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Hi Ladies, I got to this place in my life is just...

Hi Ladies, I got to this place in my life is just like most of you...worked out, saw no results...dieted, saw no results...stress made it I decided to get some work done because the weight I gained from the Mirena IUD was NOT coming off. I have always been fascinated with cosmetic surgery so I was open to getting a nip or a tuck when/as needed. Because of this, I never hesitated. These last 2 years, I've been the heaviest I've ever been due to the Mirena IUD. It caused me to gain 50 lbs, my flawless skin became the face of a hormonal 13 year old, I even got zits on my chest and back, and I had the worst period cramps ( never had cramps before). Unfortunately, it took me a year and a half to figure out that it was the Mirena causing all of these changes. So I got it removed in December 2015. Just before connecting all the dots and having it removed, I had my first procedure. The Dr was fantastic and did an amazing job - he sculpted my back perfectly. However, he is very conservative on tummy lipo bc of a higher risk of skin rippling, so he barely touched it. And, by law in CA, a Dr can only removed 5 liters of fat at a time. I’m guessing from the look of things, 90% came from my back/flanks/hips. I knew if I wanted my stomach f-l-a-t, I would have to see another Dr. I kinda feel like I am cheating on my first doctor..hehe. Ok, so here we are..2 days Round 2 PO. I am much more aware and alert, because the procedure was done under local anesthesia. That means that I was wide awake during the procedure. When I arrived to his office, the nurse had me change and gave me a few pills - pain, anxiety, antibiotic, anti-nausea. Dr Dass came in to mark me up, and we reviewed the procedure. Then I relaxed in the room for 45 minutes while the meds kicked in. Once I felt a little loopy and sleepy, I was escorted to the procedure room. Once laying down, Dr Dass numbed the incision areas and the nurse gave me a shot of pain medication. The next part was the worst, and it wasn’t that bad. So the Dr has to numb all the areas under the skin. I was SO nervous that it would hurt, and we’d have to reschedule the appt to do under general anesthesia. I couldn’t have been more wrong!!!! The numbing stage felt odd..there is nothing to compare it to. I mean, how can someone insert a rod under your skin and it doesn’t hurt?! There were a few tiny areas where it hurt..I’d say on a scale of 1 to 10, those few areas near my rib cage were a 5. Every other area was a 1. He numbed me up real, real good. He used two whole bags of numbing solution. He numbed my stomach first, then arms, then pubic area. Once all numb, he started lipo-ing. I watched as the containers filled with fat. I dozed off here and there. Before I knew it, i was over. I had no pain whatsoever. I was able to get in and out of the car and walked up 4 flights of stairs bc our elevator is out - go figure. I took pain medication, arnica pills, stool softener, with my dinner - which I cooked myself! I woke up a few hours later and was in pain, not as bad as Round 1 though. I have been taking the medication regularly, laying in bed or walking around stretching out my legs. Round 2 is already off to a better start because I had LOCAL anesthesia. I can’t remember 3 days of my life because of the general anesthesia in Round 1. Aside from a breast lift/reduction that I plan to have in December, I will request local anesthesia. Besides the fact that it takes days to wear off, there are sooooooo many more risks with general anesthesia. And I like that I can fold laundry, cook, wash dishes, etc 2 days PO. Round 1 I couldn’t do anything for myself for days! And that aggravated me and certainly aggravated my husband. I got a glimpse of my tummy when I was on the table. Though I was laying down, it looked really good. I haven’t seen my arms at all. Tomorrow, I will shower and wash my garments. I will take pics and post ASAP. For before pics, check out my first review at

PO Day 3 pix

Day 5 PO

Everything is going well...still better than Round 1. I am way more active in the hours and days following, not in pain - sore but not in pain, and able to do pretty much everything on my own.

My arms are pretty damn sore though. I am kind of second guessing getting them done. The bruises are horrific and the CG covers my boobs too - which is completely unnecessary. So I don't know what I am going to wear to hide this ridiculous CG.

Day 6 PO

Swelling is going down more and more everyday. I take ibuprofen and arnica 3 times and day to reduce the swelling and eat pineapple. Before bed, I take extra strength tylenol to minimize the aches and pains that wake me up from laying still for so long.

Day 7 & 8 PO

I travel for work and deliver trainings and presentations (lots of standing). Yesterday, PO Day 7, I was officially back at work. I drove an hour, stood for 4, and drove an hour home. I wore my CG all day, but removed my wrap/belt when not driving bc it adds to much bulk, and I cannot wear baggy clothing when presenting. And when not at home, I do not wear stomach board bc it cuts into my tummy when sitting in car or at a table. I was SO swollen!!!! It was unbearably uncomfortable. I was busting out of my was buckling. The zipper dug into my upper abdomen/ribs so much I bruised. Ouch! AND my shirt + arm CG was painfully tight and my shirt dug into my arm pit - OW! I couldn't wait to undress.

My arms though??? Aaahhh!!! Why did I do them? They hurt SO much!!!!! I should'vedone upper back instead...ugh! My advice to anyone considering arm lipo - if you don't need an arm lift, then you don't need to have any work done to arms. And the results will be minimal, I am sure.

Today? Much better. (Arms still hurt!) I feel skinny. My belly button looks funny..and I ordered marbles from Amazon. I will put one in belly button so it forms a nice circle:-) thx for the trick RS sisters!

My one week PO appt is today. I will take pics and post later today!

PO Day 8 pics

Pics while at dr office

Looking good and feeling good

I asked dr about my "sad bellybutton ". He was very encouraging and said that I will adopt a new diet and exercise routine and have a happy belly button. In other words, I did my part, you do yours. Haha. Otherwise, swelling and bruising same as yesterday. Arms are ITCHING so bad - sign of healing. OMG it is really bad at times. Pics won't post, getting error msg..will add later.

2 week update

My stomach feels pain. It is really hard though, the entire stomach. I am looking forward to the three week mark so I can massage it to break up the hardness.
My arms still HURT! They are a little smaller, but omfg they HURT! As soon as i take off the arm CG they swell like crazy and I am in throbbing pain! Aaah!
I am noticing some irregularities in the form of rippling in my left arm on the underside. It is what it is. I just hope my stomach heals fine.
So far so good ?

Belly button training

I used one small marble at first..result looked wierd. Used a medium sized marble, it was a little too big. Now I am trying to small marbles. Stay tuned!
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Dr Dass is soft spoken and does not have a big personality - which I liked. He is very smooth and easy to talk to. You can tell that he loves what he does. The staff is great - Lisa (receptionist), Angela (office manager), and Megan (nurse) are all sweet and personable.

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