James Pearson- Permalip 5mm Top & Bottom (CANCELLED)

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Booked the appointment/surgery for 11/29/16. The...

Booked the appointment/surgery for 11/29/16. The patient coordinator is quick to respond but, not very clear on certain things:

I asked to block out a pre-op planning time right before the surgery so that Dr. Pearson and I could have a clear idea of what my goals were but, I still haven't received the actual time for the pre-op consult and for the surgery time for the 29th- which is odd to me. It's definitely not efficient since I did state I was an out of state patient and I need to book accommodations (flight, hotel, etc.).

I'll update as the plan unfolds but, at this time- I'm starting to regret booking and paying the deposit of $650 due to how everything is so "up in the air" with no official schedule.

Anyways, I decided on getting Permalip because I'm tired of getting fillers. The time for travel and up keep is very tedious and I'm busy with traveling for work so, it's a major hassle.

I decided on Dr. Pearson because I met with him initially -a few months ago- for a lip lift. He was fantastic and very thorough. He spent a good amount of time answering all my concerns and I didn't feel rushed or pressured. I ultimately didn't want the lip lift so, I researched lip implants and they seemed to cater to my goals much more and Dr. Pearson happens to do lip implants too so, it all worked out.

I'm planning to get the 5mm for top and bottom. I prefer a thicker lip so, I think it'll be a good fit.

UPDATE: 11/10/16

I got my time! So excited! I finally got to booking my accommodations. I wish I were able to get it on the day I booked though because I had a hard time finding a place since nearly everything was full due to the Holidays.

Lip size- 5mm

My lips now are a good size but, I want them fuller. I'll be getting the implants with my fillers present.
My current lips are on my profile pic.

Vitrase today?

Seeing my injector today. Will ask her to melt off a few areas for the implants. Esp around the corners so that I don't end up with a wide mouth after surgery.

Preparations for surgery

I had my injector melt away the corners. She advised that I do this in small increments so that there isn't a sudden amount of volume loss which could lead to a "droopy" mouth. I don't plan on getting more Vitrase done and she agreed that it should be fine getting the implants with the fillers I had. (Dr. Pearson also said it would be alright too so, I'm feeling good about that.)

I also plan to get PRP done (once I've healed after Permalip) and called in to get the 'okay'. I'm really impressed that I got a call from the doctor- himself- within the hour! (I've never had a doctor call me like that before so, I feel even more solid with my choice to go with Dr. Pearson.)

Anyways, will update on PRP in a couple months.

Overall, I'm really excited about this and can't wait for my implants!!!

Before and After Vitrase

I'm hoping the implants will fill my lips out like how I had them before the Vitrase. I prefer a fuller pout so, I chose the 5mm implants (top and bottom).

Lips with fillers (comparison update)

I attached my lips with fillers only. This was about 4-5 months ago. The fullness only last for about a month and then tapers off to the size of the pictures I attached to the previous update (look above).

I like the fullness that fillers give but, my body doesn't hold it for very long. I metabolize it much more rapidly than the average person. (I also have a naturally fast metabolism and I wonder if it's due to this? Not sure but, I had blood work done to confirm this a year ago.)


Decided to cancel my procedure due to a death in my family. I'm not in a good place for any type of surgery at this time.
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