Hereditary of Big Labia - Beverly Hills, CA

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I've been wanting to get this procedure done since...

I've been wanting to get this procedure done since I became an adult. Living eith it hasn't always been easy, but two days after my 31st bday I decided to fly to Beverly Hills, CA to get it done. It's been a few days since surgery and I'm feeling discomfort. The medicine makes me drowsy and the swelling is getting a little better. It still looks asymmetrical, but I. know I'm not done healing. I can't wait to be pain and discomfort free.

before labiaplasty...

It's been a week now and the swelling isn't as bad as the 1st few days, but the discomfort and the pain from the stitches still exist. I don't like the appearance of my labia still...but i know ir has to heal to see the full outcome. It's still uneven from where the Dr cut more on 1 side than the other. #Smh

before labiaplasty...

These are my pics before the surgery

after labiaplasty...

This pic is 2 days post op...I can clearly see the uneven cut, but I was told it's not done healing and to give it time. A lot was taken off, I only wanted my labia to look symmetrical and to reduce the amount of skin on the clitoral hood. I HOPE in time the appearance looks better and symmetrical, but all I have is hope and no guarantee unfortunately ????

12days and I'm still swollen and asymmetrical

I still feel discomfort and light pain due to the stitches and healing process. I feel like I made a bad decision getting this surgery done????...only bcuz I'm still unhappy???? due to how my body was setup prior to the surgery the TRIM method was used which was fine. I just feel awkward that I sacrificed my time, my trust, my body, and my money to be disappointed with the outcome. I'm a little pessimistic sorry, but anyways I really hope the outcome of this gets better. I can feel in my inner labia a little bit...pain mostly from the incisions I guess, like someone has a voodoo doll of me and is sticking pins and needles in my crotch area. I never wanted to lose my sensation down there inner labia used to be very sensitive to the touch. Now I'm playing the waiting game to see if my nerves will kick in pleasure wise as if nothing ever happened and also to see if my cooter will be visually pleasant ????

3 weeks post op

Still not happy with the results, but the healing is getting better. The scalloped look to me looks terrible. I have a gut feeling when I am completely healed I will need revision work done in 6 I gotta spend more money to look and feel better all over again. #Smh

3 weeks post op

Still asymmetrical and scalloped labia appearance

6wks post op and I'm hating the fact I wasted my money on this????

"Dog ears/knobs" present as well as asymmetry and extra skin. Revision is needed in the future by a real professional to fix this!

still indifferent

I talked to the doctor's assistant about a revision as well as e-mailed the pics to show why I feel I need it. She spoke to the doctor and he will do it at no charge once I heal, but he feels as if I don't need it. I of course beg to differ. I want the wedge technique done and hopefully he can do it. No more trimming sucks that I have to make travel arrangements again though for this.????

revision in the makings

Still unhappy with the outcome and I've decided to go to a more experienced board certified doctor for my desired look. I still have "dog ears" and one side of my labia chopped with so much clitoral hood extra skin left. Smh, I found out the hard way to do more detailed research for what you want. I hope this is a lesson to all females who wants to do this. Do a thorough check of a board certified plastic surgeons credentials and view before and after pictures of his/her work as well as patient reviews before you waste your money or else you'll be like me in the end saving up more money to get revision work to fix someone else's work.
Beverly Hills General Surgeon

great professionalism, but I'm worried about the outcome of my labiaplasty

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