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Well, after years and years of many push up bras...

Well, after years and years of many push up bras and sagging deflated boobies i have made the decision to go ahead with a BA and small lift (donut). I went on 6 consults with many top rated surgeons all over Orange county, CA. I saw the work of Dr David Kim and the portfolio on his website was perfect. Every single 'after' picture was flawless and his work was the most consistent of the many surgeons work that I have viewed. I thought I was doomed because i have pretty seperated, saggy breasts. I thought if I were to go ahead with a BA I'd just have larger and still saggy versions of the boobs I already have. I did not want that. I want the amazing cleavage, and perky tear drop look that Dr. David Kim has repeatedly achieved with many of his girls. I have never had 20 year old looking boobs and I'm in my 20's. My weight loss probably contributed hugely to my sagginess and floppy boobies. Everyone says I don't need a BA but they have never seen me naked. My boobs look good in a push up bra, but when it comes to bikinis and sports bras they turn into 'flapjack pancake' boobs. I thought I was a B this whole time but my bras say 32 C. The biggest thing i'm worrying about is size. I'm 5'11 155lbs and can't decide between a Full C or small D. I'm worried about being too large up top and looking top heavy and fat up top. Previous surgeons have suggest anywhere from 400-500cc. Dr Kim suggested 550 cc (OMG that seems huge).

**Nervous about putting before pics on here lol**

My before and afters. Pleased so far! Had my surgery on 11/26/13

Hey everyone I'm two days post op and I'm very pleased on how the girls look so far, especially since I just got surgery. No frankenboob and no spongebob squareboob phewwww! Surgery went well, i love how the anesthesia knocked me out and i felt like i had a 5 min nap and woke up with boobs. I was having the absolute hardest time deciding my size but I just gave a pic to the doc that I thought was the perfect size and shape for me. I just told him to make sure I look proportional and not top heavy and fat on top. I didn't know how many ccs I was going to get until after surgery, I basically had complete trust in my surgeon. When I woke up I was told I had 500 & 480ccs saline mentor mod plus (I'm 5'11 155lbs) I was happy because I wanted a range from 450 cc to 550 cc.
Recovery has been such a breeze so far. The most painful day was yesterday, the day after surgery, I felt everrrrrry bump and stop in the car.
I can start massaging the girls tomorrow. Yay! They are hard as rocks and so stiff. I can't wait to see what they look like once they settle. Input is much appreciated. Happy thanksgiving everyone!

4 days post op. Hope I'm not overexerting myself

4 day post op pic and update:
I hope I'm not over exerting myself but I feel great. Breasts are sore but I feel like I have full range of motion with my arms. I'm cooking, putting shirts on over my head, going out shopping. Is this a big no no?? Am I overexerting myself. Ill admit on day 3 I went over to go reach for something across the bed, lost my balance, slipped a lil and put my weight on my elbow. That kinda Hirt a lot. Ever since then I've been paranoid that that incident has affected my progress. It happened on the right side and my right boob is harder and more sore then the left.
Other than that... I still love my boobs and no boob envy here, in fact I kinda hope that they get a lil smaller after they d&f. I'm content with the size, butttt I think I would have liked a lil smaller especially if I want to get back into modeling.

Boobies in a bikini

Love how natural they look :)

3weeks post op

I'm about 3 weeks post op and everything has been going well. My right breast is still being stubborn, but I love how everything looks so far. I finally got to see how my nipples looked, at first I didn't really like them at all but now they are growing on me. I order some silicone strips off amazon to help with scarring so ill keep updating on my scars. Hopefully they will fade and look beautiful. I came into my BA and lift knowing that my nipples were not going to be perfect. They are a lil uneven right now, but once again I will wait to see how they heal. I'm my own worst critic. Hmph

Love them but indifferent about my scars (opinions?)

Hi guys I'm 7 weeks post op. wow time flies! I got the ok to do more intense cardio and to start lifting upper body yippppeee! Im still so happy with my decisions, however, my scars have been very stubborn. I will include pictures but are they supposed to still be this red after 7 weeks? Also, when I raise my arms they look very distorted. If anyone has any tips on scar treatment please let me know.
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