Consultation Only - 45 Yr Old Mother, Wife Needing a Little Polishing Through Laser/sculpting Lipo - Beverly Hills, CA

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I met with Dr. Emer and fell in love with him. I'm...

I met with Dr. Emer and fell in love with him. I'm currently 20lbs overweight, if that and need a little jump start to my program. Dr. Emer absolutely said I would have amazing results and seemed to be excited to do my procedure. Anyway, I did not leave his office with a quote and was emailed it later that evening. My quote was for $24k, are you kidding me! Ok so now I feel like a train wreck and need a complete overhaul. I began to correspond with his consultant Melissa and asked if that was the best pricing. I explained that it was a little inflated but was still interested in having my procedure with him. I told her we could maybe take a few areas off to get the price down. She told me she would speak with the doctor and get back to me. I informed her I was ready to do this asap. So, I never heard back. In the meantime I met with another doctor and quote that was realistic. I emailed Melissa back to inform that I felt I wasn't a patient worth having since I wasn't willing to pay the original amount quoted and she just never even cared to give me a new quote. I also informed her that I did take my business elsewhere and the doctor I booked with did think I was of a value to have as a patient. I wonder if Dr. Emer will even ever know Melissa cost me $15k. Such a shame because I think he's a great doctor. All she could offer was good luck with your procedure, really? Not even an attempt to offer me a filler or some treatment to keep as a patient for additional procedure....shame on her!


Melissa from Dr. Emer's office has since reached out to me to apologize. I will say Melissa was truly genuine and heartfelt in her apology for not originally following up with me. I believe this was in the sincerest nature and I appreciate her honest effort to reach out to me. As patients deciding to do this type of procedures, we desire catering to in order to help one through such a vulnerable time. Melissa, thank you for the phone call and handling this In the best professional way. My review was only based on my personal feeling of how I was treated during my experience. As I've continued to state, Dr. Emer is amazing but I've decided with a different doctor and practice that fits my needs.
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I think Dr. Emer is amazing but his consultant Melissa lacks follow up with potential patients. If you aren't willing to spend a certain amount, well there's no room to work with them. It's a real shame because Dr. Emer is an amazing doctor but my $15k I guess wasn't enough for their practice and wanted $24k for my procedure.

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