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It's been a long road for me I've been threw a bbl...

It's been a long road for me I've been threw a bbl from HughesTummy tuck from Dr. Younai. I've been feeling up & down about my results. I think it can be better than what it is now. I trust Hazani in sculpturing me and making my butt bigger & getting some fat from my tummy. Hazani is a nice calm truthful man. He lets you know what he can achieve. I look forward to getting my procedure done with Dr. Hazani


Waiting for Debbie or Gary to call me with my proposal. I need this surgery done.

Deposit is Paid as of 6/15/2016

Now all i have to do is what for my date ughhhhh. Kinda nervous but then again i'm not lol. I just want this to be done and over with. Anyone have dates possibly in October or December 2016.


Anyone having surgery in December with Hazani? Are the dates set for sure I need to know.

Surgery date finally 5/26/2017

So I went in again and got a consult. Dr. Hazani is the most coolest Dr. Yet lol. I had so many questions and he answered them and gave me his honest opinion and told me he will try. He didn't promise me like not doctors will say I promise. I will attach photos right now. I'm going to try and lose some weight before surgery. He said I can do lipo with bbl first then my fleur dis lur tummy tuck. He told me my butt needs to be sculpted and not bigger like I wanted it.


Well this time is a go for sure. My surgery date is 5/26/2017. This time im going for sure. I'm just a little nervous even tho I have had this surgery before. I have some things but I know I need to get more.


Exactly 1 month away wow. Time flies fast lol. I think I may have everything i need. Is lipo foam really needed?


Labs are done now the waiting beings...


4:30AM: Showered in hibiclens and getting ready to drive to the surgery center.
Today is the day. Kinda nervous scared and a bit I've been through this before. We shall see how it goes. Wish me luck every one


So ladies he gave me 1260 ccs. So far I like my results. Looks like he did good lipo on my tummy. It's smaller than it was before. I will post pics when I'm able to do so. Body is so sore right now can't wait to see how many liters of fat he took out.


Best pic I can get so far. Looks like I will for sure need a tummy tuck.

Finally got the garment on wheww.

Attached a few pics. I know I have more healing to do. I've been down this road before all I want is a great butt with a flat tummy.


When does swelling go down? I'm trying to figure out lol.


Car riding.

Good faja

Where can I get a good faja from with good compression? I know it's a store in Huntington Park. Is that a good store? I need some better compression.

2 weeks

Sleeping in tho tonight along with the binder. I feel great now really didn't feel any pain after surgery either. Just sore and stiff.

3 weeks Post Op today

Today marks 3 weeks post op. The only thing I can say is my back is still sore from the lipo. When I bend feels like it's tearing apart and burning sensation. I have attached pics with out the garment on.

Tummy tuck needed

I will be needing another tummy tuck ughhh. How long do people normally wait it out.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

Dr. Hazani has been so great to me. I'm beyond ready for this procedure

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