33 Y/o Mom of 3 Getting it all done at once!! TT, BA, BL, BBL and Lipo - Dr. Kenneth Hughes, Beverly Hills CA

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I will be doing my procedure next year June 2016...

I will be doing my procedure next year June 2016 with Dr. Kenneth Hughes. I had consultations with 3 other PS before finally making up my mind to go with Dr. Hughes. I will be getting a TT, BA w/lift - Saline implants, Lipo to back, sides, maybe arms and chin, and BBL - if still needed after Lipo and TT.

Deposit is in!!

OMG! This just gor REAL for me!! I'm more excited and nervous :) now I can start my count down.

Need your thoughts!

ok, so my original mommy makeover plan included: BA with implants, TT, and BBL with lipo of back and sides.
I was thinking that the BBL may be too much for me to handle (pain and recovery wise). I mean, how in the world am I going to sleep??? Can't sleep on my belly bec of the BA and TT. Can't sleep on my sides bec of the lipo. Can't sleep on my back bec of the BBL. I want it all but I don't know if I should do it all :(. I've always been thick and had a booty, but now it's hiding under fat! Lol!.

Have any of you done it all at the same time?
How did you manage?

So, I was thinking, what if instead of the BBL I have more lipo to include the bra area and armpits? My thoughts are that if I get rid of my fat pads... My old curves will resurface :)

Am I making sense? Thank you for reading. Have a great day!

Pics of me

I'm working on reaching 180-170# by June 2016. I've been stuck on 195-197 # for 2 mos...ugh!! So frustrating!! I don't mind exercising... It's the eating that gets me in trouble. Why does food have to taste so darn good!? And with the Holidays approaching... OMG!! I don't want to gain any weight :(

Need to keep my focus!

I have to show myself that I've come a long way. I get encouragement from these pictures to reassure myself that I DESERVE my mommy makeover!

Updated Wish Pics!

Ok, so I've been really narrowing down how I want to look! I don't want to have any regrets. I have 7months before I go under the knife... Go big or go home right?
These pictures are actually from a fellow RS ladies I loved their results :)

Realistic Expectations

I'm trying to find other ladies with a similar body frame so that I can get an idea of what I may look like.

I'm having a hard time with my diet and exercise plan. ANYONE out there that can recommend a good cleanse and diet pill/supplents to get back on track PLEASE. I haven't weighed myself in 3 weeks ... I'm afraid of the # I'll see. Instead of getting closer to my desired weight... I feel like I'm going the opposite direction!! ;(

The Real Self (Me) Pictures

So after much thought, I decided to finally post pics of myself. I know that I have personally spent many hours looking at many of you beautiful ladies pictures and they have helped me tremendously. So, in just of "RealSelf" this is me. I hope this helps other ladies in their RS journeys :D
It's crazy! I'm scared of judgments and eeew comments but hey! I am who I am and despite my current physical appearance; I LOVE MYSELF!

Oh Joy to the Holiday season!!

Hello to all! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Just want to sadly report that I gained 10# pounds this holiday season and a total of 17# since September!!!! ????
BUT happy to report that I am back... Today is the start of the marathon with the end line set for June 6th 2016. According to my calculations, I MUST lose 5# every month to be 180 by surgery date. I CAN AND I WILL DO IT!!! pray for me to give me strength, dedication and will power to do well in this journey.

Have a blessed day everyone! Xo

Mentor Saline Implants

Question to you gals, have any of you had a BA with Mentor Saline Implants? My hubby and I decided on the top wish pic. My Dr. Works with the Mentor brand and I would like to know which style should I choose to get me closest to the wish pic. I was thinking 550-600 moderate profile.
Thanks for your help.

Back on track!

I'm happy to report that I'm finally getting back on track. I've lost 6 pounds in a month!! Woo hoo! If I keep this up, I will be 180# or less by June!!
I cut back my calorie intake from 1500 to 1300. Cut carbs as much as possible atleast for a few more weeks and increased protein. It's not as hard as I thought. I LOVE CARBS!! So, It's a little challenging but I'm surviving. I think what's really helping me is the food prep for the week on Sunday. It has been a life saver because I know exactly what I'm eating and I can stick to the meal plan :)
I also started buying items for my makeover. A little at a time so that I don't feel the $$ hit at once. So far, I have 3 maxi dresses, pads for the drainage and to place between my garment. Next paycheck will be the lipo foam, ez P, arnica gel and tablets.
I was laughing at myself yesterday too! Why? Because I was looking for updates on RS ladies I'm following and they hadn't POSTED updates in weeks!! I was a little annoyed..THEN I realized, duh! I haven't posted either!! Ha ha ha! So ladies ... Dn't forget to post! I will do my best to post updates atleast once a month for now (nothing exciting happening right now). Once I get closer to MM day, I will post updates more frequently. Good night beautiful ladies :)

That's it for now!

Lipo Foam

These are my top choices based on reviews, doctor recommendations and cost. Any of you ladies out there, can you help me choose? Or if you have other suggestions let me know :)
Thank you.


Hello, I've looked at so many wish pics of what I hope to look like after my MM and BBL. But, now I'm narrowing down what I don't want. I've seen and read to many sad stories of girls not happy with their results. I also read that one of the major reasons for that is due to miscommunication between patient and doctor. One of the RS doctors recommended to take pics to your Preop/consults of what you don't want. Mainly because for example "projection" "big" "not too big" have different meanings to everyone. Everyone has a different view of beauty, sexy, too much and too little. So, here are some pics of what I will share with Dr. Hughes so that we are on the same page :).

Why does this happen? How can I prevent this from happening to me?

Those are the questions I'm going to ask Dr. Hughes when I see him for Preop.

Getting my work on!

I was able to jog/run on a random treadmill level 10 between 3.2-3.4 mpw setting for 35 mins non stop!! Woo hoo!

20 lbs away from 180!! I see the end zone...

I felt good today. I think I looked decent in my outfit today (except for the side view). But I know that 6 months from now, I'll be rocking that same outfit! :) For the last 21 days I've avoided: dairy, soy, eggs, gluten, processed foods and sweeteners. It has been great! Sorta was the walking dead for a few days but now I'm good. I tried having a cheat day but OMG!!! Was my body MAD AT ME!! No more going all crazy for this gal. I'm working hard and staying motivated to make my goal. So far 47lbs lost!! It REALLY helped that my hubby is in it with me this time. I love him... I couldn't do it with out him :*.
Good night and God bless all you real self ladies :).

Surgical Items

Hello to all. Here's the list of what I have and still need. I hope this helps other RS ladies as it did me.

1. Chuck pads 20. - for the ride home and after.
2. Arnica gel - for pain and healing
3. Arnica Tablets - for pain and healing
4. PeeEZ - help with urination
5. Benedryl Gel - for itching/garment/tape irritation
6. Medical Foam Board - barrier btw garment and skin. It's also supposed to help with areas of lipo (smooth and evenness of skin).
7. Front clip bras without wires (2 and 3 sizes larger).
8. White beaters pack of 3
9. Maxi dresses 3
10. Always overnight heavy flow pads - to help with the drainage from the incisions. (Always on hand!)
11. Coconut body oil - to help keep skin moisturized, help with texture of skin/incision (after they are completely closed.
12. Bed sheet protector (old ones from when my kids were potty training).

Still need:
1. Silicone strips - help with scar appearance and healing.
2. Stage 2 faja
3. Foam roller OR bolster to keep avoid pressure on the booty when sitting.
4. Extra king size pillows or Body Pillow and Boppy
5. Vitamedica or Healme surgical vitamin supplements for before and after surgery.

FINALLY under 200#

I was feeling good this morning to see that I'm 198.9 yippee!

Keeping the momentum going!

Another great day. Another 5 pounds less and now 15 more pounds to get to my goal weight!!!!

Tik Tok Tik Tok

I decided to add a countdown for myself. It's a reality check to stay on track and plan accordingly to the time I have left.

Can it be 5 weeks already!?

I wish this would be me already! I'm not a patient person.. Lol!

Less than a month

OMG! I'm so nervous now... I think I'm stress eating!! :( I purchased pretty much the last of what was on my shopping list. I will be posting pictures of what I have to share with you all. Have a great day RS ladies.


In Mexico it's mother's day today! I'm lucky because I'm celebrated twice... Lol! Justice want to wish you all beautiful and amazing mothers out there a wonderful blessed day!!

Getting rid of the junk!!

I've made an appointment for a colon cleanse and ionic foot bath for June 3rd. I would like to be as free as possible for any toxins before my MM. Especially since constipation is on the top of the complaint list post op. I DO NOT want to be in any more pain and discomfort than I need to be in. Pain and I don't get a long :)

Visit with my nutritionist today

Hello ladies,
I had my follow up appointment today to review my food intake and overall weight health. Turns out I'm not crazy!!! I've been good with my shakes and avoiding dairy, gluten, soy, eggs and corn for about 2 months. Ever since I hit my last plateau (every 3 months or so) I have to shock my body to drop more weight. I'm not stubborn but my body is!!! Lol!
In any case, for the last month I've been between 197 and 200 back and forth. I was so frustrated and sad! I was/am discouraged that I won't hit my goal of 180. So, I will once again have to make changes. I'm so appreciative of my nutricionist, she is understanding and REAL tell you like it is (which I like). I will have the cut back on my add ons in my morning shake, add a fat burner to my daily supplements and start taking thyroid meds (all natural no synthetics). Turns out my thyroid is off (not optimized as she says it). It's not abnormal but it's not working as well as it should. So NO MATTER WHAT I DID, my body wouldn't drop any weight!!! Ugh!!! Now I know... I couldn't understand why I was yoyoing if I was doing what I was supposed to be doing 90% of the time. I gotta keep it real ladies, I gave in to a craving or two here and there. I still lost a pound since I last saw her BUT according to my dead line I'm supposed to be at 190 by now. Oh well, I'm not gonna complain about it any more. It adds to my stress (which is NO BUENO for weight loss). Starting tomorrow, I'm going to incorporate the new supplements and no more giving into the cravings. She said the fat burner will help with that. I'm also going to do a Paleo cleanse ($$$) 2 weeks before my surgery to detox my liver and kidneys. It's gonna work and as long as I keep working on myself, I'll be fine!! I'm not gonna get caught up on the scale, I'm going to eat super clean, exercise a little more and enjoy the lifestyle a little longer. It will be what it will be... I'm healthy as can be and this will only make my life better. Not just for the pre surgery but after as well. Thanks for letting me vent!! :)

What I have on hand as of today

Hello, I've been buying a little at a time since December so that I don't feel the $$ hit all at once. I know I still need a few more items and I'm hoping you can help me figure out what. I'm only buying what I think is necessary. I don't want to overspend. Still need: 1. Boppy pillow - for sleeping 2. Extra king size pillows - for sleeping/resting 3. Stage 2 compression garment Anything else?

Almost at the 2 week mark!!

Nervous, anxious, scared, excited and optimistic all wrapped up in one! I can't stop thinking about it. Do I have everything I need? Have a done what I can to have the best outcome? How I am going to do? Look like? Will Dr. Hughes make me worthy of posting post op in his website? Do have realistic expectations to meet what I envision in my head? Will I rise to the occasion with the pain and healing? Or will I fall and crumble? Just some of the questions rummaging in my thoughts :) Good night!

Tomorrow is my Preop

The time has come.. OMG! I'll be discussing wants, don't want, implant size, booty size etc with Dr. Hughes (exciting) and paying for the MM (not exciting!) it's hard to think we're spending SO MUCH money on me tomorrow!! Oh well, too late to change my mind!!! (Not that I want too). It's been a long year and I can't believe It's here. Time sure flew by. I weighed myself yesterday and I broke my plateau. I officially weigh less than when I gave birth to my oldest son 10 years ago.. 195.5. At this point, I'm happy with my progress I've lost over 50 pounds and that's not too shabby! I did something good for myself and my family. The habits I've kept up with are extending to my kids. That's something to be proud of :) I love hearing from my kids "what's the serving?", "Is that a healthy choice?" Or my favorite "let's go excerise" . I'm leaving all my worries to God all mighty and ask for him to bless all the staff that will be taking part in my surgery on the 6th. I ask for health and patience with the healing process. I will be posting pics from the preop experience tomorrow. Have a wonderful day ladies xoxo

Preop Visit

I had my preop yesterday. I finally saw his new office that he shares with Miko Surgery. Nothing fancy, but it was comfy. We werr there for like 3 hours!!! So ladies, give yourself extra time. The1st thing out of his mouth was, "so your finally gonna do this after a year!?" I was like "yeah, finally huh!? Time flew by for me." So, the verdic of what I'll be getting done in 8 days (OMG!!). 1. BL/BA - 450 cc moderate profile plus, saline. I hope that's big enough to be a DD. 2. TT - removing C-Section scar. 3. Pelvic Lift - lifting mons pubis w/lipo. 4. BBL - lipo of back and sides. Getting that round, plumpy booty! I didn't get to show my wish pics except for 1. He didn't really feel it was necessary because he said it's all based on my anatomy and RS app was acting up! Ugh! We did discuss the don't want items and answered all my questions. My hubby got a laugh and smile out of him so that was good! He asked to keep the skin of my tattoo! Lol! Dr. Hughes was like "eew, that's gross". His facial expression was awesome! I thought it was funny coming from him taking in mind what he does and see's everyday. I signed ALL the paperwork (felt like Iwas signing escrow papers.. Lol) and paid the balance in full. I'm in OT trying to get everything ready and manage my household all in 8 days. Here I gonow, I see the finish line.

Boob greed!

I emailed Dr. Hughes earlier regarding my concern about my implant size. He suggested 450CC mod + profile. I was concerned that that amount wouldn't be enough to achieve a DD. He said 450CC would increase me two cup sizes. So, I'm ok with that but to be on the safe size (aka boob greed), he agreed to go 500CC max. I guess we can meet in the middle and compromise. I pray that my boob greed does not end up in any complications and that I'm happy with my results. Thank you to all the ladies who helped me speak up for myself and asking Dr. Hughes to honor my wants. Enjoy the rest of the holiday weekend!

2 days to go!

I've been a busy little bee prepping for Monday. I'll be posting an update with all of the items I've purchased. I've been practicing different sleeping positions, let's see what works. Have a great day, ttyl :)

In less than 24 hrs!!

Running around like a mad woman trying to get everything ready! I will post tonight before I go to bed and mentally and physically prepare myself for TOMORROW!!! :) I had a colon cleanse on Friday and let me just say WOW! Lost 3.5 lbs just of poop! The lady said not bad for the first release but she recommends to have 3-4 more sessions to get cleaned out! I couldn't believe how much this lady knew about poop! Seriously, she was like a psychic ...lol! But with tangible facts... Lol! It was a little uncomfortable but nothing as I thought it would be. I am still sore from clenching my butt cheeks. I guess I wasn't as relaxed as I thought :) I plan to go back in September. As for the ionic foot cleanse, I was SHOCKED! the lady said she was very happy to see that I got rid of a lot of toxins in my body. She "read" my results and she was right on the money! She said I had yeast issues (I do) I take femflora daily to prevent vag yeast infections. If I stop, I get smelly and itchy down there. I don't like that!! She also said I have a lot of lactic acid buildup and most likely have frequent joint pain; right again! I have bilateral carpal tunnel with pronator syndrome on top of multiple sprained ankle etc etc. she said I should feel some relief. Looking forward to that. I don't like feeling aches all the time. She also saw that I my liver released heavy metals. So over all good experience :)

I'm all rwady for tomorrow!

Hola! I've done what I can for tomorrow. I cooked for the week, got my sleeping spots ready, have my tv set up and handy items on my nightstand and packed my bag. Now, I'm gonna take a shower with the hibiclens and call it a night by 9pm. I'll post as much as I can as soon as I can. I'm sure I'll be out for a while. Send healing and good vibes prayers my way please :)

On my way to my MOMMY MAKEOVER!!

Wow, talk about being so nervous I almost wanna back out! Thank God I know I won't bc I'm NOT about to lose $$$... Lol!

I'm alive!!

Sorry I'm juat now posting:( it's been tough. Pain is ok it's my lower back that's killer. So far, I'm happy with what I see. To groggy to notice details.. Lol! Thank God my husband is my nurse. There's NO WAY ON GOD'S EARTH I could o this without him. I have my post op next Tuesday. I'll get details of how much cc's he injected to my butt. All my hubby said it's bigger alright:)

Prayer I kept thinking about before my surgery and still do!

Dear Lord, I ask that you would strengthen my body and prepare my body for this upcoming surgery. Lord, I ask that you prepare each doctor and each assistant so that each one is refreshed and at his or her best when the surgery starts. Enable them to disregard any personal distractions and fully focus on my surgery. I pray that each one is clear thinking and able to receive wisdom from you as the surgery is in progress. May each decision be correct and each procedure be accurate. Heavenly Father, I am asking for your supernatural protection during my surgery. I pray for the outcome to be your very best. I also pray for protection and provision during my recovery period. You are my Creator, and you are my Sustainer. Guide me this day as I seek to find peaceful rest in your presence. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen

4 days post op

Hello, First 4 days have been tough. Mostly with being uncomfortable and immobile. The worst has been the lower back pain. It makes it difficult to walk and move around as I am supposed to every 2 hours. I wonder why muscle relaxers aren't part of the med regimen!? It's has been nearly impossible to find a comfortable sleeping (resting spot) that accomodates a 45 degree angle, not laying on my back, side or abdome to avoid TT and BBL. I've only managed to take 1 hour to 2 hour cat naps here in there. My poor husband has tried arranging and rearranging pillows, blankets, yoga mats and body pillow to adjust a hole deep enough for my butt. After 4 days I think we found a decent arrangement. I'll continue to sleep that way as long as it is comfortable (not really, but best of all). The faja is so ANNOYING!!! but I've kept it on. It keeps rolling and digging into my incisions and sides. My husband says it's because I have a short torso and a really wide hip area now :). I've only taken it off for no more than 5 mins to adjust it or retighten it. Feels so good. Although my hubby hates doing it. He thinks he will hurt me. We both agree that we HATE the darn drains! They have to be stripped every 4 hours and poured out. They make it hard to relax because they are always in the way!!! And now, they are both clogged with either a fat or blood clot (smh!! : ) The only thing we can do it strip it every 1-2 hours and keep an eye on them!!! Ugh! Dr. Hughes has been answering all my emails with minutes asking me to not to remove the faja and do our best. That's doable but frustrating... Lol! My breast are still high but thet look nice! Not too big not too small. My butt I'm not crazy about. I have really wide hips and the fat in the upper part of my buttocks. My husband said I shouldn't worry about the shape. I get it, but I'm afraid I'll have wide hips and a flat butt :( I'll give it the 8 weeks to really love or hate my booty!! My TT incision is super low and clean. It looks a little red but not infected. The part I'm really happy about is the pooping!! Lol! I pooped on the 3 rd day without any problems.. Woo hoo! I think it has to do with the prep and the continued protein and fiber intake along with the vitamedica surgilax. I'm eating 100grams of Raw vanilla vegan protein shakes with lots of ice, chia seeds and flax seeds 3-4 times a day with soups and lots of veggies plus lots of water. I'm also doing the vitamedica vitamis for pre and post surgery, quercitin and bromelin, probiotics and arnica gels and tabs. I haven't really bruised, I think I did a good job of prepping my body for the trauma and Dr. Hughes works it in the OR with his linebaker self!! Lol! He is a huge man who I guess has mastered the gentle trick of finness :) xo On another note, there was a stubborn phlegm that was scaring the Jesus out of me. It would cause a coughing fit that made me see stars and hurt like hell! But after 3 days, I was able to get rid of the bugger! Ugh it was nasty!!! But I was so happy to get it out :) Now, I'm trying to be patientand positive and let my body heal! That's all the updating I have for now. When I see Dr. Hughes I'll post before Nd after picture comparisons and the details of what was done. Have a great day ladies xo :)

I forgot the pictures! Woops!

The right clot met its match!

Finally!! After a lot if babying and stripping my husband the hero has eliminated the right blood clot! Woo hoo! He was so happy... Lol! He swears the clot was torturing him for pure joy. I'm just happy because It's one less worry for me. It was so long and nasty eeew! Almost lost my breakfast :


I FINALLY showered yesterday. I know I know, before you think I'm a stinker ... Literally lol! Let me explain myself. Per Post op orders, I was to shower 3 days post op. Which would have been Thursday. I was begging for a shower by day 2. However, my very very very caring husband didn't want to shower me. He was too afraid it was too soon and that I would get hurt (so thoughtful) BUT, he had no idea how beneficial it would be to my overall mind and body. So what was his solution??? Adult bathing wipes!!! Ugh! That man is stubborn. I felt appreciative but so not in control (which is very hard). He wiped me down like a baby... Lol! It was ok but not the same. So we agreed that I would get to shower on Saturday when my mom could help. Again, I had to agree with him to get MY shower. I was a little embarrassed with my beautiful momma. Afraid of her reaction when she saw my incisions and my nakedness... Lol! my momma is amazing! Let me just add that she begged me not to go thru surgery. That woman offered to pay for me to reschedule it ( crazy lady!). Ok, back to the shower: she washed my hair and body, I washed my lady bits and my husband was the muscle holding me to make sure I didn't fall or slip away. It was quite the event. It was not a usual shower :( but I was greatful! My hair was washed in the sink first, my body in the tub while sitting on my trusty step stool. I only stood up to wash my lady bits ( which was freaking hard!! OMG!) I didn't have continous water running on my body (as I wanted... Desperately) but it was more of a soapy wash cloth and nice warm water to rinse me. So, overall it was interesting and relaxing. I felt so much better afterward. I'm hoping that the next shower I can do on my own with hubby muscle supervision:)

I need your prayers!

I've been getting sharp pains on my lower left side. The stupid drain has been clogged for 2 days now. Anyways, tonight when My husband changed my dressing before bed there's a small section that isn't looking good ???? I'm so scared. I emailed my doctor with a picture and he wants me to go in at 7 am to see him. Let's pray that if it's a complication, it was caught early.

Post op 1 week: incision and drainage update

Hello, thank you all for your tips, prayers and support. It's so nice to have experienced RS ladies on this site to give us newbies some piece of mind. Ok, so here's the update. My incision opened up due to fluid collection from the left drain being clogged for 2 days or so. Dr. Hughes drained it and gave me more antibiotics. I'm not out of the woods yet but at least I feel like I'm helping instead of just sitting back waiting to see if it gets better or worse on its own. Without fail every 2 hours My hubby has to strip the drains, measure the amount, check the incision and change the dressing as needed. I have to make sure I take my antibiotics/pain meds on time (not that I wasn't) keep track of my temperature and favor my right drain to help out the left drain. Most importantly, I have to be patient and relinquish control to God because I have to have faith that he will take care of me. The only problem I have is that I can't take any showers ((smh : )) until it closes back up. Ugh! I hate that! I feel so icky and it makes me grumpy. But, oh well... I'll be a compliant patient to avoid any further issues. That's it! Thanks for letting me vent. Have a wonderful day :)

8 days post op: Picture Updates

Sometimes pictures speak louder than words.

How Am I sleeping?

First night of 5 hours of sleep!!! Woo hoo!

Post op 10 days: Picture update

Small victories for this gal! 1. I'm able to clean myself when I pee. I couldn't before because it caused me to have really bad back ache and I couldn't reach my vaginal area. 2. I can walk a little longer distance. 3. I can stand/sit a little straighter. Not 100% but at least a 70-80%, I'll take it! Being hunched over like Quasimodo really takes a toll on my lumbar spine! That's my biggest pain complaint!! 4. My booty is taking on a new round shape that I can grow to like. My husband said he doesn't think I'll end up with a big booty, but that I'll have a nice curvy profile. I don't mind that at all :). 5. I can reach over my big ol booty! I can almost wipe myself!! Lol! Maybe by next week I can release my poor husband of butt wiping duty! Lol! :~ 6. I'm eating more regular food and not feel sick. Since my surgery day, I've lived on protein shakes (3 a day), fruit, homemade albondigas soup (Mexican meatball soup) my favorite, almonds for the crunch snacks, veggies, salads etc. I must confess though, I had mean munchies yesterday:) :) :) I think it's because I'm about to get my period in about a week (yuk, blah, not happy). I ate: popcorn, 10-15 pcs of white chocolate covered pretzels, a few pcs of dark chocolate covered almonds while watching a movie. It was delicious!!! That's all the small victories for me for now. My incision is ok, redness and pain are down and the wound doesn't look bigger or worse. I did send an update to Dr. Hughes about the drainage amount and the pics of the site from this morning. I haven't heard back from him yet. I also let him know of the CRAZY burning sensation in the right side of my vaginal lip/leg crease ANY time it's touched or the garment is adjusted (I HATE THAT) it's the worst feeling ever!! He said it was due to the amount of pressure near the TT site and the nerve endings. He said it would get better with time. IT BETTER! I don't think I can handle that much longer :(

Today is going to be a good day!

I finally feel like a normal woman. My hubby washed my hair and washcloth bade me.. Lol! And I'm feeling pretty with my dress and going to do my makeup! It's the last day of school for my babies so I want to look decent. They keep telling me I look better so I should show it :)! I'm gonna to take it easy and not over do it, just a ride in the car to pick up my kids from school, Dr. Appt for my son and make a nice lunch on the way back home. Freedom, sun, wind here I come! ;)

PO day 13: Picture Update

Hello, I hope you are all having a wonderful day. Nothing much to update other than I'm doing good, no major changes, I have MEAN munchies, and I finally saw my abdomen area for the 1st time :) I have my 2 week post op with Dr. Hughes and I'm planning to ask him if I can start the 14 day Paleo cleanse and about a new compression garment. I've outgrown the one I was given and I want one that's full body and NOT digging into my sides :) I'm also concerned about my mons pubis area. I paid additional for a pubic lift and honestly I'm not happy with the look of it. It's still chubby, so I'm wondering if it's just swelling or what!? I don't know if it was lipoed because there was no pain or bruising at all. So, I hope he didn't forget to do that because that was a MAJOR request from me. I remember asking the OR nurse to write pubic lift on the board and she said it was part of the TT. I will be very upset if it wasn't done :( In any case, let's hope for the best! I DO NOT want to go under any more surgeries/revisions any time soon!!

18 day Post Op

Surgery Details

I forgot to mention the details of my surgery. 500cc Moderate profile saline implants. 3 liters of fat removed with lipo. 1200 cc of fat injected to each buttock. 8 pounds of skin removed from my abdomen including my pubic area.

22 Days Post Op

Hello beautiful ladies,
Today I had my 3 week PO with Dr. Hughes. He has moved office again... But for good this time :). I was the VERY 1st patient to be seen in his brand spanking new office!! Woot woot! It was so nice to see Dr. Hughes and his lady staff so happy and proud of their new facility. I joked with him, that he was bragging about his new place like a daddy braggs about his baby...lol! It was about time he branched out on his own. The facility is nice size, clean and has all the new bells and whistles that other facilities don't have! I'm a nosy patient and saw the rooms and updated equipment as well as up to date certifications etc. I'm so proud of him. He is so young and successful and is continually looking to be bigger and better. Kudos to Dr. Hughes!!! The icing on the cake... We don't have to PAY 20$ for parking anymore... Yay!
Ok, about me; last drain was removed... FINALLY!! But with a price :-. It freaking hurt this time!!! OMG, It got stuck the 1st attempt and had to be yanked out a 2nd time (as gently as possible). I felt a pull and saw stars (literally) for a few seconds from all the way from my left side to my right side. I'm sure it was because it had been in for 3 weeks that it started to get ingrown... Eeew! My incision looks clean and the nurse said it should scab over soon.. Woo hoo! I also got some of my stitches trimmed because they were poking me and getting stuck on my clothes... Which also hurt!! Ouch! My BB looks yucky to me, but gorgeous to them.. Lol! It will take a while for it to look normal in my eyes. My booty is the right size for me. Not huge, but round. I don't think the 1200 cc survived:( but that's ok. I did what I could to stay off it. It suits my top, which is what I was aming for. My next follow up is in 3 months, so that's good news! My breasts look good too, although I feel like I'm going through puberty again... Lol! My skin is stretching (I think) to accommodate the implants. It's not terribly painful but definitely uncomfortable! The nurse was like, do you have implants? I was like, yes... She said, they looked so natural, she thought I had only a lift.. Lol! I'll take that as a compliment:) Dr. Hughes seemed very pleased with my results and said I was welcomed to visit any time before the 3 months if I needed to. I'm looking forward to sleeping on my sides and taking a shower more comfortably. I'm also looking forward to playing dress up once my period ends (ugh!! I HATE that time of the month). I hope to update with my old clothes to see the differences. That's it for me, have a wonderful blessed day! Xoxo

4 weeks PO

Today is 4 weeks and 1 day I had my transformation :). I thought I should add updated pictures and measurements.

Under bust: 37" preop: 42"
Waist: 40" preop:43"
Hips/Butt: 45" preop: IDK
Weight: 198.5lbs preop: 200.0 lbs

It may not be dramatic BUT it is. The fat was distributed in the right places. I'm much more shapely :) yay Dr. Hughes. I only anticipate more changes after the swelling goes down and I get my work out on! :) I'm excited... Can't wait to get back to my routine.

This weekend I was a busy bee enjoying the holiday weekend. I drove finally! It was scary but I did just fine. Cushioned the booty and drove like an old lady... Lol!

Saturday we went to the park and watched fireworks, Sunday we went to the beach and got a little burnt (neck and face...ouch!) even with a hat on. But it doesn't surprise me since I burn in the shade..lol! I didn't get in the water, bummer. I REALLY wanted to enjoy that with my kiddos. But, I can't complain I enjoyed myself watching them have fun. I was a little stressed out though. I was afraid I would have to pull a Baywatch save if they went in too far. Thankfully, my kids stayed within the safe zone. It was reassuring that they are good swimmers. Yesterday we went to the went to the aquarium and walked a lot and only sat down for at the most 1 hour the entire day! I was tired but not too sore or swollen which was good. I feel pretty much normal with the exception of the breast tenderness and the tight feeling in my abdomen. I'm walking 90% straight and wearing lose maxi dresses and my workout clothes. So I'm comfy. I will be trying on my old outfits and see how they fit now. I'll take pics and share later. Have a wonderful day!

4 weeks PO Pictures

That's odd, my pictures didn't upload :(. Second try is a charm.

Faja Options

I'm over four weeks post op now. The swelling is still there but not swell hell. I don't think I have experienced it yet (not that I want too). I've gotten swollen in my legs and mons pubis. Only to the point where my skin feels a little tight, lady bits puffy and I can see my sandal markings on my feet. Not as bad as some other RS ladies. Usually happens when I'm on my feet a lot or with walking.
To help with the discomfort of the OG compression garment that was given to me with surgery, I have purchased 2 fajas. One with G-string for open cheeks for BBL. The other with a very thin covering over the cheeks. I personally prefer the covered one. It's snug in the right places and DOES NOT want to cut me in half like the G-string one. OMG! That is very very very uncomfortable. I don't recommend that one for ladies who are not used to wearing thongs (like me). The covered one does not put pressure on the booty. On the contrary, I think it lifts and molds the booty and hips very nicely. They both have an opening in the crotch area for urinating (not wide enough for my liking, but it works.) If you have to have a bowel movement then they both have to be taken off. At first it's quite the ordeal, but after a few times it gets easier to put on and take off :) at night, I wear one of the fajas I bought and the OG garment for extra support and help with swelling if any. I may purchase one lome with zipper/hooks that open ALL the way to handle the my business. When I do, I'll share my thoughts with you. Have a great evening/day xoxo

This girl is READY to get her freak on!! :)

Hello ladies! So, as you ALL know that per Dr. Orders no hanky panky until the six weeks are up! I don't know about you ladies but 6 weeks for me have been AN ETERNAL TORTURE!! =} I'm literally counting down since I convinced my hubby to take a weekend off with me!! OMG!! That never happens... He's a family man and likes to take the kids every where with us. Don't get me wrong, I love my babies but mommy needs some wifey time too you know??? Wink wink ;) so, I've been looking for some sexy things to wear to show of my new body to my hubby. He has seen me naked and we've taken showers together so he knows what's coming to him!! He keeps making comments that make me blush!! Like "look at those nice tities" or "that's a big ass", ok, maybe crude/honest man thoughts... Lol! He doesn't usually say those things to me so that's new! I don't mind actually, I think that's sexy coming from my hubby!! Otherwise I would be so grossed out coming from a stranger. Oh and talking about strangers, I caught a guy checking me out today... That felt weird!!! Definitely felt odd, I'm not used to that. I was wearing my workout clothes, nothing new or reveling. I mentioned that to my hubby and he was like, "hum, well.. Your butt sticks out! Don't go getting me in trouble now!" Ha ha ha! In the 15 years we've been married he's only shown me that he's jealous about 3 times!! I have a feeling that may change :) :) :). So, in the anticipation some sexual healing I want to share what I've ordered from amazon and what I bought myself today in a size LARGE!! I haven't been a large since.. I CAN'T REMEMBER!! woo hoo!! So happy about that. My hubby is a HUGE Marvel Comics fan so I think I found the winner of the teasers. I showed it to him tonight after we took a shower and he was so very pleased! Let me know what you think ladies. I want to choose the right one for our weekend get away!

Thanks! Xoxo

P.S. My TT Scar is looking great, I found a beautiful scab this morning :) And my breast are doing well too. Most of the stitches are gone and my breast are softer and giggly. Ready for some bouncing.. Oh wait TMI?? The booty is soft and giggly as well... Hmmm mmm. This girl is ready! 18th of July can you please hurry up!!?? Lol!

6 weeks 4 days PO -pics and tips :)

Dumb app! I had a nice update and it's all gone now!!!! Ugh!!! So now, I will have to do it again!!

Got cleared to return to normal routine from Dr. Hughes.

Started scar therapy today, hope it works.

Measurements are the same except my weight went up about 5#. I'm not stressing, I will get back on track in about 2 weeks more.

FINALLY consummated my new body with hubby. It was nice and slow, but I want MORE! No shame ... Just the truth!! I hope we can take that weekend get away soon and really let loose! Yeah baby!!

Clothes fit awesome! Same size 16 BUT filled out so much better. I feel hot hot hot in my clothes. Only problem is that most of my shirts/blouses don't fit bc of my beautiful huge boobs no complaints there. Then my pants get filled up nice with my thick legs and big jLo booty.. J/k... I wish!! But fall from my waistline... Smh! I need a belt for the first time .. Woo hoo! I have a shopping date with my mom and sis in August before I return to work. Looking forward to it. I wonder what size bra I am and what clothes will look cute and sexy on me :).

Also, I made a list of items that I found to be useful to me. I want to share with other ladies preparing for their make overs.
Useful :
1.Chuck pads - 1st 3 days don't buy too many.
2.Adult diapers - drive home, 1st 3 days.
3. Wooden dough roller - for massaging lower back. Worked like a charm. Back tightness was the WORST !!
4.Week pill organizer - organize one a week and keep a list.
5.Tagaderm - for showering. Especially if you have an open wound to keep covered like a did.
6.Arnica gel/tabs - bruising, pain, soreness minimal with this! Get them!
7.Yoga mat/neck pillow- instead of BBL pillow. I used them both and worked beautifully. The plus is that I didn't spend $$$ for a butt pillow and when I went out people didn't think anything of my rolled yoga mat.
8.Body pillow - helpful for sleeping on side, folding under lower back to stay off the booty at night, and for btw the legs to release some of the hip discomfort.
9.Walker - 1st 2 weeks. Help stand up and sit for restroom and holding on in the shower. I borrowed mine from work. You can find some at thrifty stores as well.
10.Protein bars/shake - lived of those for 2 weeks. I recommend the organic, vegan ones.
11. Prep soups with tons of veggies. I did chicken and meatball.
12.Vitamedica Recovery - can't stress enough how they helped me heal!! Worth every penny. JUST make sure your Dr. Is ok with them AND make sure the ingredients DON'T interfere with your meds, especially antibiotics.
13. Lube for drains - must be stripped every 2-3 hrs. Hubby found the lube useful in stripping tubes to get the fluid/clots in the drain bladder/bulb.
14. Alcohol pads/Sanitizer, wipes - wipe drain tubes and hands often to avoid infection.
15.Old underwear/shirts - don't buy new stuff. Save your old garments and throw away when done. They will get stained.
16. Old sport bras - of they fit, wear them. Buy new ones once you past the 6-8 week mark.
17. Maxi dresses - comfy and lose. Easy to hide drains and CG.
18. Lose workout clothes - once I was able to get out and drive, I felt most comfortable in my workout clothes. I didn't worry about smashing tue booty or belly. Also kept me cool in the hot weather.

Picture update: something to worry about again! :(

All was great this morning when I took the pictures until just a few minutes ago. I noticed a mass about the size of a quarter on the right side of TT scar, maybe bigger. It's hard and painful to the touch/pressure that raises upwards. I emailed Dr. Hughes with pictures and explained to him that the only things I did yesterday and today was house cleaning and the scar away silicone strips. My husband thinks it may be an infection. I hope not!! I don't think I over did it with the cleaning. But then again maybe I did (ugh! .. Smh). Say a prayer for me ladies... Let's hope it's something that's easy to deal with. I just hope it doesn't set me back with the exercising plans I had for next week.. Wwwaaahh! :,(

So, in any case, here attached are the pictures from this morning plus the one I took just a few minutes ago (the one with my fingers to outline the width of the mass).

Erupting Stitch Reaction

Received response from Dr. Hughes. He said it is an erupting stitch. The options were to let it come out on it's own or get it taken out at the office. I would of waited EXCEPT last night was uncomfortable to sleep in any spot AND this morning the pain was constant and the mass grew. I'm afraid pain would only get worse so I decided to tough it out. I have an appointment at 645am so I have to leave by 5am to get ahead of LA traffic (ugh!!). I hope it's a quick in and out process and pray that this doesn't set me back to much in my recovery. As always, prayers are welcomed! I will update asap tomorrow. Have a great evening ladies.. Xo

Update on erupting stitch

Went this morning at the crack of dawn. Dr. Hughes was right! It was an erupting stitch making it's way out very slowly and painfully! It took some digging to find it and it hurt!! He did use lidocaine which was helpful for the cutting but the pulling was the worst. Thank God he found it because it was it was pretty big. He said sometimes they are hard to locate and he doesn't like to make a large cut because it may lead to other complications. I didn't get a chance to take a pic of it (pain makes me forget things.. Lol). But, I did take pics after. It was gross, a lot of liquid came out (still draining..ugh) and some pus. He said that was normal. He said I didn't need to go on antibiotics but to keep an eye on it and change the dressings often to keep it dry. So, once again, I have an opening that needs to heal on its own :( I have to be patient and take it easy peasy for a little while longer.
Happy healing to me!!! :)

4 months PO

Hello! I went MIA with my busy life. Here's a short update:

1. Feel about 90% myself. - tummy is still tight and back gets random stinging/burning sensation from lipo.
2. Gained 10# since surgery BUT still look WAY better than before. I see some back rolls creeping back. (Ugh)
3. Can't seem to get myself motivated to eat
Clean and back in shape (sigh*smh). I NEED A WORKOUT BUDDY!!! All my peeps are gone! (Wah!)
4. I'm a size 14-16
5. Breast 38 DDD or 40 DD (yay!)
6. Scars are healing but look yucky! I emailed De. Hughes and he recommends BioCorneum. I'll buy that next paycheck.

That's it for now. Feel free to message me or leave a comment. TTYL! Xoxo

4 months PO Pictures

Sorry! I forgot to attach pics :)

Dr. Hughes has really surprised me. He was not very talkative when we met but I think it was because he was tired - although he says he's never tired and always ready! He manages a super busy schedule and still manages to answer emails etc. as of right now, he has been great. Clear, honest and realistic to my expectations. I am VERY nervous to get so much done at once BUT Dr. Hughes assured me he would do the best he can without jeopardizing my health. His before and after work is amazing and he is qualified. He was the ONLY Dr. confident enough to tackle all my wants. This was the major reason why I chose him but also because he has done what I want more than ANY Dr. In the area. We still haven't discussed the details of my surgery since it's far so far away (time does fly by). But my preop is set for May 2016 and we will discuss it then. I have lost almost 50 pounds in year doing it the right way (diet and excersice) and would like to be at my ideal weight by then. I am 5'1" and weigh 197# as of today. My goal is to be around 170-180# by June 2016 to obtain the best result and only work on maintaining my new shape and health. 6/21/16- had my MM makeover 2 weeks ago. I have no complaints. So far, happy and looking forward to my end results :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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