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I have no words to describe how kind and patient...

i have no words to describe how kind and patient all the staff was with me. today is my 7th day and the first 3 day were really horrible i was in a lot pain, i felt my tummy with a huge pain. the 4th i had a terrible cough with phlegm and the doctor remove a little pump for the pain but doesn't remove the drain, i have an appointment on Monday to remove the drain, but i'm feeling my breast rear and i saw than my left boob is liking some think like blood with water i'm sad and worried about it

drain removal

today the doctor remove the drain, i don't felt any pain and was really fas but i'm afraid about my tummy is leaking, is this normal??? the doctor said yes it is, how many days i have to wait to heal completely??? he said i have to use neosporin twice a day in the hole. and i want to know about what product can i use for the scars,

my new boobs

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