28 Yrs Old/ Petite/ BA and BBL with Dr. Kenneth Hughes - Beverly Hills, CA

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Since I already had my procedure I'm going to try...

Since I already had my procedure I'm going to try and breakdown my experience in steps and hopefully some of you will find it helpful. A little back ground on myself is I'm 28 years old, 4'11, 98 lbs. Yes, I'm pretty petite. Two reasons I decided to get this procedure done: 1) Not only am I petite but I also don't look my age. Many women tell me to be grateful because it'll come in handy when I'm older but when you have High School kids and 21 year old's hitting on you it get's annoying and sad. I'm in the legal field so a lot of people also judge me on looking young and think I don't have the experience. I'm hoping that with a bit more curves it'll change things. 2) I love vintage, 40's and 50's. I love the look of pin-up girls but most of these women are curvy and voluptuous so I'm sure you can imagine how I feel every time I go shopping at vintage stores and my boobs or butt do not fill out the dress. Overall, I didn't want anything crazy. I recognize that I have a small frame and was looking for something that would look full and compliment it.


Pre-Consultation: Before my consultation with Dr. Hughes I looked at RealSelf and his website. I read up on his background and made sure he had all the board certifications that are recommended. In looking at his website I noticed he had a list price ranges for each procedure. What?! No doctor ever does that. They usually try to lure you in and get your info before they give out prices. I felt the transparency of his prices was a good sign that he was not out to rip anyone off and priced according to the amount of work that needed to be performed. I did not take any wish pictures because I want the doctor to focus on my body and how they can work with what I’ve got. He has consultations Tuesday or Thursday’s and they are free!

Consultation: Upon arriving the receptionist was very polite and I signed in. Dr. Hughes shares his office I think 4 other doctors so the waiting area was pretty packed. I waited about 30 minutes before I was called in then waited another 15 minutes before seeing the Dr. Once I met Dr. Hughes he was very professional, thanked me for waiting and we got right into it. First I explained what I was looking for and after hearing me out he did a physical view of my breasts, stomach and buttocks and began hitting each point of what he could do for me and what he recommended.
BA: Since I have a small frame I was looking for something small (Full A or Small B cup) so that I wouldn’t look fake but proportionate. I was thinking Silicone implants and I was still up I the air about where the incision should be. Dr. Hughes quickly recommended I go for a Full B cup and estimated between 275-300cc. In his experience he found that when women go small most of them regret it later and want a fuller look and get revisions, which cost more money. I took this into consideration but was not convinced, I felt that maybe it would be too big. He agreed on silicone implants and recommended my incision be under the breast since my breasts naturally already had a flap/crease.

BBL: I had no idea how many cc’s I wanted but I knew I wasn’t looking for a Kardashian butt, just something more plump. Since I’m skinny a lot of my family members were asking where the fat would come from but my stomach is deceiving. I love beer so I had a little beer belly and some love handles. Upon looking at my stomach Dr. Hughes right away said, “Ohh yeah I can get plenty of fat for a BBL”, haha. He estimated about 600 cc per buttocks.

I liked that Dr. Hughes could do both procedures in one surgery. That would mean less OR costs and less time off. Most people decide not to do bot because it is a hard recovery. If I did these procedures separately then I would have had to pay for the OR and anesthesiologist twice. I asked to see some silicone implants to get an idea of how they feel and about what size I would be getting. He then described a little bit about each procedure and when I didn’t have any more questions he said his assistant Lorena would be in to talk price and other details.

Lorena: Lorena is living proof of Dr. Hughes work. She’s not only his assistant but she also got a BA and BBL done at the same time by Dr. Hughes. This was awesome to see because I got to ask her soo many questions and first hand see his work. She explained the pricing and Dr. Hughes gave me a pretty good deal. She also explained my financing options with them. She was very informative and answered a lot of my questions regarding her personal procedure and how she recovered. She even provided me with websites to find different things. Once of my main questions was sleeping and how she did it. She recommended buying a lilo made for pregnant ladies so they can sleep on their bellies. It’s a plastic inflatable with a hole in it where instead of your belly you put your butt through the hole so you can sleep on your back.

I left their office feeling very comfortable and most of all excited. Other than the sizes I felt sold on what Dr. Hughes had to offer. I went home and researched more on him from reviews on yelp, realself, his time at Boris, and again his website. I saw nothing but good things. Some bad reviews I did see were regarding his cocky attitude and some people felt rushed. Having had my consultation I could see why they thought he was cocky but in my time with him I feel it was more confidence and the fact that he doesn’t make small talk. He’s straight to the point and tells you exactly what he thinks. Another review I found was a girl not happy with her BBL results. She posted this on Realself but never supplied any pictures. I took it into consideration but BBL’s are very tricky because it’s not an implant and any doctor cannot guarantee how much fat your body will accept. BBL’s also require a lot of recovery time because you can’t sit and you never known how diligent these patients were in taking care of their booty. Other then 2 or 3 negative reviews he has hundreds of great reviews and his clients overall were very happy with his work. The negative reviews were also nothing like my doctor botched my surgery or some type of malpractice which was a plus.

I called to make my other consultation and they informed me that the doctor would not do both procedures at the same time. This doctor also charged $200 for a consultation! I only met with Dr. Hughes but my gut was telling me he was the one. I thought about it for a week and decided to go with Dr. Hughes. (I think what was also a selling factor was that he wore a Marvel scrub cap ;) ).

Pre-OP Appointment

At this appointment there weren’t a lot of people there but I still waited about 30 minutes or more to see the doctor. The waiting times at Dr. Hughes office suck but looking back he answers emails 24/7 and any time I had my appointment he never rushed me out the door and stayed until he answered all my questions so I would expect he do the same for everyone. So be prepared to wait, it’s worth it. At this appointment we went over all the final details of the surgery itself, procedure and sizes. I mentioned before I was reluctant on the sized he recommended but I decided to trust his judgment and go for his recommendations. He answered several questions I had and then I was off to finalize financial details with Lorena. I paid for my surgery in full and she walked me through what I had to do and bring on the day of surgery, what to wear, etc. She also gave me my prescriptions.

Preparation before Surgery

Once I had my surgery date set I started prepping for what to expect after and making a list of things I needed to buy. A good source of info is Dr. Hughes website. He gives you instructions on what to do pre-op and post op and also links to detailed info on BA and BBL procedures, methods and things that could go wrong.

As far as things I bought here is a list:
Lilo bed
Booty Buddy
Vitamins (1 a day, Vitamin C, Iron)
Arnica Tea and Gel
Pedialight (I drank right after my surgery sicne my stomach was empty and it really helped give me energy)
Wet wipes
Soups (First two days that’s all I ate)
Stool softener
I also bought some frozen meals or easy to make breakfast food. The first couple days after surgery my arms were really sore and did not have a lot of strength. Anything to keep me from cooking for the first couple of days. Some people recommend pineapple and ginger for the swelling.

Some people recommend a female urinal but I never needed to use one
Fill all your prescriptions prior to
Small trash can (I took this with me in the car in case I was nauseous after the surgery)
Um, there may be other things I'm missing but feel free to ask

Day of Surgery & Before Pics

I got to the office at 9AM. They had me fill out some disclaimer forms. An assistant moves me into the pre-op room where I change and she takes my vitals. A little while later the anesthesiologist comes in to talk me through what his part in the surgery is and how it will work. He also asks me about any prior bad reactions to the anesthesia. He was very humorous and said since I was so petite he had his work cut out for him locating my veins. It was nice to laugh since I was really nervous. A little while later Dr. Hughes comes in and seems pumped, haha. He talked me through his part of the surgery and made sure I knew what I was going into and confirmed the procedure and sizes. He took before pictures and the nurse took me to the OR. They cleaned me, had me lay down on the table, the anesthesiologist put oxygen on me and as he thought it was hard to find my vein but when he did it was a small pinch and next thing I know I’m waking up in recovery. I was worried about being nauseous right away but it felt like I took a good nap. I was really cold and shaking. The assistant helped dress me, gave me a pain pill and she took me out by wheelchair to the car. I laid in the back seat on my side. Once on the 405, stuck in traffic of course, I felt the pain kick in. The pain was mostly from my breasts and it felt like they were burning. I had my vomit bucket and I felt like throwing up twice but never did. Once home my sister helped me into the lilo bed and I was pretty much in and out of sleep for the rest of the day. The bottle says one pill every 4 to 6 hours for pain but it wasn’t doing anything for me. I called the doctor’s office and they said to take two. I did that for the first day. I remember looking at my butt and it was HUGE!!! Soo swollen. I had minor bruising from the lipo but I had a lot of bruising on my buttocks. I looked like someone really beat up my butt..thanks Dr. Hughes! He made a total of 5 incisions for lipo: 2 above my groin area, one in my belly button, one around my mid back and one on my lower back. Stitches are dissolvable.

1 Week Post-OP

I took one week off of work. I think the first week of recovery was the hardest. The first three days I mostly slept, getting up every so often to walk around and make sure the blood was flowing. I actually needed a lot more help than I originally thought. My arms were weak as well as my back and it was hard moving around because my butt was not only swollen but really hard. I felt a lot of discomfort from the implants as if there were tons of weight on my chest but that is normal. I emailed Dr. Hughes regarding the pads under my compression garment. They were very wet and I was worried about leaving something moist against open wounds. He said I could change the pads and to make sure I stayed dry. The most drainage I had was on day 1. I recommend buying these drainage pads so you can change them at home. Prior to the surgery I was really worried about drainage but Dr. Hughes assured me that if I wore the compression garment as directed drainage shouldn’t be an issue. Day 2 I had very little drainage and by day 3 I was no longer wearing drainage pads. The first 2 days I slept like a baby, the third day It was a little harder to sleep. I thought I would be able to handle sleeping on the Lilo but after a couple of days it was hurting my lower back and my body wanted to sleep in another position. By day 5 I gave in and slept on my boobs. It actually was not painful but since you are still healing I would recommend to lay down slowly and not move or pull around your boob area. In trying to get comfy I think I stretched my arm too high and a corner of my incision opened. It scabbed over but now I have to deal with the possibility of a bigger scar. Lorena gave me the advice of sleeping on my side since no fat was transferred to my hips and also recommended I buy Arnica tablets instead of tea or gel because those don’t really work. Sleeping on my side during the first week was difficult but not impossible. It just feels like discomfort and pressure because my boobs are still adjusting. Overall, if anyone is considering both procedures I think the biggest obstacle is sleep. Not pain, not swelling, just sleep. If you can’t function well without it maybe do these procedures separately. I’m the type of person whose mind set is let’s get shit done and I overestimated how fast I would heal. As advice to everyone out there don’t forget that everyone’s body if different so different people heal at different rates. I did a bunch of research to try and figure out how long it would take for me to recover. Some people said they recovered and were back to work in 4 days. Finally when my four days came around I was nowhere near going back to work. It was literally pissing me off that I was still in pain sore, swollen and not sleeping. Finally when I went in for my one week follow up Dr. Hughes reminded me that people are made differently and my body is a lot smaller than the people I was comparing myself to. Not only am I petite but I also have a small breast cavity so my recovery time would be longer than other people who naturally have a large breast cavity and can accommodate the implant. So little ladies out there make sure to take this into consideration in your recovery time. Getting out of the house and going to my appointment was really good. I would recommend that when your recovering and able try to take an easy walk or get out of the house. I actually felt a lot better being out and about. My post-op appointment went well. He looked over my breasts and buttocks and said they were looking good. He made sure I knew my butt was still very swollen and it would still get smaller. He recommended I do massages especially on my left side since I am right handed and to make sure to adjust my garment so it did not leave marks or indents on the same areas every time. The compression garment he gave me has three Velcro straps. Once again I’m petite and the garment went up either too high or too low. Other than my issue the garment works very well. He also noted that I needed to correct my posture. Especially when your skin is healing you want to train it to heal properly so don’t forget to keep good posture. He wanted to see me in three weeks and at that point he would check everything out and decide if I still needed to wear the garment. Also during this week I was washing my body with a towel and baby wipes and completely avoided my breast incisions. After my post op I got the ok to start showering like regular. Another note, during the first week I got a lot of chills, I felt like I got hot flashes, was getting a fever and overall getting sick. Dr. Hughes said that this was common and for some reason with the fat transfer to the butt the immune system reacts this way. This went away after week 1 and wasn’t an issue. Sorry I only took a picture with clothes on of my butt.

2 Weeks Post-OP

At 2 weeks PO I feel better. Swelling has gone down, bruising is down and I can move a little better. I feel that the Arnica tablets worked a lot better than the gel and I recommend buying the tablets instead. Now that I’m healing my biggest issues are sleeping and the tightness of the compression garment. I wear it 24/7, other than showers, as directed and it sucks! I have not been sitting on my butt and I miss it dearly. Every time I see someone sit down I envy them but I’m hoping it’ll be worth it in the end and hey, no pain no gain! I started working half days this week and since I’m not sleeping well I get tired very easily. I’m keeping up with taking my vitamins and so far only my belly button stitch has fallen out. Oh also I forgot to mention that Dr. Hughes estimated 600 cc’s per cheek and after the surgery was done he was able to put 800cc’s per butt! I may be tiny but I had some cushion! Beer Bellies come in handy :) So far I feel that the outer areas of my butt are starting to soften up but it’s still mostly hard. My breasts have dropped but not by a lot. I do feel less pressure and continue to massage them. I started massaging the right more and now I think it’s dropping faster. Also, at some point in this week I started having discharge and what seemed to be my period. It looked dark red like when I’m finishing my period (lining). I was worried because I finished my period 2 days before my surgery so I shouldn’t be getting it again that quickly. I emailed Dr. Hughes and he told me it’s common for menstrual cycles to be affected by surgery. I did a little more research and many people have had their periods come early or not at all after surgery. Surgery can mess with your hormones and cause issues like this. It went away in a couple of days.

3 Weeks Post-OP

Week three was on Friday May 13th. I can move and walk a lot better now that my butt is softening up. My butt is softer but I would say that the center is still a little tough. My butt size has gone down considerably but it still looks perky and full, which I’m happy with. I just hope it doesn’t go down much more. Almost all the bruising is gone. As a note to anyone looking at the pictures I had stretch marks on my buttocks before this and are not a result of the procedure. I’ve been putting stretch mark cream on to see if they will diminish slightly. I also asked Dr. Hughes pre-surgery about what I could do about the stretch marks and he said that coco butter pregnant lady stretch mark cream does not work. It really comes down to genetics and if you get them you’ll get them. Some people use lasers to lessen the appearance but for me he did not recommend this because my stretch marks were already light and the laser only lightens them, so wouldn’t work. I’ve been very strict on not sitting on my buttocks. Trying to keep as many fact cells alive as possible! All of my lipo stiches have fallen out and are healed. From the lipo I’m still slightly numb on the sides of my abdomen and lower back. I still have stitches and scab on my breast incisions. I feel like my breast incisions are taking longer to heal because they are being irritated by the top of my compression garment rubbing against them. I’ve been very diligent wearing my compression garment but truthfully I hate that piece of crap. It’s for my own good and I want to make sure I shape properly but it’s soo uncomfortable, it limits my movement and it hurts my back. My next post-op visit is coming up and I really hope Dr. Hughes says it can go, at that point I will be holding a burning ceremony for it. ;)

5 weeks

To update you guys at this point all brushing is gone and overall I'm feeling great. I went in to see Dr. Hughes for my 4 week post op and he said everything was looking pretty good. I still need to wear a compression garment but he said I could choose another if I liked. If you ladies are looking for a place to buy fajas check out classicshapeless.com. They have a big variety, free shipping in the US, and easy returns/exchanges which is great if your estimating your size. I'm attaching a photo of the one I bought. If your a petite person like me with a small torso this mini cincher works pretty great. It applies pressure, shapes and still flexible. I wear this one during the day because it's softer and the one Dr. Hughes gave me at night which is tighter. My boobs are healing and feeling good. I'm still happy with the size but it'll be another 3 months or so until they drop. I'm going bra shopping tomorrow and very exited! My butt is healing as well. My butt still feels hard in the center of the cheeks. It's hard to say if my butt is still the same as the last pics I posted. Some days I feel it's big other I feel it went down then all of a sudden I feel it's big again, haha. I'm going to post pics again at 2 months to see if there was a difference and if it's gone done some. All of my incisions are healed but at this point they feel hard and are dark in color. I'm going to wait until 8 weeks to start putting scar cream on. After lipo I had some hard spots on my waist and bumpy spots on my stomach. After surgery I would massage them and at week 5 almost all of them are smoothed out and gone. Looking forward to my 6 week mark coming up this Friday. Not sure about how I feel sitting down though...

New Bras

So I went to Victoria's Secret this weekend to finally buy new bras. Since my surgery I've only worn the one Dr. Hughes gave me (for low cut stuff) and sports bras for everything else. I was amazed and very excited to find out I was a C cup!! I'm posting some pics of how the ladies look in bras. This was 295 cc natrelle inspiria if your guys are comparing or trying to figure out what it would look like. My chest still looks high but I think I have about 2-3 months more before they fully drop. My chest cavity was pretty small.
I'm sure a lot of other small ladies can relate but going from an A cup to a C is going to be amazing. I can't explain how beautiful and confident I felt in the fitting room trying in these bras. I wrote an email to Dr. Hughes thanking him for doing a great job and that this procedure has changed my life for the better. I'm glad I chose Dr. Hughes to do it. In my earlier posts I stated I went in looking for something that fit my body and was very against going bigger than a B cup. After looking at my body, Dr. Hughes recommended otherwise and I'm still happy I went with his recommendation. No regrets! I would never have chosen myself the size he went for. In t-shirts I look proportionate and full and not overly dramatic or fake which is what I wanted. I finally feel confident in a part of myself that I felt bad about for so long and it feels amazing almost liberating. I'm actually looking forward to trying on dresses!

6 Weeks

Finally made it. My six week mark was last Friday. To be completely honest I felt very awkward trying to sit again. It felt wrong and like I wasn't suppose to. So far I've been fully sitting on a pillow. Dr. Hughes advised me to sit but avoid hard surfaces. It's like re-training your butt to sit again. Most of my butt is soft except for the top middle. You can feel it's a bit harder when you sit. I wasn't going to put new photos up but Dr. Hughes said at this point my butt will stay where it's at. So I'll put pics now so in a couple months I can compare and see if it's gotten any smaller after being able to sit. I'm also posting some before and after. You can see that the swelling has gone down and my butt is smaller. At this point I'm still happy with both my butt and boob size. I still feel it's proportionate to my body and crossing my fingers my butt doesn't lose some volume now that I'm sitting.

3 months post op

It's been 3 months post op and I'm still healing. Things are still getting situated but Im still in love with my body. For my bbl I looked at my pictures from 6 weeks and I feel it went down a little bit but not by much. You can see the pics and be the judge. It's more then j had before and I'm happy how i look with and without clothing! All my lipo areas I feel are still healing. I had some sharp pains when stretching and sometimes those areas would get really hot but Dr. Hughes as always replied immediately and said it was normal and it's the scar tissue. I have most but not all feeling in my lower back. As for my BA these ladies are still trying to settle in. They have definitely dropped since the last review but i feel they have a bit more to go. I still don't have full sensation around my nipples but it's slowly coming back. My only complaint are my scars. Nothing to do with Dr. Hughes, they are just really dark and that's my skins healing factor. He said they will still lighten but right now my lipo and BA scars are very dark and noticeable. Hopefully now that I'm at 3 months and could start scar cream it will fade faster. Hope this helps RealSelf peeps!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

After all is said and done I am very happy with my decision of choosing Dr. Hughes for my procedures and I would highly recommend him to family, friends and the Realself community. From my first encounter at our consultation to Post-Op appointments he has exceeded my expectations. He is a very realistic doctor who takes your body and size into consideration to best recommend what would best achieve the look you want. I'm not only short but I have a small body frame so I was skeptical when he told me his recommendations for my BA & BBL. I imagined something too big on my body which would make me look fake. I trusted him and 3 weeks after my procedure I'm STILL completely happy I did. By just from looking at my body you could see his experience put into play when he could estimate what would make me look nice, full and proportionate. I'm really glad I didn't go smaller on my BA. During this entire process he has always made himself available for questions, concerns, or just crazy comments. I emailed him anxious and nervous the night before my procedure just saying, "AHHHHHHH!" And he promptly replied, "I'll see you tomorrow, Relax and get some sleep." I feel some doctor's wouldn't waste their time replying to that. I have emailed him multiple times after the procedure with questions in regards to healing, showering, etc. and he ALWAYS replies promptly (even to my emails on weekends and sometimes past midnight). I really feel that Dr. Hughes eats, sleeps and breathes his craft. If you have any hesitation of how something is healing he welcomes you to come in or email him and he will take a look. This showed me he is very dedicated to his clients before, during and after the procedure. Every time I met with Dr. Hughes he was always very confident in what he could do for me and his level of skill, which in turn made me feel I could trust him and that I was in good hands. I've seen reviews where some people call this cocky but I really believe it's confidence and experience. It's one thing if he were big talk and a mediocre doctor whose results can't live up to expectations but that is not Dr. Hughes. When I did my research on him, just by watching his YouTube videos and his description of his procedures, you can see the amount of experience and knowledge he has which gives him a keen eye in regards to the process of the procedures, sculpting and proportionality. Ladies, that is someone you want operating on you. Overall, for this being the first time I've ever gotten plastic surgery or any surgery in general, it was scary but I felt I was in good hands and so far Dr. Hughes has made it a great experience. I highly recommend him. If you are considering Dr. Hughes please do your research (look at his reviews, before and afters pics, his website which is full of information, his Realself reviews) and book a consultation and see for yourself that his results and experience live up to his confidence.

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