always strongly believe that it is important to love yourself the way you are and accept things that you can't change, BUT this is something that for years I've never been able to accept and have always wanted to change, and since I CAN change it, I'm looking in to getting it done so I can move on and feel as beautiful outside as I strive to be inside!
When I first started seriously looking in to rhinoplasty about 4 months ago a lot of reviews were saying that some of my nose/allergy symptoms may actually be caused or accentuated by a deviated septum. So I made an appointment with an ENT and found out that I do in fact have a deviated septum, and the doctor feels that is actually part of the reason my nose is crooked and to the side.
When I saw my first Dr. for a consult I was very unsatisfied with the experience as a whole, but did walk away with some helpful information. His bedside manner was too casual, saying things like "cool", "awesome", he also called me "dude" as well as told me that I have a "tiny mouth" and a "crooked face". While I understand he is a surgeon and noticing these things helps a surgeon figure out what needs to be done, and what size, shape, etc. would best compliment my face, how he approached it was very unsettling.
He did inform me that my nose goes from normal width at the bridge, to very thin where the cartilage begins and then back to normal width at the tip. He asked me to breath in through my nose and noticed how my right nostril completely collapses while the left struggles to stay open and said its due to the narrowness in between my bridge and my tip. This was very helpful information to have to discuss in my future consults. So I consider this consult kind of my "trial" and good experience!
I will be seeing Dr. Layke, Dr. Litner, and Dr. Simoni who all are at seperate practices, but all in Beverly HIlls, CA and had great reviews here on RealSelf, and I was really impressed by the before and after photos that were available to view also. Do any of you have any information you feel would help me from your experiences with these specific surgeons?
Since this is out of town for me and I have to take time off of work it's going to be a costly investment on my road to getting the nose that is not only complimenting to my face, but also functional; I want to make sure I go to each consult with every possible question ready beforehand. Do any of you have any questions that you wish you had asked during your consult that you think would have benefited you that I can use? Or if you had similar "issues" with your nose function and structure and there is something I didn't mention that you think I should please share!

Side Note for the PICTURES PROVIDED: So embarrassed, I don't have makeup on other than mascara and am embarrassed by the condition my skin is in, but I hope this is a safe, judgement free place to post these! ALSO, I know that lighting makes a huge difference, so if I'm able to get better quality photos I will upload those later.
I have included a "simulated" photo where I edited my nostrils and crookedness as well as a minor bit of lifting the tip... This is an idea of what I'm hoping for.

Loved loved loved two. How to decide?!

I was completely impressed with my first and third consult. It was a very hectic day dealing with traffic and getting around town, but I am so pleased with my experiences. Now the anxiety of chosing between the two practices has begun.
The staff was very professional, as well as nice and easy to talk to which helped settle my nerves at two of the practices. Now it's all about making the final decision!
3 consults down, one doctor out of the running and the other two are in very tough competition with each other.
Does anyone have any advice to help me make a decision? What might have helped you make your final decision? I've seen a total of 4 surgeons and 1 ENT. PShould I see more surgeons? HELP!

Getting Closer!

I can't beleive that my surgery is less than 3 weeks away! I am getting more excited every day. As I get closer I have been reading lots of posts and checking Google to see if there are any suggestions for Pre or post-op that I haven't already heard. If anyone has any recommendations for supplements, sleeping positions, ANYTHING! I am all ears. Please share :)

Day 2 Post-op

My first review post op! So, surgery... Right after surgery I was a little bit on the soppy side from anesthesia. I cried because I loved my dog so much. I cried because I love my family so much and they're so good to me, and I cried because I just adore my boyfriend and love how he loves me... Thank GOD my mom was the one that picked me up or else I know my loving boyfriend would have posted a horrifically embarrassing video that would have been bound to go viral.
Anyways! To the surgery itself: I was one nervous girl. I had nightmares that my nose was made worse and I could not breath out of either nostril. I was stress eating chocolate bars daily for a week leading up to yesterday...
Dr. John Layke is THE absolutely best. I woke up from surgery as I described above, a big happy ball bag. I had to stay a the hotel last night since the Docs center is 4 hours away from my house and I can say I would have been much more comfortable sleeping in my own bed. I was instructed to sleep completely upright, in a chair would be best and that doing that would be a HUGE help with swelling and bruising.
This morning I work up, was a little swollen and slightly bruised and slowly throughout the day I felt progressively "worse", and the worst of it so far can only be compared to a mild sinus infection! My nose was broken, my septum straightened, my nostrils bolstered, and the tip lifted to what it was originally pre-break and yet I had a mild headache and just slight discomfort. I couldn't believe. I thought it would be so much worse.
A nurse friend of mine told me to stay on top of the pain meds, explaining that it's easier to keep it at bay than get it to go away after it comes back.
I saw Dr. Layke before heading back home and he put me at such ease. I am now in bed, a little more swollen than this morning and definitely a little black on one eye.
I am already nervous for a few reasons that I was warned not to worry about such as, my nose seems crooked through the cast, and my nostrils are unevenly swollen. I am trying not to focus on these things and remember that the swelling will be going down and I won't see the final results for months! Nothing to sweat. PLUS I can ALREADY BREATH!!!! With tubes, swelling, and everything else I can BREATH!! I cried today when I called my dad to tell him the amazing news. I didn't remember what it was like to be able to breath from my nose. Soooo happy. I'll keep updating as my recovery progresses!
Tips to others going into surgery:
Use aside straw to drink from
Sleep completely upright if possible
Take the pain meds until at least the third day and then switch to extra strength Tylenol
Lots of fluids
Try not to over critique what your new swollen nose looks like through a cast because it will be changing!!

Day 3 Post Op

So today is when the comfort goes out the window! Lol much more swollen and am feeling the pressure in my eyes and on my nose. I forgot to mention in yesterday's post the Dr. Layke had ended up needing to do more extensive work than he'd imagined once he opened me up. The needed to me be more heavy work done to my bridge because the deviation (to my understanding) wen up past my septum a cartilage and continued on the bone part also. I remember him clearly saying a lot more work needed to be done to fix the deviation than he had planned originally. I am still trying not to focus on the way my nose is swelling, since one nostril appears more round and the other more narrow and am finding the anti anxiety pills prescribed to be a BIG help. Lol it's been dofficult to sleep well. I go in and out and it's very restless. I have found that a neck pillow like what's used on a plane or car ride helps since I'm having to sleep upright. My appetite is almost non existent which is odd since I am on a steroid to help with reducing the swelling... But I am trying to push myself to eat something nutritious. After all food is our bodies fuel!
The tip of my nose is numb and I have a little itching under the cast that I am not even trying to scratch.
I had originally intended on going to work tomorrow and Friday after office hours to do some work and make sure I'm not entirely swamped when I go back on Tuesday but I am not quite sure I'll be able to drive, let alone write checks or respond to emails. We'll see how I feel when I wake up though! I still cannot believe that I can already breath better. I can't believe THIS (even with tubes and swelling) is how much I have always been meant to be able to breath. I would guess that I had about 1/10 of the airflow in my left nostril that I do now and 3/10 in my right. It is amazing, and I am so excited for that.
All well wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery are appreciated!!

Uneven Nostrils / Swelling

I need a little reassurance regarding the shape and size of my nostrils. It is day 4 post op from my open septa rhinoplasty and I am nervous. My surgeon explained that he had to make the left nostril more round to help it not collapse as I breath in, but it is still appearing more narrow, or long than the right nostril (the picture is reversed). There was more work done to the left side, that's where my nose was broken, and the bruising is worse around my left eye... Could it be the bandage at the base that makes it appear a different shape? Or tubes inside holding it in an odd shape? I know we are our worst critics, and that swelling can drastically change the true outcome of the procedure and it can take months to a full year to see. Has anyone had similar swelling problems? How did they turn out in the end? (Sorry for the bloody bandages!)

Day 4 Post Op

The bruises have already turned to green! I have been using Arnica Gel and gently massaging as directed and I think that has helped the bruises significantly. The swelling has moved down from my eyes to my lower cheeks, and it is still pretty bad directly around my nose. The pressure seems to be inside my mouth and deep in my nasal cavity. Not so much on top or in my forehead anymore.
It is very frustrating to be so limited. I read others recovery stories where they are up and movin around two days after surgery and am envious. Every time I do more than walk to the restroom or to and from the kitchen for water and food I can feel my heart beat in my nose and then the pain comes flooddddding in! I am down to half a pain killer just as needed, so I think I had a total of 2 today rather than 5...
My body is not tired and sore as it was the first two days, but having to basically be on bed rest is very frustrating for me. I am having a hard time using this time off work to recover. I'm not used to being so... Lazy for more than a day or two at least.
To anyone that will be having surgery in the future, please make sure you have someone that can help you with the simple things you won't even realize you need help with, like bending down to pick ANYTHING up, propping pillows or anything that takes quick movements, but above all I would plan to have a friend come keep you company for a few hours each day because it can sure make you feel lonely. Just feeling support of someone who cares is what I would say is the biggest. While I would consider myself an introvert this much time alone, which a mix of medication and limitations to what I can do, have been tough emotionally. Make sure to have a good support group and let them know you will need them a head of time.
While I wouldn't suggest straining yourself I am going to try to take a slow 2 mile walk tomorrow to get some fresh air and out of the house. Plus my moms birthday is next week so maybe I can muscle up enough energy to go look for a little extra present!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Layke and his staff have been wonderful. He was very pleasant to talk with and explained his technique and style to be exactly what I am looking for. After I consulted with the financial department I had more questions for him and he was happy to come back and discuss more. I am very excited to have decided to have my septoplasty/rhinoplasty procedure done with him and I would encourage anyone to schedule a consult with his office if ever looking to help you become your "real self", whether it's fix a broken nose and deviated septum, or hump reduction! Don't schedule a procedure with anyone else before at least having a consultation with him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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