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Ive been battling with my weight all my life and...

Ive been battling with my weight all my life and as somebody who is nearly 6 foot tall its a never ending struggle. I was really active in sports and track during college and with a course of ephedrine diet pills got down to 135 lbs BUT STILL had a belly and hips! i couldn't believe it! Now as i age its time to get lipo done so i can be a straight 10 out of 10.
No longer will people say "you have a beautiful face but your body is jacked"

The Countdown Begins.....

And boy am i getting nervous! I had a dream last night that Dr Hansen made an incision on my belly, stuck his hand underneath and began to separate the skin from meat while stuffing in butter and herbs. That's how i feel, like a fat Christmas turkey getting ready to be dressed and dissected.
I apologize for not being clear on the exact areas in my initial post. I went in for a 2nd pre-op examination on Saturday and David and i agreed that the upper/lower stomach, hips and inner thighs would be the best way to go for the first surgery. I will need another surgery down the line to sculpt my back and outer thighs if i can run and diet those areas off. Im just happy that my most hated areas will be gone and i can love my body the way i always wanted to.
Today i went out and picked up my pain pills. I asked him for 5mg Norcos and he gave me 40! yea! Those are my drug of choice so hopefully it will be enough to keep the pain at bay and allow me to sleep a little.
Im still debating whether to order the "help me heal" pre and post surgery vitamins. I am in excellent health and never get sick so maybe i don't need them.
Today im including a picture of my most hated body part (my stomach). It's incredibly embarrassing for me to do this as its totally disgusting, but i feel that honesty is best and will help with the healing process inside and out.
Thank you all for taking this journey with me.

Suppliments, Pain Pills and first aid.

I have all my supplies ready to go. I have been doing a lot of research on these so called "help me heal" and other surgery supplements and after consulting with my ex boyfriend, a top Beverly Hills plastic surgeon (lets not go into why he is not doing my surgery....), he told me that they are a waste of money so im not getting them. Instead i opted for some basic Zinc, Vitamin C, and some Juvern. After reading many post surgical sites i got some cetaphil to clean the wounds, some band aids (barbie of course ;), and some polysporin for the incision sites.
Just got a call from the Lab. Apparently i have a bad urinary tract infection and due to Lab error my platelet test has not been completed. So...I have to go back tomorrow, have more blood taken and pick up a course of antibiotics fir the UTI.
i cant wait till all this is done...

Exactly One week to Go..

And im not as nervous as i thought. Ive managed to convince myself that lipo is just like getting an injection.... one thousand of them, and its not even as bad as a needle because it doesn't go into the muscle. Thats how i rationalize it and it seems to be working :)
The last few days ive been feeling really sick. These antibiotics im on for the UTI are causing dizziness and nausea. im starting to think id rather have the infection!
I organized my neighbor to drop me off on the day of surgery, wait around and drive me home. Very nice of him. Im Australian and all my family are back home so im all alone here. Im a little envious of those who have husbands, boyfriends, parents and children to take care of them, im sure i will need the extra help afterwards but will have to make do.
I'll stay at my neighbors the first night also. I want to have somebody within earshot in case something is wrong.
Have a lot to prepare for this week. Cleaning the house, cooking and freezing some easy meals. I was really hungry after my skin cancer and mole removal so i anticipate i will be hungry after this too but we shall see.:)

Surgery on Saturday!

woo only 3 days left and still so much to do. I was really hoping to lose some more weight and tighten up a little before Saturday. The best i could do was 3 lbs. Its better than nothing i suppose. I am making a vow to myself to always stay in shape after this and will put a picture of me in pain post op to remind me not to let myself get this bad again.

Depression Kicks in.

Im really not a happy camper today :( i overdid it at the gym last night and am sore, i woke up with my period and the cramps are very painful, im nervous about the procedure and i still haven't done any food prep. I cant take Midol or aleve so i might have to take half a norco. I just want to crawl into bed and hide under the blankets...
I had grandiose plans of making stocks, soups, stews, everything today. In reality im going to my favorite Pho place to buy just their broth. They use all the beef bones and offal in their soup base, so that should be very rich and nutritious post op, and then go to the grocery store and grab a heap of lean cuisines and vegetables from the freezer section.
Tomorrow is my personal hygiene day. Hair washing etc. i think im going to wax my whole body because who knows when i will be a able to do that again, if i can stand the pain today...
Just taking a long last look at my photos...My dream is to be able to wear a tight form fitting dress and not look like a Bratwurst in a g-string.....

Today is the day

not really nervous, just want it done and hoping to god that everything goes well. Im going to be awake during the procedure so im supposed to be having a big breakfast to get me though the day. Was hoping to go down to the cafe downstairs and have bacon and eggs but will have to settle for something at home.
Wish me luck everyone! xx

oh the agmonizing pain

will write something tomorrow. in too much pain now
just threw up a garbage bah full of yellow foam
feeling a little better

Finally feeling better! woohoo

but now the swelling has kicked in and i woke up after a good sleep looking like the good year blimp lol! it goes from my knees all the way up to my neck and pools the most of my hips and vaginal area. my doc said that would happen but makes life uncomfortable. took me 40 minutes to put on a fresh garment after my shower! i was exhausted and hurting. im not taking the norcos anymore, i cant deal with the vomiting and headaches it causes, so not necessary.
i am very cranky today. i yelled at my dad for like 30 minutes just for calling up to say hello.
hopefully tomorrow i will be walking more and feeling happier. :)
im getting tired, need to go and lie back down.xx

Feeling better and better!

Today has been a roller coaster of ups and downs but all in all I'm getting better and living my new body so far. Never have I had a flat stomach. I was looking at baby pics the other day. My mom and I at the beach in bathing suits. My mother, ex playboy playmate and fitness model, looking beautiful, and then me with a big fat gut poking out. Not anymore! I'm really swollen still and now I have this strange sensation of tingling and itching. Very weird.
I went to the toilet for the first time today. U have no idea how happy I am about that! I did a whole victory lap around the house. Lol
I also got up and did some light cleaning and took the trash out. Sleeping is still difficult due to swelling and I wake up about 5 times a night.
Music is really helping me. When I have to do something unpleasant like showering or changing garments I put on music and it takes my mind off the pain. Still reviving but so far so good. :)

Post op check up

Went for my first post op check up today and everything is perfect! Incisions are healing, bruising is clearing and swelling is doing its thing. THEN dr Hansen gave me my first massage and Jesus H Christ man!!! I hit the roof!! I was screaming, crying and then after 2 minutes everything felt great and I jumped off the table with vigor and wonderment. It was like a tel-avangelist 'bring me your sick and I will make them walk again' episode.
The bad news is I have to do this to myself at least 4 times a day from now on. Grrr give me strength! :)

I could not be happier!!!

Woke up this morning feeling 80% better and just in love with my new body!
I am in shock, I never thought I could have a body this good. When this 30% swelling goes down I'm going to have a 6 pack.
Was it worth a week of wishing I was dead?? Hell yes! Plastic surgery rocks!
So so happy I don't know what to do with myself right now :)

The big bad world

The swelling has gone down considerably today and I actually have knee caps again which is awesome!
The numbess is wearing off and the nerves are healing which means I'm really sore to the touch but that's a good sign and nothing a couple if Advil can't fix.
I'm running out of food now so it's time to venture out now and go to the supermarket. I'm still sticking to the lean cuisines, i don't feel up to cooking just yet.
People asked for some pics of me in my garment. Here they are but bare in mind I'm still realllly swollen! Xx

more to lipo then the external.

Today was my first intensive gym workout and to be honest it scared the hell out of me. as much as i tried and pushed i could not get my heart rate above 140! lol
i did 1 hour incline cardio and burned 500 calories and it feels like ive done absolutely NOTHING! i didn't even work up a sweat and i tried so hard to tire myself out and i just couldn't. normally i would be panting like a dog and trashed out but not now, it felt like a leisurely stroll in the park.
i immediately contacted dr Hansen afterwards and he laughed and said "now isnt that is so perfect! now your heart doesn't have to pump around all that fat and can function with much greater efficiency, congratulations Sarah!"
Honestly the improvement to my stamina and overall health is just as important as the aesthetic benefits. If i knew i was going to feel like i was 18 again i would have got it done a while lot sooner! now im going to start training for a mini marathon. here's to good health, one cannula at time! xx

A stomach fit for a queen

I've never had a flat stomach before ever! I can't take my eyes off it!
Additionally all the swelling has gone to my butt and I can rival all the BBL girls right now! Hehe But alas It's short lived and soon I'll be back to my white girl pancake butt. That reminds me, I need to start working out the glutes ;)

Time for an update + tips

Things have been going well with recovery the last week. im almost back to normal but still have some numbing and itching in the stomach area. Working out has been helping a lot and as much as i hate these massages i have been doing them religiously morning and night.
I decided now would be the time to put up some tips that have helped me through the whole surgery. Now as i have been persecuted before for trying to help people, take this post with a grain of salt. This is what has helped me to a speedy and quick recovery with good results thus far and it could help you to, but im not a doctor so take it for what it is:


- Start getting everything organized. The more you do now the easier recovery will be.
- Thoroughly clean the house!
- Grocery shop and prep meals for the next 2 weeks! Can include a few lean cuisines. They are full of salt but will do in a pinch.
- Buy a ton of Gatorade. (At least 10 of the 1 quart bottles) I can't stress this enough. It's the only thing that comforted me and made me feel human again and I drank at least 1 a day. It also helps medicine and food go down easier. Some people say not to drink Gatorade because of the high salt content and swelling but i didnt notice a difference.
- Have someone look after you. A lot of us have done it ourselves but its soo hard and super frustrating when ur a helpless kitten and it takes 20 minutes just to take a pee! (but dont let them do everything for you, you need to be up and on your feet in 24 hours)
- Buy all ur medical supplies including extra band aids, pain pills, bromelein, zinc and juvern.
- Buy lipo foam!! It makes such a huge difference and stops your stomach from feeling like its going to fall out.
- Make sure ur surgeon is giving u at least 2 compression suits, if not buy them!
- Don't be afraid to ask for Valium or xanex if u are super nervous for the night before surgery. would have made things a little less stressful.

*****Day of*****

- Make up ur bed with old sheets and blankets and trash bags. It's super messy
- Cover the car seat with garbage bags. I didn't and soaked clean through to the carpet! Yuk!
- Have somebody trustworthy with u especially the first 24 hours.
- In the first 24 hours after surgery get up and start walking to prevent blood clots forming in legs.
- nap often and try to relax as much as possible.

****Post surgery****
- Shower and change as soon as ur allowed to. U will feel like fainting so take ur time and lie back down when U have to.
- Start eating fruit ASAP! The quicker u get your bowels working the better. Being in pain AND constipated sucks!
- Keep up with food intake. This helps with nausea from pain pills.
- It's really difficult and uncomfortable to sleep. Get some Advil or Tylenol pm's ( be careful of intake with pain pills)
- Take ur time taking compression garments on and off. U could do yourself an injury if you try and hurry it and get help if u cant do it yourself just yet.
- Get off the harsh pain pills as soon as u can. Get into over the counter stuff. U need to actually feel what ur body is doing and how it's recovering and narcotics are yukky!
- After a week having a cup of coffee helped me get up and get motivated. It's very tempting and comfortable to stay in bed but don't. The quicker u get active and walking the better.
- Get into the gym as soon as u are allowed. I started 10 days post op and it has helped soo much! My swelling has gone down, I feel so much better and my muscles are loose again.
- Make sure your garment has a large potty opening. Having urine on your garment will cause diaper rash and it will irritate and hurt.
- Use wet ones cloths and dry thoroughly after the bathroom. Keeping that area moist will encourage fungal and bacterial growth.
Shower daily and wash your garment daily and keep your recovery area well ventilated. (Even Florence nightingale knew this one!)
- for particularly painful/uncomfortable tasks like showing, changing and massaging, put some music on. This helped me to get my mind off the pain.
- go back and see your dr and get your post-op check ups done. This sucks because the last thing u want to do is sit in a car but it has to be done so get on it.
ive probably forgotten some stuff but these are the main points. i hope ive helped you in some small way and always feel free to ask me anything.x

2nd Stage Garment

So Dr Hansen said i could move into a 2nd stage spandex type garment as long as it was fitted and tight. I didnt really want to spend $100.00+ on a garment im only going to wear for a couple months so i went to marshal's and picked this up for $7.99 (originally $50). Ideally i want it to sleep in because those 1st stage garments with zippers and hooks are so uncomfortable.
will give it a try for now and if not i will buy something else :)
i think i'll give the lipo foam a rest for tonight as this garment seems to be offering lots of tummy support.

Update pic.

Hi all! Just got back from the gym and snapped a picture. I think I'm coming to the end of the healing process and the finished results are becoming more visable and I'm absolutely thrilled! The gym and massages are really helping with the swelling and the pain is all but gone. So so happy!

an update with pics

hope everyone is doing well. Here is an update. im around the 6 week mark now and feeling that everything is back to normal. im still wearing my garments 24/7. will make them off for good at the 3 month mark but will use them at the gym as it reduces pain.
im loving the way i look now and can wear cute dresses without looking like im 8 months pregnant with a huge Buddha belly. its such a good feeling to have a sexy waist and figure. the lumpiness is all but gone and the stomach area has softened up, still a little numb but definitely getting better and better with each passing day. doing great at the gym, lost a lot of my lower arms and bra roll.
im posting some pics with me in clothing now so you can see the difference.
Dr hansen is so good, he took off the fat but left enough for me to have sexy curves and a feminine body. he's a master!

here are the pics

Nearly 2 months post

Time for an update! Good news is I just keep getting skinnier and skinnier! Swelling still present in lower abdomin and groin but going fast. Gym workouts have been going well and I can now run 5k's in under 30 minutes!
Still wearing lipo foam and garment at least until the 3 month mark. Can't wait to go pants shopping, I'm thinking I'm going to be a size 7-8 when it's all said and done. Not bad for my bone structure.
Hope u have all been well!
Sarah. Xx

Gym selfies.

I was alone in the gym tonight so I decided to take some pictures. I'm not working out with my garment on anymore unless I'm doing a serious running day. Tonight was light cardio and heavy lifting so I could have a breather. It went well and I'm so proud to be getting into shape. I'm on the home stretch now! :)

such a happy little vegemite!

nearly at the 3 month mark and everything is all but healed up. still a little swelling and lumpiness/numbness but most is gone now. Dr Hansen is well impressed and said i am healing 1 month faster than normal. I can only link that to good diet, gym and self massage.
I have completely stopped wearing all garments now. nearly 3 months, i think i gave it a good college try and im happy to be fitting into clothes that ive never been able to wear but still kept in the closet out of 'hope'.
My butt looks amazing now! Dr Hansen shaved all the fat off the lower back and hips/sides, the swelling as gone and i have been doing lunges. lol Its so hot i look like a girl in a 'young money' rap video, cant go wrong with that.
I will go for a round 2 lipo when i can deal with it. this time for the bra roll and outer thighs if i cant run them off. After that it will be as good as its ever going to get. Some people were born with the perfect body, and that ain't me....sie est la vie...

and another..

hi all! its telling me to update so i will. not much going on except i can honestly say that getting liposuction was the best decision ive ever made in my life (excluding college and career choices of course), and i would do it again in a heartbeat. i hope that my journey has inspired, helped and given others hope. xx

9 months out

Hello all. It's been nearly 9 months post surgery and I still stand by the fact that it has been one of the best decisions I ever made in my life. I keep looking better and better and getting those huge rolls of fat removed from my stomach and hips has been life changing.
It's also made it so much easier to exercise and I have slimmed down my legs and thighs through light exercise and diet changes. Really I couldn't be happier with my results and wonderful doctor.

the 1 year mark!

hi everyone!
wow, its been 1 year and 1 month. I had intended to do this review 1 month ago but i was moving house so i couldn't.
All i really have to say is that getting liposuction was the best decision i ever made. I look and feel fantastic and still eat whatever i want and do everything i did before. I do notice that when i work out it only takes a few weeks now and i get ripped! quite a difference from before when i felt like i was working and working for little to no results.
I look at my before photos and i cant believe the difference, its night and day! ( i cant believe i used to be that fat and gross!)
I still stand by my word that i encourage everyone who wants and needs liposuction to get it, just make sure you do your research and go to a good doctor. If you are in doubt then use the doctor i did, you are almost guaranteed the best results then. (his 99% satisfaction rate is not there for nothing).
Anyway, i thank you all for being on this journey with me and i hope that in some way my 100% honesty and transparency has helped you make the right choices for you and your body.
here's to looking good!

A request

hi! just some clearer updates on my progress as per requested.
im at my cabin in the San Jacinto mountains right now and the bathroom light dim, but at least u can see the results.
the last month i have been running 4 miles a day and doing 100x squats and crunches. its paying off!

working working out!

hi guys!
hope you all are doing well and getting ready for the holidays.
The last couple months ive been on a diet and exercise program. Eating plenty of organic vegetables, fruits and meat. I eat 1-2 steaks every week, and a lot of vegetable soups instead of salads because its getting cold.
my abs are pipping out now and i love it. Im finally at a point where im happy with my body and i can shop at any store and buy whatever clothes i want. its a great feeling.
Im still here, im still doing great, and i hope you all are too!
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

He's amazing! i wouldn't trust anybody else to do my surgery!

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