45 Yrs Old - Initial Results Positive - but Change of Mind is What Makes the Results - Beverly Hills, CA

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Even though I put NO - not worth it I have to...

Even though I put NO - not worth it I have to admit that the procedure did what is promised. I went from 268 down to 235 within the first 3-5 months. I went to the adjustment appointments for the first year with little weight loss as a result.

The first issue I have is that I was promised no additional charges....ever. Even for the adjustments. I started getting very large bills and they only stopped when I threatened to take this an attorney that would air a commercial for other individuals who were promised the same. The Beverly Hills center then stopped calling or perusing payments.

Here's the meat though. Though losing a good 30+ pounds is motivating, you really have to want to change. In short, I continued to eat through the pain and through the choking when I was eating to much. In addition, I continued to eat the wrong stuff. I maintained 245-255 for the next 3 years. I stopped going to the adjustments 2 years ago, and the ones that do have better success.

Not till I was diagnosed with Partial Complex Seizures (not a condition due to weight) did I get serious about getting healthy ( 3 months ago) Through a routine exercising and EATING GOOD FOODS, which is 90% of the battle and results I have put muscle, lost 20 pounds and over 2 inches. The key for me was creating a system and routine which is why I'm writing this review as I hope that many of you can find what works for you.

Mine is:
I walk the dog - 20 minutes in the morning every day. This gets me away and ready to go.
I do 33 minutes of elliptical - weight loss - started at 6 resistance low and 10 resistance high - now at 12/16
I do a change up of strength building - 2 days build specific areas, 1 day using bands, 2 days toning specific areas, 1 day using bands, Sunday - rest
I eat right. myfitnesspal is a great app that is a good guide. ...and it's FREE! What I found helped was to keep withing the calories per day NOT counting the exercising which resulted in being under the calorie count every day. There is a fulfilling reward to log in the exercising you do and keeping under the calories count. This app tracks vitamins and has literally every food / restaurant/ etc in it's database. In addition, you can import any recipe from any site and it logs everything for you. This everyday accountability has been amazing.

Different way of thinking - There are a lot of books on changing your lives and creating habits. Howver, The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg made a difference to me as it goes more into recognizing the triggers for your current habits and how to redirect them. In other words it is not trying to pull off a 180 which can be discouraging.

2nd is eating more healthy through guides like Wheat Belly and Grain Brain. Not that I expect everyone to give up carbs / gluten but it is an addiction. (also get tested to see if you are allergic) Since I've really decreased the in-take of these and eat more good fats the body utilizes the fuel in a more effective way. In truth, these things could be the new lotion/potion of the day...but for me it works. One last thing...

Putting 1 tablespoon of Trader Joes Organic Virgin Coconut oil in my coffee every morning has been unbelievable. simply put, I'm just not hungry...ever. I have to force myself to eat to avoid too little calorie intake.

So, for me, I simply wish I "changed my mind" earlier and didn't have to go through the drastic means to make minor alterations to my life. I'm glad there are so many success stories of people who got the surgery, but I'd put a lot of money down that those results also came with a life change of exercise and better choices in what they eat.
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