Petite Girl, Breast Augmentation 375 Silicone HP - Beverly Hills, CA

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For the longest time, I have wanted a breast...

For the longest time, I have wanted a breast augmentation. I had seen a couple of surgeons prior to Dr. David E Kim, and I had not felt confident in my decision until I met Dr. Kim and reviewed his work online. His work online is outstanding, especially among the petite women who go from having nothing! All of the petite women that I've seen end up looking SO natural! This was one of the reasons I had a hard time finding the right surgeon because it's hard to make a petite woman look so natural in her new breasts. I did not want the fake look, or for them to look like rocks sitting on my chest. I am under 5ft. and weighed in about 94lbs before surgery. I was a 32A, or even 32AA, and my goal was to have a FULL C, so I went with 375 High Profile Silicon Gel implants. I originally wanted Mod Plus, but I have a very small frame, and I'm narrow in the rib cage region, so moderate plus implants would not fit, as they were too wide for my frame. Dr. David Kim did a beautiful job and I could not be happier with my progress so far! It has been exactly 4 weeks today since I had my breast augmentation and I'm so happy with my decision. I wish I had discovered Dr. Kim years ago!!! I am so happy and thankful for being in such great hands :) Just keep in mind that everyone heals at their own pace. I had very little breast tissue to begin with, my skin was very tight, and had very little room/space to work with. Therefore, I am taking longer to heal as far as them settling in and "dropping", as well as having swelling over my sternum all the way up till the 3 1/2 week mark! Around the 3rd week they finally began to drop and my breasts are finally coming close together and rounding out. I am now in my 4th week of recovery and I am loving how natural they are beginning to look!! Just be patient ladies!

Here are some photos to help out!

A couple of you asked to see some photos, so here they are! I am going to begin with my before photos all the way until my current status! In each caption I'll write down the time frame :) Don't be alarmed at the beginning, my body took a little longer to heal since my skin was so tight and my muscle was holding onto the implant very tightly. I had a lot of swelling in my sternum, hence the huge gap in the middle, but by the 3rd week mark my boobs began to drop a little, my swelling went down and my boobs are coming together nicely! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

Height: 4'11
Weight: 94lbs
Surgery date: 3/13/15
Implants: 375 Silicon HP, inframammary incision.

7-Week Update!

Hello, I just wanted to share some photos with you of my progress. This is me 7 weeks after surgery!!

2 1/2 months Post Op

So, it's been two and a half months since my surgery. I am healing well, I feel physically back to normal, except I am still mindful and cautious towards picking up anything "heavy". I am able to lift/push/pull anything under 10lbs now, although I don't think I've gone over 6lbs so far. I'm working my way up very slowly even though I feel like I could lift anything. My scars are doing well! They are maaaybe an inch long, very small incisions! They are starting to turn pink, and starting to blend in with my skin tone a little. I think once my boobs are done dropping they will be completely concealed, or at least mostly concealed under my boob :) I am using the Silicone Scar Away sheets, but on the days that I don't wear them I apply 100% Vitamin E oil on my scars. It's still uncomfortable for me to sleep completely flat on my back! :( So, I usually sleep upright with a couple of pillows behind me. I still wake up most days feeling like it is the day after surgery, but by the time I walk to the bathroom the "soreness" and "tightness" on my boobs fades away until the next morning. Today I woke up great! It varies. So, maybe I just need to massage more in order for them not to feel so sore in the mornings. I have not been given the green light to sleep on my side yet. But when I am given the go ahead, he told me to alternate sides each night so that way one boob doesn't shift in one direction more so than the other boob. I'm not sure what else...If you have any questions let me know! :)

New Photos!

Here I am squeezing into my old bikini top! lol, it's an XS, but it didn't fit me a month ago, and now it kind of does!! I tried on other sizes in bikini tops and a size Small seems to look/fit the best. Given that I was so petite, and received HP implants, I am happy to see myself getting some side boob! :D

6 month post op

Hello, sorry I haven't posted in a while. I feel 100% back to "normal" like no tenderness, no more morning boob, no tightness, I don't get stiff after a long day, and I started feeling this way around the 5month mark! I was cleared, and have no more restrictions, I am able to be fully active and lift anything now! :) I still don't sleep on my stomach, and I'm not sure if I will go back to being a stomach sleeper, so I mostly sleep on my back. I am still massaging although not as often, something I need to work on. However, they are very soft!!! The last time I saw Dr. Kim, was I think at the end of August or early September and he said that was about the softest they would get, but they got softer! & I'm so happy that they did because they were still firm to me. I am taking Vit.E about once a day now, or every other day, he said it wouldn't hurt to keep taking it for a little while longer. He also said that I have fully dropped. So, I think this is pretty much what my end result looks like, but we'll see! :) I am now approaching my 7month mark and have a few pictures of myself in a bikini top and bras to show you how they look. I feel like they have come such a long way, and I am very happy with my results! :)
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. David E Kim is a professional. He is a wonderfully skilled surgeon who exceeded my expectations! He is very polite, knowledgeable, informative, and patient. He answered all of my questions during my initial consultation, and was very patient. He has never kept me waiting longer than 5minutes. Keep in mind that the post op appointments are very short, and quick sometimes, but they don't need to be longer than what they are. If you have any questions keep them handy! He is very busy, and has appointments back to back. I think he does a great job at checking your progress over the few weeks that follow surgery to ensure that you're healing well and offers many tips and advice. Follow his advice, do your massages, and you should do well!

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