Waiting for This Day for over 10 Years! Beverly Hills, CA

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This is something I've wanted for 10 years but...

This is something I've wanted for 10 years but just kept putting off. I lost quite a bit of weight in a very short amount of time after a severe bought of Salmonella and eColi poisoning and I swear most of what I lost was in my bra size! I just wanted to be proportionate again and after waiting so long, hitting my 40's and an upcoming wedding, I figured now's the time!

The day has finally come!

Today was the day! Bright and early, we arrived at the surgical center at 6:30am. I was waiting for the inevitable nervousness to finally catch up and set in, but it never did. I knew as soon as they laid me on the table I would finally start getting nervous, but again, I never did. Maybe because I had wanted this for so long that it was just too surreal. Maybe because I knew I was in the hands of one of the best surgeons in the country, I just wasn't worried. I followed all of Dr. Chiu's pre-surgical instructions to a "T". Vitamins, body cleanse, no caffeine, no alcohol and a long list of do's and don'ts. I wasn't chancing anything. Between the nurse, the anesthesiologist and Dr. Chiu himself, the entire morning went smoother and more comfortable than I could have ever imagined. I was under before I even known I had been given the anesthesia, I woke up, what felt like, only minutes later and never felt any effects from the drugs. I laid in bed, although quite comfortably, all day and not once felt nauseous. Having an amazing anesthesiologist is definitely key! (still a tad tired and groggy, so I apologize for not mentioning her by name. But I will remember in the morning and add it!) I had a couple questions come up throughout the evening and was able to personally contact Dr. Chiu who in turn, immediately responded. For a surgeon to give out her personal number for his patients post surgery is nothing I have ever experienced. My follow up is tomorrow and I can not wait to see what they look like! I want to thank Dr. Chiu and the entire surgical team for what continues to be an amazing experience! More to come later!

My progress - Follow up after surgery

It's been 2 1/2 weeks since my surgery. I shouldn't have waited so long to write an update as I was feeling great the day after! I have no doubt, following Dr. Chiu's strict pre-surgical regiment was crucial in my feeling so well. I will admit, that first day was a bit rough but after that I was never in any pain. Sore and some discomfort of course, pain? Not once. Again, I'm sure that was in large part by following instructions beforehand. Sleeping for a few days afterward I found to be a bit of a challenge in terms of finding a comfortable and safe position but I already knew and could see it was well worth it.
Dr. Chiu had informed me in advance that there were some differences in my breasts that likely would not change after the surgery. Although very subtle, he just wanted me to be aware so there would be no surprises later. At my follow up, he had informed me he spent a little extra time during surgery doing his best to correct this area and was unsure how it would turn out. This shouldn't have surprised me him being the perfectionist that he is. But to his and my delight, he did a perfect job and both breasts are almost completely symmetrical!
I am now at the point where what very little bruising and swelling I had is completely gone, the only slight soreness are the incision sites and I am finally able to wear sports bras rather than the compression bra. YAY!
My fiancé, who is extremely hard to impress, who also was not altogether for me having this procedure, cannot stop saying what an amazing job Dr. Chiu has done. Complete perfection and extremely natural looking. Even though there is still a bit of swelling and they have some settling to do, he continues to say how real and great they look.
I will continue to refer people to him and will go to him for anything I may later decide I want to do. I always said (besides my breasts) I wouldn't have any kind of cosmetic surgery done. However, knowing Dr. Chiu's work is so amazing and natural and his professionalism and bedside manner is far and beyond, I now believe in never say never! Unfortunately I never took before pictures, however I'll see if I can get a copy he took so I can post before and after's so you can see for yourself how incredible he is.

Revision Needed

So I haven't visited here to write any updates in a while. Let me say, my progress has been amazing. I followed Dr. Chiu's instructions to a T. What I was most impressed with is that in doing so, my scars were almost complete nonexistent. And that's with healing time still occurring! Now comes the unfortunate part. About 4-5 months into recovery, I noticed my left implant was changing. It was forming a completely different shape and changing location in an upward position rather than settling downward. The implant itself had become hard again, just like when it is first put in. While the right side had settled completely normal and became extremely natural feeling. Turns out I had developed Capsular Contracture. This happens in about 12 out of 100 patients. I know that number sounds high, but it is in all the paperwork given to you ahead of time so I was aware of the risks. Now PLEASE NOTE!!! This is in NO WAY Dr. Chiu's fault or anything he did wrong during the procedure. It's just a way of your body, in a way, rejecting the implant. (for a lack of better words) It's just scar tissue that forms, as it should, around the implant. However with the Capsular condition, it tends to tighten too much and begin to squeeze the implant. There was no pain only a slight pulling sensation. It was more the aesthetic of it all that made me want to have it redone. Seeing as I am getting married in less than 3 months, I needed to get it done and get it done QUICK. First, word to the wise, if you choose the Mentor brand, they offer a basic warranty. However we paid the additional $200 which I am beyond thankful I did as it covered an impressive portion of the revision. Here's where I am in total awe and forever indebted to Dr Ciu and his entire staff. He was out of the country on vacation with him family. And all along, he was in constant contact with his staff via email doing all he could to get me answers and my procedure scheduled as quickly as possible. Please, if there is anyone out there that can say their own Dr or Surgeon would do that, please share because I can guarantee those Dr's are very few and very far in between. Furthermore, his staff, especially Rebecca and Laurie were beyond words amazing. They moved other procedures around that day so I could get in. (and obviously, thank you to those amazing women for being so understanding!) They worked closely with myself and mentor to get the claim going and everything in order. They did all my paperwork and pre-op visit while the Dr was still on vacation. Not a stone left unturned and it went as smoothly as if he had done it himself. I swear, I am trying not to cry right now at the length all 3 went through to get this done for me. I will say the pain after was a bit more intense than the original procedure. The implant sight itself, as of right now which is 5 hours after I left the surgical center, is non existent. However the back pain and sternum soreness is pretty high. (I read that it's likely from the anesthesia getting into he muscles and joints and it will subside) I had the same pain the first time around but not so quickly after. However the original surgery last less than
1 1/2, this one was closer to 3. So more time under the anesthesia and more getting into my system.
As I napped, I missed a call checking up on me. Not from the staff at the Dr's office which is usually the norm in my experience, but from Dr. Chiu himself. I can't say enough how much I can't say enough about Dr. Chiu, is impeccable work and beside manner as well as his staff. So I want to thank Rebecca and Laurie for dealing with my near nervous breakdown as I stressed about the poor timing of it all (my wedding) and a huge heartfelt thank you to Dr. Chiu along with my apologies. Vacations are meant for family time and relaxing and I know I single-handedly cut into that quite a bit. You are an amazing man and I owe you more than I can express!
I will come back as the healing process continues.
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

I decided to get a consult with Dr. Chiu after finally deciding I'd waited long enough. I had been to a total of 3 other Dr's previously over the years and even went to one more consult after meeting with Dr. Chiu. (on the recommendation from a friend). But my mind was already made up. Dr. Chiu's office and staff are so welcoming and comforting. I felt at ease literally the moment I walked in. My appointment lasted almost an hour and a half and Dr. Chiu himself was with me for over an hour of it! Not one of the other Dr's I consulted with spent more than 10-15 minutes with me. They weren't even in the room when I tried sizes on. They had office assistants handle that part. Dr. Chiu then took me into his personal office and reviewed many photos of previous patients so I could get a full comparison and see ladies with similar body frames and sizes and their before and after photos. I left his office not having even one question I felt had not been more than fully answered. To have the Dr. himself take that much time showed me how much he cares and is truly invested in his patients happiness and well being. After my consult, life took over and I had to put things on the back burner. His staff did not treat me like a ticket item. They definitely kept in touch, but never once tried to pressure me into making a decision nor did they give up on me thinking I was never intending on returning. Well fast forward a year and I am now only 12 days away from my surgery! A surgery that takes place on 2 days before my 44th birthday. Well Happy Birthday to me! I went in for my pre-op yesterday and again, they spent almost another hour and a half with me and this time it was basically answering all my questions and accommodating me. Putting me at ease about my surgery and everything I can do these 2 weeks beforehand to help the day of and my recovery go as smoothly as humanly possible. I left with a bag of goodies. By goodies I mean vitamins, creams, etc, all to prepare my body for what it is about to go through. The education he and his staff provided me with is far beyond what I could ever have imagined. We went through and tried on a number of sizes, again, and not once did I feel they wished I would just hurry up and make a decision. I haven't even had my procedure done yet and I have referred a couple people to him, one who has already begun her treatments and has called to thank me numerous times. I am completely prepared for what lies ahead and feel incredibly lucky to have Dr. Gabriel Chiu in my corner! I'll keep you posted!

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