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I saw Dr Bruno on 11/2/13 and it's true what...

I saw Dr Bruno on 11/2/13 and it's true what everybody has been saying, he is the nicest guy ever, very attentive and does not have the " car sales men" attitude like some doctors have. I saw another PS before him and let me tell you, it is like night and day from the office staff to the doctor. I am planning a MM for January. I recommend having a chat with him for your MM procedure.

Major sciatic pain

Help! My surgery is scheduled for 1/17/2014 and I have major sciatic pain, I can barely walk. This is from a ruptured disc, I'm not sure how this will pin out with a mommy makeover. I already paid my deposit. I got my tense unit cranked up and hope that might help. Unfortunately I can't have ibuprofen because of my Von Willebrands (bleeding disorder) and Tylenol helps for a few hours but we all know what too much acetaminophen does to the liver. I read on the internet that a sugar free and animal free diet helps with inflammation ; does anyone know if this helps?

3 more days!!!

I think I'm finally done with getting everything. I got the hospital bed, I know it's not necessary for some, but I already have back issues so I got something that made sense for my situation and besides it's covered by my medical spending account and was only $285 with delivery and all.

I got that Arnica stuff ... Geees those suckers are expensive $40 for 14 pills whuuuut??? anyway, it better be worth it. I got the Physicians formula Arnica Forte, that's what they said I should get. I also got pineapple juice.

Honestly, I didn't get a bunch of stuff at all , I had a walker from my previous surgeries and a cane LOL.. I even have the raised toilet. I was told that I did not have to get gause etc., dunno let me know what I should absolutely get y'all. Uuhhhm I am looking at dresses that I will be able to wear once I'm on the flat side.. This time without spanx!!!

Anywho, I'm going to do a colon cleanse even though they did not ask me too, but since I am a surgery veteran ( if that is a word ..lol) I know what's good for yah.
Hopefully I will be able to take pics etc and post to give my update. See you on the flat side!

Yes!! On the flat side!!

When I got out of surgery I only felt burning but no pain. My boobs were hurting yesterday but not any more. Difficulty peeing( bladder gotta wake up) it goes really slow. Poor hubby up all night escorting me to the bathroom etc. I will do pics and stuff when I'm up to it, still a bit sleepy.

20 day update with pics

So I'm 20 days post op no pain just itching and shedding and ohh yeah swelling of the mons and lower abdomen. I feel like like I got this huge you know what, I hope that goes away.. It's hideous!

Dunno if you remember but I thought I had major sciatic issues boy was I wrong . Went to pain management on Monday and the did a nerve block ( no steroids) and I screamed from the West coast to the East coast! My entire leg was numb and temporarily paralyzed and My pain was worse. We'll guess what doc said they think tear in Gluteus medius/minimus .. Uhhhm yeah. Because if it was sciatica related I would not feel anything because they completely had numbed the entire nerve.

Doc said he will call me back on Thursday which is today to advice me where to go for MRI, because it has to be done by some one who is specialized in this area, seems it's very hard to find a tear in these particular muscles because they are so hidden and deep.

Anywho, back to the recovery, so I posted some pics and will put some more tomorrow.

Correction to pic caption

21 day update pics

I figured out now how to do these update pics DUH. I'm going to Doctor Bruno's office to get the surgical strip put on .. Oops did not add scar pic, I will later. I will also have the girls in his office put on this damn new garment, it's a medium and there is no way in H... I can close that . I'm gonna get a large because I read that the garment can cause harm if it is ridiculously too tight. Will add more pics soon.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Bruno is very attentive and a true artist and magician.. Look what he did to my body!! Love him!! I would recommend him to everyone that wants a mommy makeover.

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