33, 5'2" with a Two Year Old. Tuba Breast Aug - Beverly Hills, CA

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It's finally happening!! My pre op is on wed and...

It's finally happening!! My pre op is on wed and surgery is set for the 23rd!! I'm super nervous because my initial consult was way back in December. I've gained about 10-12 pounds since Dr. Kim has last seen me:/ and can't decide on a size. Dr. Kim recommended a lift (which I totally agree that I need one) but because I am still planning to have another baby, I just want big boobs with limited scarring to enjoy for a couple of years. I'll do a lift and tummy tuck (cause I need one) after the second baby. Anyone else having a breast aug on the 23rd??

Pre op today

Ok, so I don't know why but I'm super nervous today and I ended leaving the house wearing my ragady old house flip flops! Hahaha I'm so embarrassed! But what evs lol

Before pics

Well, Here they are...After breastfeeding my son for 18 months my breast became deflated and droopy. Dr. Kim recommended a lift but I've decied to do that later. Originally I wanted to be a full D...but with the wish pics I showed Dr. Kim, he said that those were a full c small d. So I guess that's what I'm going for:) btw, the ac was on super high so the nipples are a bit hard lol

Surgery tomorrow!!

Here are some wish pics I'm showing to dr. Kim from his site and some before pics of me in swimwear/clothes I'm currently 5'2, 132 pounds and my bra size is a about a 32 C/D I'm hoping to just get a fuller look not to big not to small... I have no idea what cc's would suit me but I guess I'll find out tomorrow:)

Feeling so nauseous!!

Sorry for the late update. Didn't think I would be feeling this horrible after surgery. Had my surgery around 2:30 and got back to the hotel at about five. I slept all night and the the next day I was throwing up. I saw dr. Kim and he said everything looked good and I was on my way home. Got back last night and still not feeling the best. I'll post pics as soon as I'm up for it.

2 days post surgery

I ended up with mentor round smooth moderate profile. 425 in both the right was filled to 455 and the left was filled to 445:)

Post op pic

3 days post op pics

I'm starting to feel a lot better. I put my make up on today... And what normally takes about 15 mins, took about 45 minutes. I kept having to rest my arm between brush strokes. Lol I'm stil taking extra strength Tylenol because I still get headaches and my back is still a bit tight:/ but other than that all is going well. I'm so happy with the size of my new boobs. I'm a little concerned that my cleavage is just a tad off center. But I'm still swollen so trying to stay positive:) but overall I'm happy!!

update.. post booby blues... and pics

Well, its been a while since my last update. I am still overjoyed with my breast aug! My husband loves them and i get so much attention from him which was unexpected. He wants to talk about how beautiful they are everyday! no joke! I am so happy:) But still have a few issues that i'm dealing with.

The issue that i had with them being off center in the beginning was fixed as soon as i wore a tighter sports bra. It is so important to wear a tight bra after surgery. I was so concerned about being comfortable that I didn't realize how it could affect my healing. After a couple of days it went away.

My 1 week appt with Dr. Kim went well, i started taking vitamin E and the scar pills that he recommended. I was nervous about the scar pills because i am not a pill taker. i hate even taking tylenol! But they didn't have that bitter taste and dissolved fairly quickly. Everything was going well.

Here's where the drama happens and where i start getting the post surgery blues... I had flown my mom in to help and she left a couple of days before my next appt so naturally i was already sad. she helped so much with my 2 year old. So it was hard adjusting to being a full-time mommy again. I also had some concerns about my incision site. everything has been healing well but i have a weird dent above my belly button. Normally it wouldn't bother me, but i like to wear tight fitting clothes and you can see the bump above my belly:( At my 3 week appt Dr. Kim was really concerned with how hard/stiff my breasts were. I was so shocked because i had been massaging and taking the pills and that wasn't even a concern i had. What i didn't tell Dr. Kim was that i had vacuumed my house in the morning and i drove myself to the appt which took over 3 hours! I was late as well because of traffic so i hardly had to wait so i didn't have time to massage them before he came in to see me. That was a huge factor in why they felt so stiff. i was so distracted by the boobs that i hardly even discussed the concerns i had with the dent/bump above my belly. He just said to massage it and it will go away in a couple of months. Anyway, he prescribed me Accolate to help with softening and i was on my way home. On my way home i was feeling really concerned and starting thinking i had capsular contracture, that my boobs were going to be deformed just the worst things that could happen. Ive been super paranoid ever since then.

Although i'm paranoid, i am still happy with my boobs and gonna stay positive about the bump/dent and give it some more time. There have been so many factors that have caused me to feel the post booby blues, like my in laws finding out about the procedure before i intended them to and the mother in law being upset... but more about that later. I have another appt with Dr. Kim on the 17th so hopefully i hear some good news to put my mind to rest. here are some long overdue pics
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