In Need of African American Rhinoplasty - Beverly Hills, CA

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I really want a smaller nose but I don't want to...

I really want a smaller nose but I don't want to look like the Jackson's. I'd love a doctor whom will not mess up my beauty just give me a smaller nostrils. I haven't do to the procedure as yet I'm looking for options on finding the right doctor I've had my boobs done in Beverly Hills and I'm very happy with my results so next up is a nose job

I want a drastic change to my nose

I am beautiful with the right lighting lol but for real I can not stand my wide nose hole lol ugh I hope my first nose job is as great as my only boob job

An app simulator

This is kinda the nose I want. I wish I find the perfect doctor it's my face and messing that up would be sad.

The kinda nose I want app

I keep using this app but it's kinda hard but here is an idea of how I want my new nose
Name not provided

Great service

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