29 Years Old, Christian Woman with 3 Kids and Mild Tuberous Breast Deformity - Beverly Hills, CA

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I am 29 and have three beautiful daughters. I have...

I am 29 and have three beautiful daughters. I have an amazing husband and am a Christian; I am not gonna lie, I love Jesus, recognize my sinful nature, have repented of that and look forward to the hope of being with Jesus, my Lord after this life on earth is up. That is a fundamental part of my personal BA story.

I have always struggled with being able to breastfeed-- though through trial and error and painfully raw nipples, was able to with my first, along with supplementing. My other two, however have had a terrible time latching on and because I don't produce much milk, were unsuccessful in their breast milk journey. On top of that, I always knew that like many other women I have come to realize, I never developed fully. I could tell that something just wasn't right about my breasts as they grew and finally have come to an understating that there are some very real factors involved! I think there is a sense of peace now, having the proper information and being able to move forward from there. I have always known that I wanted breast augmentation, but it has been a tremendous mental & emotional roller coaster. From not producing much milk, to having small yet saggy, deflated breasts and mild tuberous deformity- I have been able to come to peace with my decision, which is not taken lightly, to move forward with the procedure. I have an incredibly supportive husband who constantly challenges me to fully think through things and consider all things through serious prayer. I am writing because I am not ashamed to say that I have peace. I have prayed and considered how to bring God glory in this aspect of my life and have a clean conscience before my maker that this is not purely from vanity. I don't just happen to have "small" breasts that I want larger. I don't have the desire to show them off to the world. That is my personal conviction. I am hoping that by breast shape improvement alone, I may be able to successfully have future children of it is Gods will, that can latch on and breastfeed (even with supplementing). I also want to be able to give my husband the best of me while we have his life together. Why do we work out? To be our best, to be healthy, to feel good. Why do I feel that it is okay to please my husband in this very intimate way? Because it is important and wonderful for a man and his wife to have a healthy relationship, and I feel somewhat prohibited. My husband loves me, and has told me many times that he loves me regardless and doesn't mind how I am, and I am so thankful for that!

So, this is my personal story of coming to terms with a huge decision. We are in a place where we can move forward and I believe to have found a doctor who will cater to my needs well, and since I have three little ones (1.5, 3 and 5.5), I need "rapid recovery." Alas, I have a consultation on November 10, 2015 with Dr. Gerald Minniti of Beverly Hills. His stuff looks Amazon and I have seen patients pretty similar to me have great results. Honestly, do can't wait! I hope to be able to have to done next month while my kindergartner has a break, and get this behind me so I can forget about it already, lol!!

Second consult on Nov. 10, 2015

I have already gone to one consult. I actually really love the doctors work- it is gorgeous. But there are always drawbacks to something-- and in this case it is;

1. He practices old school- it takes your up to 6 weeks to fully recover, and you have to leave your arms by your side for two whole weeks. I have three little kids, so that just seems impossible!

2. His receptionist is always just kind of short on the phone. It makes the customer service aspect not so great.

3. I didn't really get all of my questions answered because the doctor was more about self promotion. I know you're good- that's why I and to see you. But honestly. I didn't feel there was any air of technicality or knowledge truly applied.

So, artist or not... I have to mesh well with my doctor right??

So this second consult is going to be with a rebound surgeon in Beverly Hills. While more expensive-- I feel it will be worth it because he uses several different approaches (from what I have heard and seen him write about in Instagram), that are more modern. He uses the tunnel Method to greatly reduce the risk of bacteria which is known to cause Capsular Contracture, as well as (hello!) the Tapid recovery method; he doesn't let his patient bleed, give them narcotics, and has them doing arm exercises the next day for full mobility.

Also, his work is beautiful! That should be a no-brainier. I want amazing results!

Yes. Yes, yes, yes!
Hoping to schedule for next month just before or after Christmas while my daughter has a nice month long break. I'm going for discreet and really don't have the desire for anyone to know about it.

The nerves are there, but it is really turning into excitement! C'mon consult!!

Pre-op size & photo's

I don't really know my size, to be honest. I fit a 34b with light padding well, but it has padding in it. I have tried on a 34b from other makes such as Bali (the grandma style bras) for pre operative curiosity and it was huge. I think my native breast is more of an A. And I am between 32-34 for the band. I wear my current 34's on the very last notch, and 32's on the very first. My rib cage is 30". Does that make sense? Last being the tightest option, first being the loosest.

I regularly wear a padded 34c under my clothes because it gives me better shape, even though I tend to have that upper pole gap. See photo's.

I don't want to go too big, because I am on the more modest side of life. But I also don't want to have gone smaller than looks right for my body. I am kind of scared about what that true size might be! What if it's like a 400cc implant? That seems way too huge for me!! I am thinking somewhere between 250-325cc and definitely round silicone. I think a great result can be achieved with that implant by a skilled doctor.

The reason I am showing anything here is for those women out there who think it is taboo or absolutely unacceptable to have a BA. That, I would say lays in your own heart before God! I just know how difficult it has been to find the heart of a woman struggling through the decision and being an active member of the church community. I want to be an encouragement, more than anything!

So here goes...

Wish pic

I am similar (though my nipples are higher up and I have much less breast tissue) to the beginning photo here and love the results!i love how her nipples have been raised on her breast mound. Particularly because it doesn't look like she's had a lift.... Important for me since I still want to breast feed!

Baby #4 is definitely the future baby at this point though! You could say we're pretty busy!! (Kids ages 5, 3 and 1)!


I think these are the perfect size. I am hoping for a relatively small, sporty and subtle increase.

I am quite active, and work out regularly, so the size shouldn't hinder.

I think these are lovely.

Sizers at home

The first PS ha a really good idea about sizers at home. Instead of rice, you fill a small Baggie with the corresponding "ml's" to "cc's" you are hoping for, and tie off Baggie (pressing all air out) about an inch above water so there's room for it to move around. It gives a more accurate post op size because the water surrounds your breast better than the rice does.

Here's an example of my
Before and after with 275 ml's (cc equivalent) of water in a sports bra and shirt.

As you can see from the beginning photo, I am small and have a lot of cheat bone projection, which I am hoping to soften.


These are perfect! Want this size!

Dr. Minniti Consultation

I had my consultation yesterday wth Dr. Minniti. It was amazing! I was so impressed at how much knowledge he had about his line of work, which I feel is important because it shows a great understanding of past and current events and means he is prepared to answer the questions we have. His specific risk of CC is 2% and he does 150-200 augmentations a year. That is roughly 2-4 women who maybe will encounter it, but his efficiency and ethical practices really should hinder cross contamination. He never uses his fifer for tissue dissection, and never once touches the implant, thereby lowering the risk of bacteria, which is a main cause of CC. He sad there will be little to no bruising, and not much swelling if the procedure is done well. That is because there should be 0 (ZERO) blood while performing it, which greatly reduces all that excess worry. That is amazing!

And answer questions he did! I must have had about 20 of them. I mean, we sat down for a good while discussing everything, and never once did he seem overwhelmed or bothered; in fact, we even had a couple laughs.

It was funny actually, because I told him I found him through real self and explained who I was and he said, "oh yeah, I know you! I can see your breasts already." Lol. That was one of our laughs. Anyways- it was cool that he already had a sense of who I was.

Another cool part of his practice is that he explained WHY he wants his patients doing arm exercises immediately following surgery. He compared it to a Charlie horse. When you have a muscle spasm, like a Charlie horse, the only way to relieve that pain is to stretch the muscle. The reason women feel pain after surgery is because of the muscle spasms (and the blood that some doctors allow) to happen. So when you lift your arms over your head to stretch the muscle, you are prohibiting muscle spasm and it becomes a sort fm"pain management."

While I was waiting in the waiting room, I got to chat with Jodi a bunch too. She is so sweet and personable. We totally hit it off and chatted all about kids and family and why she is in southern ca and where we're from and about Christmas and so on. It's always nice to connect to the entire office staff and become a sort of "family," especially to something so significant.

I appreciated that when Dr. Minniti did my physical assessment, he had Gail in the room with us. I find that extremely professional and puts the patient at ease since there is someone else to witness.

As far as breast goes- I don't need a lift! I am small but a bit droopy. And I was sure I would need my crease lowered significantly, but apparently not. He said only a very tiny lowering, nothing much at all (I was concerned with implant migration from tissues not holding the implant well).

He measured my breast width at 12.5 and from nipple to crease at 8cm. So if I went with a shaped implant (which he seems to prefer), it would be no longer than 11cm. He gave me the personal choice of smooth round or textured shaped, though the latter is $700 more expensive. I feel that the quality of the smooth round (though softer yet still highly cohesive) is going to be a great bet. He said about 95% of his patients go with that option. There is a chance of rippling with it, which is why he likes the shaped (more cohesive) one. I know the rippling is not going to be anything like saline, sink feel fine going faith the smooth round mentor silicone.

I would be going wth 275 Mod plus. I got to try it on in room, and totally forgot to take a picture of that. He then let me try on the 250 to see what it would probably look like following surgery. I told him I wanted super natural with no excessive fullness at the top. Since my breasts are slightly droopy, he would perform a Dual Plane ll which increases the internal lift and the placement of my nipples would be directly at the middle (preferable) place on my breasts! Yay!!

The thing I am currently struggling with now is whether I truly want to go through with this or not!! I got nerves going on! I think it is because my husband keeps telling me that he really doesn't feel that it is necessary for me to get this done. He really truly loves me as I am. I am so blessed! His is not necessarily for him- as much as it is to fix a breast shape, and yes promote better self esteem, but also to have a possibly better breast shape for a baby to nurse on-- which that reminds me; another question I asked Dr. Minniti was whether or not just breast shape alone could allow for better breastfeeding. He said, "oh yes." Lol. He said more than that too, I just can't remember it all! I told you I asked a million questions! ;-) anyways- it gives me hope.

I know this body is temporary. My husband is precious to remind me that one day we are going to be old together. And I am going to love him even if he is all saggy. That's true. Of course I will! That's the way he feels about me, saggy little boobies and all. He is so sweet. Lol!!

This decision lays in my heart. WHY does my heart desire this procedure so heavily, and is that right before the Lord? It is my joy to bring glory to God in all that I do. So does this bring glory to him? Where there was something entirely certain, now lies a sense of uncertainty. I just don't know at this point!

I've got some praying to do.

But if I do move forward- I absolutely know that I have found the right doctor.

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