Laser Lipo in Abdomen and Handles - Beverly Hills, CA

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I want to get rid of small spare tire in abdomen...

I want to get rid of small spare tire in abdomen and small handles using the least invasive method possible, which also looks like the least expensive, as compared to regular lipo where they flap your skin up from hip to hip. The doctor's before and after pictures look impressive and I thing it will be very good for what I need.

64 year-old's experience with lasor-lipo

I am in very good shape except for a pot around the middle. 14 weeks ago I decided I either live with the pot for the rest of my life or I don't and I went for 'don't'. Everyone at the doctor's office was VERY NICE! Including Dr. Saul and receptionist Lulu. The procedure was very easy for me. Dr. Saul told me of some for whom it wasn't but it seemed to me that the great variable was tension. Dr. Saul offered a prescription for a sedative but I am naturally very calm and the procedure was not threatening to me so I did not get the sedative. I was on the table 2 hours. The pain was negligible. A few pinches when the topical was applied in 3 places below the underwear line and in the belly button. The tools probing under my skin was nothing. I didn't feel it much. An anesthesia is applied as the tool probes. Dr. Saul asked me if I wanted to listen to any particular radio station so we listened to my favorite talk-radio for the duration. I leaked fluid mixed with blood for about 48 hours. I ruined 2 pair of underwear with stains so make sure the assistant wraps you up with gauze and tape tightly. And gives you enough to adequately wrap yourself at least 2 times in the next couple days. For some reason my belly button leaked a clear liquid for nearly a month. I had to keep a gauze square under my compression garment all that time. Dr. said it was fat. Makes sense. Two days ago I emailed Dr.'s office to let them know that I my pot had not completely 'resolved', as Dr. Saul repeatedly said it would. I still have approximately 1/3 of the pot I had before the procedure. Even though a large reduction in the pot is very nice, I probably would not have paid $4300 and gone through weeks of recuperation had I expected to retain 1/3 of the pot. Speaking of recuperation, I really wasn't all that limited in my normal routine after the first couple days of draining/leaking. In fact, the procedure was on a Tuesday and I went for a fitting on Friday and spent 12 hours shooting a Subaru commercial the next Monday. I took a pain med the night of the procedure and I think that was the only time. Last week I emailed the Dr.'s office to say that my pot wasn't resolving, I receive a reply that Dr. Saul wants me to come see him. I went in on 10/19. Dr. Saul said that some people take up to 6 months to 'resolve'. BTW, 'Resolve' means that the fat is absorbed by the body released in urine. So, he said 'make an appointment for 8 weeks from now and if the remainder doesn't 'resolve' then I will go back in at no cost to you. I stand behind my work'. Can't get better than that!
NOTE: I tried uploading some pre-op pictures and a couple post-op pics but pictures would not upload.

14 weeks after procedure update

Final results after 2nd lypo procedure.

Had 2nd (gratis) lipo procedure. This is the result.
Los Angeles Physician

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