5'4 200lbs Soon to Be 38 Y/o Mom of 2 Getting Ready for Laser Assisted Liposuction - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hello every one, I am a 37 y/o (38 real soon)...

Hello every one, I am a 37 y/o (38 real soon) mother of 2. My oldest being 19 (going on 20 next month). This means that I've been longing to fix my problem areas now for 2 decades. My stomach, waist line and back. I am 5'4 approx. 200lbs. I really don't have trust with the BMI as it doesn't account for the body's other components such as water, muscle and bone. As of now I work full time and cannot afford the down time of a full tummy tuck (which I think is what I really need). So for now I'm opting for laser assisted lipo. I called to get a consult with Sonobello in Beverly Hills, CA, its close to my job and not too far from home.
My first impression of the office was ok, looks clean and nice but small and that's probably because I didn't get a grand tour. The "patient care consultant" was very forward and pushy. I almost felt pressured to do this. and it was the end of the business day. Needless to say I signed up and my procedure is set for the 10th of January 2015. I have a pre-op appointment with the Dr. performing this procedure. I will give an update in a week to discuss the meeting.
Bye for now...

post-op pics

01/03/2015 Had my pre-surgery evaluation this morning

Hi everyone,
Today I met the surgeon, Dr. John Hsu and now that I've met him I kind of feel relieved. He was nice, pleasant and confident in his practice which is important. I searched every where for reviews on this Doctor but could only find one and it was a good one. I found that he is a D.O. (licensed through the osteopathic medical board of California) and not an M.D. Now that I've done my research on the differences, I'm good with it. I also learned that he is the founder of the founder of the Bellavita Center in Beverly Hills, CA. I would love to see more of his work in before and after. I can tell that they have a large client/patient load, because they go through the steps quick. But they did answer my questions and let me take my time with my concerns. I now have 1 week to go. I'm not nervous or anxious yet...I am very optimistic about the results.
Dr. Hsu did tell me upfront that with my skin showing the wrinkling by the belly button area, he cannot guarantee that the skin will be tight (which I already know). He also discussed the fact that I will get some tightening and lift but not to go in too unrealistic. He also stated that I would definitely get a decrease in fat volume. And of course this procedure will do nothing for the stretch marks.
I have done the research on the risks, and the extent of correction a doctor can make and that individual results may vary.
With the kind of patient I am, my belly is very jiggly-soft and almost like a water balloon. The fat is weighing the skin down on my lower abs.
I am now off to get the dark colored clothes to bring, the Neosporin, extra absorbent pads, anti-bacterial soap, and fill my RX.
I'll update again post-op. Say a prayer for me. Bye.

2 week and 1 day post op

I keep having issues with uploading and updating so this is attempt 3 for this same post. I'll be keeping it simple so here we go.
Day 0 (day of surgery) Almost past out because I waited too long to eat. but once I ate and drank I was good so bring food and beverage. I had lots of bloody drainage and I was draining heavy one the left side but under further examination I realized that the pad under the compression garment was not on target. I basically did a lot of sleeping and waking and eating lol.
Day 1 p/o I was sore with slight swelling and constipated those antibiotics and the Norco will do that to you so I suggest high fiber intake. I also did a lot of sleep and waking and it was very uncomfortable to sit up straight so I reclined and laid flat in bed. I stopped draining today as well.
Day 2 p/o I did more walking around the house and some house hold chores. I even made a store run and the driving was uncomfortable because I had to sit up.
Day 3 p/o I returned to work and I do a lot of standing so I learned that by the end of the day I was very swollen and in discomforting pain. Too much standing or sitting can cause this but when I got home and took pain relief Arnica cream and a shower and LAYING down I was good. This also was the day that the stinging and burning sensation kicked in. My incisions were scabbed over and it was the last day for that white Abdominal binder too.
Day 4-7 p/o I became extremely swollen tight and uncomfortable especially after standing all day. Day 5 I think I was the biggest in regards to swelling. Day 6 had slight bruising show up and day 7 was the follow-up appt. and it went well I even was down a whole pound. I also ordered my one size smaller compression garment.
Week 2 p/o I'm down another 3lbs the swelling is going down more and more and no bruising. At the f/u appt. they asked if I wanted more Norco and I said no and by day 12 p/o I stopped ALL pain meds and I only use the Arnica cream and that stuff works well for me. I had 4,000cc (4L) total removed But I do understand that I was a better candidate for a TT. So I gotta stay realistic with my results and give it time by 6 months you'll be able to see 100% of your results and that does not mean 100% of the fat will be gone. I haven't worked out in over a year and I'm giving myself time to heal then I'll be back. But for now trying to eat right and walking plus wearing these compression garments 23/7 is where I'm at on this journey.

update pictures

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