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So, I've always always had an issue with my belly....

So, I've always always had an issue with my belly. No matter how fit I looked, it was always something that I was self conscious of. It's finally time for me to do it. I've been working out seriously for a few years and unless I'm on an extreme diet, my belly does not go down. My belly is also the very first thing to come back when I do put on some weight. I've decided that I don't want to be super thin, or my version of super thin anyway... I lost about 30 lbs last year which was great, but I was bony and I totally lost my butt. Like, totally. It was awful. Sooo, I'm 49 and my skin is in good shape as far as loose skin after lipo goes, so I'm doing it. I'm getting my lower and upper abs and my hips/flanks done. I will have a waist for the first time in years! My husband doesn't get it, so that was a deal for a few days. I mean, its nice that he likes me the way I am, but I want to do this for me. I want to sit down and not feel that huge roll that no one can see until I sit. I want to wear a dress with a belt. I want to see the abs I've been working so hard on! So, in about 4 weeks, it's happening! Yay!!

Worried about timing

I scheduled my surgery on a week my 9 year old is at sleep away camp. I've always worked on talking with her about positive self image and how the images we see on magazines are really photoshopped and all that, so I'm not sure I want to tell her I'm undergoing an elective surgery on my body. Problem is, her birthday party will be on my day 6. And my in laws are arriving on my day 4. Oops. What are the chances I'll be able to conceal my recent surgery?

Two days to surgery!

So, I'm almost there. I'm out shopping with my daughter and forced myself to take pics in the dressing room... Ugh. As if dressing rooms could be worse... Anyway- I feel really bloated today and I hope I didn't gain too much weight.

Day of surgery

Ok- the actual surgery was a piece of cake for me. Only one little area towards the end was slightly uncomfortable. I kept falling asleep during the procedure. So that was good. I don't remember most of it- I believe I stood up during the surgery so the dr could see how everything was going in an standing position. Somehow I got home with the cg and foam on. I don't remember them fitting it on me at all. Thank god I had a friend there to help me! When I first book it, they said uber would be a fine way to get home. I honestly can't tell how it looks yet, but I go in for my follow up appt tomorrow. I can drive myself to the Dr's office. At this first appt, he will take off everything and I'll take some pics there as well. I do feel amazing lying down, we'll see how it goes when I "thaw" out throughs out the night! Here are my first pics post op- I'll update tomorrow-

day after operation

ok, i went to the doc today. he took off my cg and took pics, although, they are a little frightening. the nurse saw the pictures and told me i look much better in reality... anyway, sore today, but moving a lot. after the checkup they told me to go home and shower and put on my fresh garment. omg. that was terrifying. it's so weird to see your body so different. and painful. and lumps in places you don't expect due to swelling. it was definitely an ordeal. he said the procedure went perfectly. they took a gallon out of me! i don't really know the norm, but it sounds like a lot. anyway, here are the pics... i look lumpy and loose, but i feel confident it'll improve. i mean, its the second day, right??

Day 4 pics

I stopped the pain meds today and definitely feel the pain! Advil will have to do. I stayed flat on the bed for most of the day and I feel like the swelling has gone down a bit. I'm sore to the touch on the areas treated, although still a little numb. There is swelling in my lower abs and my flank area. I'm a little concerned about the possible dent in my lower abs, but I was definitely warned that my pubic area would swell, so I'm trying to keep that in mind. My cg isn't creasing on the area that I speak of, so that makes me feel better too. I really appreciate all the detailed reviews from people before me that I help with all these uncertainties in my head! Hope these posts help!

omg the SWELLING!

ok. the swelling, the swelling... ugh. thank god for this site so I can read about everyone else's experience! Disclaimer: I did, in fact, go to Disney and walked around in 90% humidity for over 12 hours yesterday, so that wasn't smart, but the swelling did start getting bad before that- around day 5 or 6. when it's bad, my mons pubis and surrounding area is completely blown up. so much so that my hip flexors and even the tops of my thighs are huge. It's like a spare tire of water retention around my body at hip level. yesterday, the day of Disney, I weighed myself when I got home and was 7 or 8 lbs heavier than that morning. I was already 5 lbs heavier than my pre op weight before that, so that's a grande total of 12-13 lbs heavier than the day I went in for the procedure. I know lipo is not a weight loss procedure, but I'd be surprised if I don't end up losing at least a few pounds simply from the absence of what they took out. basically, it's a hard time in this whole experience. I feel massive. it's pretty painful to move as well. I won't be bending over to pick anything up without wincing for a while. I'm still pretty bruised too, with the exception of a really bright yellow mons pubis, lol. all in all, from what I gather, I'm moving along at a normal pace. I keep reading that the swelling goes down from this point, or not! no way to tell, but at least it doesn't sound like my recovery is unusual in any way. I'll continue to keep y'all posted while eating pineapples, arnica and advil:)

Saw the dr today

hi! saw the dr today to talk about the swelling. apparently, I freak my self out and the swelling is not as crazy as I think it is. he assured me all is well and that it's time to get back into exercise. any type of exercise. he kept repeating that I can not mess up my results at this point. all I can do is improve and exercise and massage is the key. sooo, i'll stop whining and work out and massage myself! it does hurt like crazy though. but, he says that it always hurts less than it did the previous time, so that's good. I do have a lymphatic massage next week that I'm looking forward to as well. I'll post some pics soon-

8 lbs lighter in a day!

Wow, the difference a day makes! I am 8 lbs lighter than yesterday. Thank god. The swelling has gone down. I was sooo uncomfortable. I am on a diaretic now, which is obviously contributing to the change. I have to say though, the massage was the big shift. I bought a deep tissue massager at the drug store and it broke up all that hard swelling so much easier than I could have done myself. I still need to get a lymphatic drainage massage next week, but just breaking up that fluid has been amazing. Here's the massager I got...

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager 04290-300 Variable Speed and Four Heads for Customized Pain Relief by Wahl Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Massager 04290-300 Variable Speed and Four Heads for Customized Pain Relief
by Wahl

I'll try to get new pics tomorrow:)

12 days

I've been really focusing on massage to break that fluid up. I just had my first post op professional massage, and man... Ouch, but ahhhh. The therapist does 25 minutes training and 25 minutes massage. I was surprised how weak I was, but I can tell it's going to help me get back into my workout routine. And I feel like I can move so much better. Here are some pics- still a lot of swelling, but sooo much better. Im slightly yellow and bruised as well.
Beverly Hills Dermatologic Surgeon

He was lovely when I met him today. Very calm and confident. He has been doing it for 30 years and he still seems excited when talking about the changes I'll see. I felt no salesy vibe, and I like the way he approaches it. He uses local anesthetic which I was unsure of until he explained the reason- he wants the patent to stand up during the surgery so he can evaluate how it's looking. I liked that a lot. He does tumescent(?) lip with micro candelas, again, I'm not a doctor, but the way he explains everything made me feel like I understand the whys of the procedure. Thank god for this site. I've been researching everything and everyone's experiences and I feel prepared and calm.

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