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Hello Everyone! I am having my BA with Dr David E....

Hello Everyone!
I am having my BA with Dr David E. Kim on March 7th. I am turning 23 years old this year and I have been wanting a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember. I finally decided to do the procedure now because I feel like the timing is right. I am 5''4 and weight approximately 103 pounds.
32C fit my breast currently but I'm not actually a C cup. When I'm on my birth control I'm a big B cup, and without I'm just a regular B cup. I am not sure about how much cc I want because everything is so confusing, I tried the rice test but even after that I'm not sure, so I'm just going to wait until what the doctor has to say the day before surgery.
I am however doing the umbilical procedure with smooth round high saline implants.

I am really excited about the augmentation. I am actually traveling to the US from another country to do this procedure so that makes me extra nervous.
I was a bit hesistant to doing this procedure a week ago just because I started to read about complications you can get from a BA from the Internet for about 3 days, and it made me so scared that I was almost going to cancel the whole thing. But after people I cared about calmed me down and talking on the phone to Grace, a girl that works for Dr Kim, I was back on track. So my advice to you guys, don't read to much, you'll just freak out and what use can come of that.

And lastly I do have to say that the staff has been so far so great and helped me with everything, all my concerns all my questions, everything and I haven't even met them! They have answered all my emails and phone calls so quickly even though the time difference.

I'm so nervous!!!!!!! the count down has officially started! :D
I added pictures of my breast before the BA and picture and video of the breast I want mine to look like after BA :)

surgery soon!

Hi again! so my surgery is in 9 days and I'm starting to realize that my life will change forever haha. I'm saying goodbye to my boobs and taking lot's of pictures just so I can always remember them, am I crazy haha?
Besides that I'm fairly calm, not so nervous actually, I'm looking forward to it but I'm not bothered at all.
The wierd thing tho is I think my breast might be nervous haha, They have never been this huge without birth control ever. I quit about 2 months ago, and they have been really small so maybe they are swelling up because they are anxious lol

Other than that I have bought my post op bra and everything else so I'm just ready now.
I'll talk to you guys later! :)

Sorry for the late update

sorry for not updating my profile after surgery but I have had a lot on my mind.
So today is post op day 3 I believe, if I'm counting right? I had surgery friday morning and everything went great.
I wasn't that nervous going in to surgery, not as much as I thought I would so that was a relief and then before I knew it I woke up ready to go.
I LOVE the staff, they are unbelievable! they are so helpful with everything and they take care of your every need.
and Dr Kim is great, after reading a lot of what people said about him I went in to consultation and surgery thinking that he was going to be really rude. Complete nonsense! He was the opposite of that, he was so kind and laughed at my poor jokes, and he really listened to what I wanted, and gave me the information I needed.
I had complete confidence in him going in to surgery so he could pick size and shape, because he knows best!
So he chose 295 and 320 cc moderate profile and so far they look great!
I haven't taken any good pictures just because it's difficult for me to stretch my arms, but I'll try to give you better pictures tomorrow!
Other than that, I don't know what to say, I have so much to tell about these past three days but I'm so tired that just want to finish this review right now haha, sorry

Have a great day!

Hi guys

today is post op day 6! And I feel great, my surgery didn't hurt and I've been feeling great since day 3.. I have been massaging my breasts since day 3 and I feel that they already feel very soft and squishy :) I am reeeeally satisfied with the look and feel of them so far, I just hope that they are going to go down a little bit in size, and i know they will so I'm just happy until then..
I feel that they are a little bit too big for me right now, so we'll see how they turn out :)
Second post op appointment in two days, I'll let u know how it went! xx

Post op day 17

Hi guys, today is post op day 17 and I'm feeling alright. I am supposed to return back to work today but I'm too afraid to so, I called in sick today and start tomorrow instead.
My breasts are healing nicely, but I'm starting to worry all the time, and it's not good :(
They change everyday and they are changing in their own way and time, and so I kind of freak out for every little thing.. not good :(
I'm back home, I returned a few days ago, and I've had still alot of contact with my contact person Grace, who works there. And she is the sweetest person ever, The staff and especially her have helped me with every little thing, and comforted me with all my annoying questions.
I think that because I need to massage all the time, I keep getting reminded of them, and then I start looking and examining how they are healing, instead of just living my life and not paying to much attention to them.
So I'm just going to try to stop doing that, and try to just live my life and still be careful of course.
Other than that, I'm massaging my breasts just like they informed, 3 times a day and they are dropping and getting more fluffy everyday.
My left has dropped a lot more than my right, and it's a little softer so I'm massaging my right a little more, to help it drop.
I got a rash from the bandaid I was using for by belly, so right now it shows on my stomach and I'm justing putting some lotion on to help it disappear, but it's taking some time.
I have full sensation in by breasts, if not more and sometimes it hurts so much, when it's cold outside and my nipples gets so stiff haha

I attached photos to you guys from post op day 16! :)
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