My self esteem hit rock bottom after seeing how after surgeries & kids changed my body. well im getting it back!!!

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I did my research for a year, and found Dr. David...

I did my research for a year, and found Dr. David E. Kim to be one of the best. I made an apt with him and a couple other Dr's, but honestly Dr. Kim was it for me, I admired his honesty and he respected what I wanted. Not what he thought I needed. Let's just say; He made me feel safe ;) his staff was the bomb

Found more pictures

I left out some pictures. Figured I'd put them up. I'm a week post op now! Yay! Swelling looks better. Feeling a lot better, getting my rosy cheeks back ;-)

10 days after my Mommy Makeover

I was nervous to have drains taken out. I'm going to be straight forward..... IT SUCKS! IT FEELS YUCKY, AND HURTS!! Besides that my appointment went smoothly, as usual Dr. Kim answered all my questions and my dear friend's questions. Lol. I'm still a bit swollen, and I still can't stand straight quite yet, but my, oh, my, I feel a lot better. Guess first week is what some may refer to it as the (Hell week) I'm walking around making my kids and myself food, off course with some breaks, even had some energy to help my cat have a litter last night. Can't wait to see my body in a couple weeks. Pictures will show how my love handles are getting smaller, tummy has no more c section scar, and bye, bye flabby skin, my breast are perky still look fake, but my Dr said to keep massaging and he promises in 3 mths they'll look natural. Could of went bigger, but I'm good with the more natural look ;-)

Posting up my before and after in chronological order

My pictures were all over the place. So I removed them and going to put them up, except for the ones that show results after 10 days. Update girls! I feel a lot better, don't get me wrong I still get tired fast, but I've been walking a little hunched still, and Lipo still feels uncomfortable because it's still swollen and a bit bruised. Yesterday I went to see family, and they noticed the change. I was so happy. The only thing that's really bugging me is the Lipo is still swollen and I get scared that I'll look lumpy. And this is why I say this... I was wearing hospital girdle really tight because I felt like my stomachs stitches may open if I was holding myself in place really good. Well, long story short I was cutting circulation on my hip area an it feels hard inside, and it's still swollen massively. My PS advised to get a loose girdle at store for just the tummy, thank goodness I already had one, which may I say use to be tight, like non breathing kind of tight. Well! It fits snug, I'll do that and my friend told me to get rags soak them with apple vinegar and place there? Who knows? I'll do research. But yes ladies it's been 2 weeks and I feel pain at 4 only when I over do it (remember if your getting BA, BL, Don't lift, pull push anything over 10lbs)

Watched Botched

This new show on two plastic surgeons that take in patients that have had previous plastic surgery and they just were messed up. Well they reconstruct, and looking at the repairs was nerve wrecking. I immediately had to take another look at my tummy tuck! I know, right? Dumb me! Lol. I just know the fear of getting something fixed and wondering if it was a mistake...
I say this only because not only did I have a csection, I also had a tummy tuck years before not planning on get pregnant and having my last blessing of a son. I had plastic surgeons that just scared me, and some more realistic, but not very experienced. I searched, and searched, crossed my fingers and went for it. Thank Gooodness he didn't mess me up. I still walk hunched after 2 weeks, but I remember last time I took off 4 weeks and I was 10+ years younger, and healthier. I think that makes a difference? Well that's that.

3.5 weeks Finally I can shower!!!

I'm healing just fine, am a little swollen still, but I can see a difference already. My PS is starting to treat my scars for 2 months starting today... (Bandages) I guess us Latinas heal a bit different, after he's done treating them I'm going to start using scar gels and bio oil for these scars. Hope I heal well :)

Started to drive my truck!

I'm a little lady ;-) 5'2 with a big truck! Lol. It has been hard for me to jump in that thing and drive that enormous thing around. It's been about 3 days when I finally felt strong enough to get in there and do this. Don't get me wrong, I end up sore at the end of the day and I must take a pain med. or sometimes two! Lol!
Another thing I noticed? I'm no longer hunched!! Ooh ooh (happy dance) but it took me almost a month to get there... I don't mind. I just have to remember that my breast were cut open, stuffed, my tummy was lasered open, cut apart, pulled, chopped and stitched up like a voodoo doll! Lol and let's not even mention the Lipo?! Oooooh I'm proud of my body it's healing well. We girls can go through a lot, right? Well I'm off to run some errands with my kids. Talk to you later

Going on 7 weeks

My ps checked my boobs. The right one was still harder than the left, I guess I shall keep massaging (harder on right) and I had 2 spit stitches, that I enjoyed popping out of my skin. Yes! Sounds gross! But it looked like a black head that needed to be released :-) ha ha ha "I'm sick."
All my scars look a lot better, even TT scars, my ps is now treating my scars and I'm bandaged up still, with some bandages that I guess are better than the scar strips at Walmart? I just know it's working. My last tummy tuck took months for that scar to fade away. I really need to remember to take pictures when bandages are all off...
Anyways, let me talk about weight management oh gosh! The Dread! But I have no clue where else to ramble... I'm only 4 lbs lighter, with my healing and being lazy! I think I should be a bit smaller by now? I mean don't get me wrong, I walk around drive my awesome truck around, and clean this house as vigorously as my body allows, but there's days where I take advantage of having my two older girls and my hunny to help out and I sit and watch some shows that now I'm addicted to. Lol
Plan; Tomorrow it's back to No alcohol "sigh" and less carbs and of course the main thing I dread most of all Cardio daily!
Besides my weight complaint I've noticed a difference. I have a waist, flatter tummy, my c section scar- long gone, perky boobies, and I can't wait till my period is gone to post up the new and improved lady bug over here ;-)

2 months preop!!! With some swelling...

Hi RS :-) it's been a couple of weeks since my last update. My ps had me bandaged up with some scar strips, so here it goes, my update...
I was doing just great, until this weekend. I decided to go camping, and then enjoyed the beach with my kiddos! It was actually really fun, being able to dig and make castles. Go on walks, laughing and just enjoying nature before my kids go back to school.
On my drive home I started to feel my flanks started swelling and hurting a little, yesterday and this morning have been a pain in the butt!! Literally! Lol
Well I'll post up my pictures so I can show my scars, my swelling, but the difference is still outstanding ;) oh.. I got a bit sunburned too! Life is great
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr. David E. Kim is very professional, courteous, realistic, listens well and answered every question. His staff were very patient and helpful. My assigned nurse Cindy was very gentle, was so helpful, and professional as well. Thank you all

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