21 Year Old with White Old Stretchmarks. Beverly Hills, CA

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I did 5 microneedling sessions at the doctor on my...

I did 5 microneedling sessions at the doctor on my calves. He used the dermaroller and honestly it hurt. My stretchmarks improved as in the shinniness went away. It did not occur to me to take before pics. But compared to the parts he didnot dermaroll like my thighs and upper thighs, the stretchmarks on my calves look better and the skin looks better too. But ofcourse I have been researching microneedling for the last three years by reading EDS forum. I am going to continue with the treatment but doing it by myself. I already bought an authentic dermapen from bellaire website which is very expensive but I want to use the professional dermapen vs the fake ones on amazon. I will do my first treatment this week and keep on updating because this is my last resort since my skin is brown and I can never do laser because I know it will cause hyperpigmentation. I feel like I have wasted my teen years obsessing over these scars. I have tried so much stuff. I did the jean wuu method too and it helped alot.

Did a twst patch

I finally got to use the microneedling pen which by the way is a brand called mesopen and not the dermapen brand. Well after waiting for the numbing cream to take effect, I was doing the procedure when my roommate who was supposed to not be there showed up so I had to stop and resume an hour later so as to not freak her out. The numbing cream works!!! But once the bleeding starts, you start feeling the pain/ stinging. The pen works pretty nice too and glides like it should. Definitely an upgrade from the dermaroller. I only did a small portion of my leg just to practice and see if I get any side effects. I always do a test patch. Am gonna monitor to see how long it takes to heal. Right now the area is raw and there is pain when I touch it. The marks are raised now and my skin there is red. I will do all the other areas in the next weeks once I get some alone time. I realize this procedure is long term so I am not expecting miracles. Will be updating every couple of months or whenever I do the procedure.

Three months later

Been a while but I am posting picture update to keep track of progress!!
Beverly Hills Physician

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