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So, when I lived in Thailand for the better part...

So, when I lived in Thailand for the better part of my teens and early twenties, I got sucked into the idea of fixing a nose that I always hated with cheap plastic surgery. By cheap, I mean cheap to do plastic surgery in Thailand; I picked the best hospital in Bangkok for plastic surgery, which is called Yanhee and is more expensive than other hospitals. I thought that I'd be perfectly fine; after all, I didn't fly in for medical tourism and I wasn't skeptical about the doctors offices or hospitals. I lived in Thailand, I did my research, I had Thai friends, and they were all on-board. Everything seemed like it would go swimmingly.

My doctor's name was Dr. Pitch and he had about twenty years of experience, sixteen in the same hospital, and I felt really comfortable with his easy, confident manner. Unfortunately, my results were not as expected. It appears that the bone used to build up the left side of my bridge slipped underneath my cheek bone, leaving a crevice at the top of my bridge and making it appear wide at one point with some mushiness that doesn't have bony support. I wasn't happy with the twisted look, so Dr. Pitch offered to fix it for free, which I shouldn't have taken him up on. I went under anesthesia and woke up to find that my nose looked exactly the same. I could not see a difference for the life of me, but I sure felt one--it hurt! Because I was interested in breast augmentation, Dr. Pitch also did my boobs and pinned back my ears. I would call my breast augmentation an unequivocal success (hey, when the guy is used to giving "ladyboys" natural-looking boobs, you should see what he can do with someone who actually started out as a woman!) and my ears so-so. I mean, they're even now, and they're better, but I feel like they still stick out at the top. Unfortunately, I woke up during the otoplasty as they were cauterizing my wounds (it was a twilight procedure) and it was really traumatic because I could hear the sizzling of the hot tool and they tied my arms down because I kept trying to cover my head (I was really doped up). I couldn't feel it, but my body was still reacting as if it were in pain (shaking, cold, freaking out, etc). I still hate when my husband touches my ears, so I'll probably never get it fixed and will just live with it.

Anyhow, after my second revision rhino, when nothing changed, I tried to be optimistic. I kept telling myself that it might take up to three years to go back to normal, so I shouldn't judge it yet. Well, fast forward three nose is healed, un-swollen, and perfectly normal...minus that weird crevice at the bridge that didn't go away and makes it look wide and makes it totally structurally unstable. I don't know why I thought the guy who messed me up would be able to fix it, but I was young, wild, and invincible; I thought people didn't promise things they couldn't do. I had no idea that doctors practiced outside of their abilities. I would recommend not going to Yanhee because, stuck stateside, there is no way to get it fixed. I emailed the hospital with an Xray showing them what happened, but they ignored me (obviously, I'm a million miles away and they don't give a flip).

SOOOO I did a ton of research and I decided that I'd like Dr. Srour of Cosmetic Art Institute to do my revision rhinoplasty. He's got a great sense of angles and aesthetics, plus, it's in Beverly Hills, which is like the go-to plastic surgery spot. There's this forehead-nose angle that most rhinoplasty surgeons never get right and it makes me crazy. It's like everyone gets this straight, "natural" nose job that doesn't take their features into account. It seems like most doctors only focus on the nose, not on the whole face. I think Dr. Srour can do the surgery, though, because he is an artist (no, really, he actually sells his artwork, too) as well as a doctor. I trust Dr. Srour's sense of balance and aesthetics and I think he'll do a good job. I mean, I'm in America, so here's hoping for some success!

I feel like it's better to go in the USA and do it than it is to fly to India (my husband is Indian) for a cheaper, and likely worse, result, whereas I would have been all for it before. I'm nervous because this is my third rhino and all I want is for my stupid nose to fit my face. I never felt like it suits me, like I'm the only one in the world on whom a nose doesn't look right, but this is because of three previous breaks (according to my last surgeon) as well as two botched rhinoplasties (and not some serious case of BDD, lol). Well, there was that, and the fact that my mom took me for a nose job at 14 and let the doctor tell me everything wrong with my nose and then decided she would rather have a boat; I subsequently had to live eight years knowing how bad it was before I could afford to fix it on my own.) I just see how cute everyone else looks (like Samara Weaving--that's the nose I want!!! OMG she's just stunning) with their new noses and I think, d*mn, I hope that Dr. Srour is going to be able to help me but this behind me, once and for all! I just want a cute nose that fits my face, so let's hope he can do it!

11 more days!

This has all happened so fast! A few months ago, I was looking in the mirror trying to figure out why my nose looked twisted, then I got my wisdom teeth out, which required an xray. On said xray, it was highly apparent that I was missing bone in the left side of my nose; I have no idea how it's still standing. So, it's definitely not a choice on whether or not to get a revision. This is a necessity, which is a bummer because I think I could've learned to live with my nose without doing this again. But, here we are, getting ready to travel all the way to Beverly Hills for the chance to get this fixed.

I got in touch with Dr. Srour and his office staff is really nice. He was prompt to answer and even if the office people are a bit busy (will email back-and-forth, then suddenly stop for 16hrs), they're really nice and very helpful. I like Dr. Srour's willingness to work with me on the price of the revision.

Since my consultation and my surgery are scheduled for the 10th and 12th, I don't have much time in between the two to decide if we should move forward with this. I want to think that everything will go well, so I did schedule the surgery, but my husband and I decided that if we don't feel 100% comfortable, we will not proceed and will just have a Californian/Mexican vacation. (Aren't I lucky he's so flexible??!) If we do it, Dr. Srour will do my post-op checkups on the 15th and the 18th, so I'm pretty sure he uses packing. I've never had two follow-ups before, but in Thailand they make you stay the night.

I'm not very nervous since I've been through this twice already. I know what to expect as far as pain goes, but I did order some arnica tablets to take before the surgery to prevent bruising and bad swelling. Historically, my body will swell but barely bruise; I usually get one mild black eye (yellow eye) and look like I have the mumps. I am slightly worried about my juvederm because the swelling may shift it....does anyone have any experience with this? Should they just fall back into place after? I hope so, since i just did them two weeks ago.

Well, here goes. We're leaving to Cali in a week....yay!

The nose I want!

I talked with Dr. Srour on the phone--I'm getting a great deal, since he usually charges $10,000 for a revision. He's a bit hard-mannered, but I'm not going there to make friends, lol. He said he does closed rhinoplasties almost exclusively, but he'll do an open one if I turn out to need a cartilage graft or silicone implant. He's been in practice for four decades, so I hope he does this well! Hubby feels good about it, but I don't know what to expect yet. We've moved my surgery to July 10th!! Yikes!!! I'm so excited and ready for this to be over!

9 More Days!! And Photos

Omggggg I'm so impatient!

I'm getting ready for my op in only 9 days, but I'm practically jumping out of my chair right now!! It's so hard not to call and beg them to schedule me tomorrow!! I just need to see how this is all going to turn out! It happened fast as it is, so I guess the reality of it has just started to sink in...and I can't wait! It's going to be so much better--I trust my doctor to do a good job, even though NO ONE has any reviews on him!! I really hope that he'll do a good job and that I won't have a panic attack in the meantime. I need medicated, lol!!!

One More Week!!!

Yikes, you guys!!! I'm one week out from surgery and trying not to jump out of my skin! I want to talk about it obsessively, but I'm trying to spare my husband from my obsessive tendencies related to my nose. He has no idea how much it bugs me aesthetically (he only knows about the structural defects and breathing problems!); I made sure NOT to point out all of my nose's flaws to the man I want to think I'm beautiful---end result? He thinks my nose is gorgeous (LOL!!), and I fortunately didn't have to point out how sideways and pollybeaked it is in order to get him to agree to surgery. He's being really supportive, and this was pretty much his idea to get my nose fixed ASAP. I mean, I always dreamed of doing it, but couldn't justify spending the money on it before we start residency (where you do get paid, but not a lot). I feel really lucky that I get to get this dream over with ASAP. I'm also really lucky to have a very supportive husband; of course, I'm super accident-prone, so in his mind, he won't have to be so careful anymore about accidentally whacking me in the dark (which has happened twice already since Xmas!). I really hope I get one of those sloped noses and not one of those straight "forehead-becomes-radix-becomes nose" like Edward from Twilight (go on, check out his profile! It's not hot.). I'm excited to get the op because I want to look better, but also because I know that not being able to eat is going to help me drop that extra 5lbs that I've been struggling with!! Yay for unintended benefits, lol. Well, here's hoping that I can keep this all to myself during today's family picnic and to my poor husband who is probably tired of me analyzing various nose jobs while he's trying to watch TV. I wish I had a surgery buddy!!!! Anyone else doing their op near the 10th??

5 Days Til Surgery with Dr. Srour!

Well, guys, it's Friday!! I'm only 5 days away from surgery, so here goes nothing!! I actually am doing my consult before the op (the same day, because my doc was super considerate of the fact that I don't want to stay longer and spend a lot of money on the hotel). I like this, but it does remind me a bit of those chop shop docs in Bangkok. I went into Dr. Pitch for a consult and he was like, "Okay, so you want to do this now?" I was like omg no you psycho, but here's hoping that I'm going to get better results in the USA!! I'm trusting that a doc in Beverly Hills will do a better job than Dr. Pitch, whose work on my boobs was awesome, but sucked at pinning back my ears and giving me a straight nose. Anyhow, I am definitely mentally preparing myself to have an open, unbiased consultation that focuses on my doctor and his work, not on my readiness to have this abomination on my face fixed!! I do know that Dr. Srour has been practicing facial and reconstructive surgery for over thirty years in Cali, so that makes me feel better. I am, unfortunately, a candidate for reconstructive surgery more than plastics because of all the bone missing in my nose (check out the Xray I'll attach at the end of this post!). Because of this, which Dr. Srour is aware of, he's considering using an implant in my nose or grafts from my cartilage. God, I hope he doesn't use ear cartilage--after pinning them back, I can easily say that was the worst pain in my life. I still can't have my glasses touch my ears, so when I wear them, I have to wear an athletic headband to hold the sides in place above my ears (which looks stupid with my hair up, but unnoticeable when down). I'm totally nervous about the implant, though. I know it's going to LOOK perfect, but I hear that they can potentially extrude through the skin surface (and will, when given enough time!). I know Dr. Grigoryants uses them, though--I read a post from a girl who got one from him and she loved it. I think he's an amazing doctor, but I emailed him for a consultation and his office never responded. I hope Dr. Srour is a little more laid-back and softer than he was on the telephone, because I don't do well with abrasive personalities. I might be a little Type-A, so other roughness tends to put me on the defensive, which is not how I want to go into this surgery. I want to be able to come out of surgery not freaking out about what's under my bandage; I want to feel so confident in my surgeon's work that I don't have any rush to see what's under there. Still trying not to obsess about it to the husband, so I'm on here "venting" all of my fears and feelings!! I've been taking vitamins (A TON of multis, calmags, and B vits). I bought arnica from but have seen so many conflicting reviews that I don't know whether or not to take it. Anyone have experience with this stuff?? I used to use the gel on my muscles after field hockey in high school, but that was year ago and not PO (taken by mouth).

Yikes!! I'm starting to be a bundle of nerves!!

I'm finding that I'm a lot more anxious about this as time moves forward. I've been pretty good about not getting too stressed, but with hubby losing things left and right, I'm having a hard time focusing on keeping my nerves under control. I need some reassurance, but I can't find a THING on my doctor. There are about 20 total reviews on him on the internet, mostly positive, but how is that possible in 30+ years of practice?? I'm assuming that this means that people were happy and didn't feel the need to talk about his work, but it could also mean the opposite because no one recommended him, either. Why is this so darn difficult?? I find it hard to believe that no one has any reviews for him! Also, I am so anxious to get this over with that I'm ready to do it today!!!! I have to wait until Wednesday, though, if I decide to do it.

Four more days!!

Well, hubby and I are packing right now!! We're getting ready to head out in the morning and make the 30hr drive to Beverly Hills from Chicago. I'm dreading the drive, but also excited to see so many states on the way. It's going to be really cool for hubby, who is Canadian and therefore doesn't know too much about the USA. Since our medical board exams have a lot of geography-related questions, this should do him some good!! We both find airports tedious, and we want to bring our sweet little dog as well as pick up a girl puppy on our way home, so we've opted to drive. I'm nervous to meet Dr. Srour, but I hope it all goes well. Dr. Grigoryants' office finally got back to me after a week, saying to call them for a consultation. I'd like to meet with him before meeting Dr. Srour so that I can compare the two, especially since Dr. Srour wants to do surgery on the day of the consultation. I think their nose jobs are really similar and equally good, but I'm still on the fence about whether or not to wait for the money to go with Dr. G's consistent results. I would be way into Dr. Srour, but there are no reviews on him and that makes it really hard. Also, it's like no one on this forum has ever heard of him!! Well, I am keeping optimistic, so I just went shopping for pre-surgery stuffs, like a U-shaped pillow (recommended by everyone on here who is post-op!!), vitamin C, ice packs, and all that fun stuff. I also picked up some Biotene mouth moisturizing spray (another great addition on the RealSelf list!), saline nasal spray, and some cough drops. I'm not sure how I'll suck on cough drops with packing in my nose, but I got the citrus ones, so at the very least, hubby can pretend they're candy (JK!). We're cleaning the whole house tonight and we already did laundry, so there won't be any major work to which to come home...I feel like that'll help. We also order our groceries on Peapod, so we'll go ahead and order those from California and have them delivered the night we get back. This will cover most of our basics for our first two weeks, so I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be. My biggest hesitation is with my surgeon, but all in due time, I suppose, things will come together. Or, they won't. Either way. But, I will admit that I realllllllly want the surgery; whereas most people in this time period think, "Maybe it's not so bad, maybe I should keep my nose, maybe I'm crazy, etc, etc," I'm going the opposite way. I'm thinking that my nose looks like a squashed potato and it's distinctly off-center, which gives me a weird look from the front. I do not feel hot from the front at all. I think my tip and my nasion are lined up, but the bridge is twisted in between!! I read that the bridge is way easier to fix than the tip, so hopefully Mr. Surgeon can just go ahead and fix my bones and do a quick tip lift and get on out of there. Because I want my nose so much shorter and smaller, I'm hoping that we won't have to use grafts or implants, but I am expecting a small one. I'm very happy with my price and location. Since I couldn't find reviews on my doctor, I checked out his home country. He's from the Middle East's "Mecca" of plastic surgery, Beirut, so hopefully he got some good training out there as well as in the USA. Eek it's so close!! I really hope this guy doesn't mess up my face and does a great job. After all, I'm trusting him to take care of my face, which is a big deal!!

In Cali!!

Okay, guys, sorry for the lull! Hubby and I got in to Cali yesterday after a 30+ hr drive!! It was really tough, but we're here now and we've had a good night's sleep. We're planning on heading to Mexico today, but I think we might both be really exhausted still. My doc doesn't RX antibiotics for rhinoplasty, which I think is weird, so I'm going into Tijuana to pick up some as a prophylaxis. I'm also hoping that I'll be able to get in with him today for the consult so that this surgery thing seems a bit more real; as of right now, I'm not feeling like tomorrow is the "big day," but my body is stressed!! The doc took my BP yesterday and it was 147/92!!! I'm 26!!!! (and it's usually 115/80). Holy crap. I've got hypertension and I'm 26. I'm hoping this is just temporary--I imagine that most people getting the op tend to have high BP from anxiety. I'm having a lot of fun watching my little puppy run around this hotel room, so it's keeping my mind off of the chaos that may ensue tomorrow. I'm supposed to be going to this guy who does twilight sedation; the last time I got that, it did not work. I guess for most people, it suppresses your ability to form new memories, but I did not have that happen. I remember the entire thing, ugh. Well, expect a lot of new posts between today and tomorrow, if we don't go to Tijuana!! Otherwise, keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Last Day!!

It's my last day before the surgery!! I got in to see Dr. Srour today and he turned out to be really great. I felt really comfortable and I felt like he could do the job I want. He's pretty comfortable and thinks my nose should be really easy. He also showed me a lot of noses like mine that he'd done revisions on, so I'm really thinking he can do this. Yeah, so he has a bad review or two...but that's to be expected after 39 years of practicing. Here's hoping that I'm putting my trust in the right place!! I'm hoping this is going to be my last op!! He's sure that he'll shave down my bridge, break and reposition the bones, and remove my tip "knuckles" to refine it to a point. It's going to slope and be upturned, like a Barbie nose, which is just what I want. I know a lot of people hate that look, but I love it. I think there's a reason that so many people got that nose that it became the "done look." It's cute, pretty, and feminine, which is something I'd love. He also told me I'd finally be able to take a picture from the front without a crooked nose, which would be, like, the best thing ever!! I feel really good about him, which is a good sign, since I went in there expecting to be scared and turned off. We're doing twilight anesthesia, which he says feels like being drunk and his patients seem to enjoy rather than get freaked out by. He's doing a closed approach, too, but we're using packing, which sucks because I hate not being able to breathe. I stocked up on some Ensure shakes so that I'd be able to "eat" without chewing, some Pedialyte, lots of arnica, aescin gel, and I'll be getting Vicodin tomorrow. I should be pretty well-covered. My op is at 9am tomorrow (showing up at 830), so less than 15hrs to go!! He says it won't be perfect when the cast comes off, but it'll still be straighter, smaller, and cuter than my old nose, so I won't mind it. I really, really liked this guy, so here goes nothing!!

12 hours left!!!

I'm really starting to get nervous, now! I had pizza and cinnamon twists for my "last meal" before it hurts to here's to losing that pizza weight that I put on for surgery!! Sweet! I'm so worried that I'm going to turn out looking worse than I do now, though. It's scary because you might be paying someone to ruin your face, which is not what I'm going for. My doc is board certified, though, and he's done a LOT of noses just like mine. I'm keeping positive, but I'd really like it if I had someone to talk to! Hubby must be so bored of hearing about this already!! I'm counting down the minutes and can't wait til next week when the splint is off!

Surgery Day!!

Well, I woke up at 5am, showered, and I'm ready to go! Hubby is in the shower and the dog is eating/drinking, which is what I really want to do right now, too (just bc I can't!!). Since I'm not getting general anesthesia, though, it's pretty laid-back. My doc even told me that I could drink last night until midnight (I don't drink anyways, but I was still really surprised). I'm not scared about the actual surgery, but I am scared about my outcome. I really hope this goes well!! It's going to be tough to be strong for the next week until the splint comes off, too. Since I'll be awake, I'm hoping to catch a glimpse before I get the splint on there, but who knows! My doc is actually really nice and personable, so I'll make sure to ask him either way. I learned from Dr. Memar during my juvederm that it's important to give your surgeon confidence instead of question him pre-op, which is understandable bc your surgeon is still human. People work better when they're not feeling nagged and critiqued, so it's important to let your surgeon know you trust him. I mean, they must know because we're like, "Sure, put me to sleep and break my skull," but it's still good to encourage them instead of telling them that you think they can't do it. I'm feeling okay because Dr. Srour did a lot of noses just like mine and they look like exactly what I want. I'm going to take everyone's advice and bring things to the op, like the U-pillow, pedialyte, ice packs in a cooler, and some Ensure so that I don't have to chew anything to take my meds. Here's hoping that I'll live through this and come out prettier, like Dr. S said! I know there's no point being anxious today since I'm not scared of the actual procedure, but I am scared about what he'll do in there! I'm scared of how it will look when the splint is off (on July 15th), but that's so far away that I may as well not stress about it yet. All in due time!! I can't wait until this is over so I can eat again....going to bed early and waking up early is hard!! I should've stayed up late stuffing my face!! Okay, so say a prayer for me!!! Here I go to the doctor!!


All done and feeling pretty good!! Vicodin makes me nauseous, though!! Updates soon to follow!! All-in-all, not too bad!!

Home and recovering!!

I'm back at the hotel, in bed, and feeling pretty good about life. I think that the Vicodin helps, but I don't enjoy this spinning feeling that accompanies it!! On the bright side, my pain is like a 0.5 on a 1-10 scale, so anyone who is worried about pain, don't be!! I was awake for my entire operation (twilight anesthesia) and I literally had no problems except for the scraping sound when he rasped my bones and when I heard him crack them for the osteotomy. I really enjoyed my doctor and the procedure; I'm really happy about how everything played out and I can't wait to see my new nose! I definitely am not taking it as easy as I should be, but my doc says the benefit of twilight anesthesia is that there's minimal recovery time. I'm pretty normal, keep drifting in and out of sleep, but it's not miserable. I thought the packing would feel a lot worse, but it's not so bad, either. I like the Biotene mouthwash and I'm making sure to ice like crazy to keep my swelling down. I've started with the aescin gel and I'm getting ready to take some arnica, so we'll see what happens!! I've already got two shiners, so it appears that bruising is gonna be bad this go around. I LOVE what he did to my tip, and so does my husband, who got to see it for a minute before it was wrapped up. I got to get a glance of my nose before he put the splint on it, so I'm pretty happy. I'm just going to try to relax and enjoy recovery time with TV and lots of Pedialyte!! Those Ensure shakes are a lifesaver, too.

Day 2, Early AM

I'm feeling great. I threw up last night, but probably from all of the drainage!! When Dr. Srour does the op though, he places packing in the back of the nose to prevent bleeding. I think he did a great job on my nose! it's so straight and small, even under my splint, and i LOVE it. Plus, hubby thinks it's prettier than before, which I also love. I don't care who my husband thinks is beautiful, but he always thinks I'm the most beautiful woman in the room, and I love that. I know he's happy either way (and didn't know that my old nose was so technically ugly), so I'm happy for that. I hope this is my last op!! Here's to a day in bed, or maybe a drive down the PCH since hubby hasn't seen it. Just like Dr. Srour said, I'm feeling well enough to go out and do stuff! I feel like normal, but with a head cold minus the headache. I'm just stuffy. I wake up gasping for air a lot because I forget in my sleep that I can't breathe out of my nose, lol. It wakes hubby up and startled him at first, but now he thinks it's pretty funny. I get my packing out in 25hrs and can't wait!!

recovery is super easy...

minus the constant desire to throw up, I'm feeling really good. My nose looks nice, my head doesn't hurt, and I'm just watching King of the Hill reruns in bed. All in all, not a bad day! I have a little bit of homework to do for my masters, which I thought would be a problem, but really won't be. I can do pretty much anything except wear glasses over my splint, which doc said was okay but gave me a nosebleed. Whatever, it could be worse!!


My pain meds wore off because they make me feel so sick!! I have to wait for hubby to come back with food to take them, but I'm throbbing in the meantime!! I would suggest keeping your dose above clinical steady state because it's going to take me a long time to bring that baseline back to where it was!! Pain pills=major nausea. I've thrown up 2-3 times and feel like I want to throw up the rest of the time. Sleep comes easy, though, and the U-pillow is hands-down the best pre=op purchase I made. I am also loving my carmex and the biotene moisturizing mouth spray. It saved my life last night!!! I'm keeping the room at subzero temps, but it's kept my swelling away. I didn't swell too much so far, but I have DARK bruises in the corner of both eyes. Still don't feel bad, but Vicodin makes me too dizzy to stand without vomiting, which hinders daily activities. Also, gagging sucks because it flares my nostrils, which pulls my stitches and stings. Packing isn't terrible, but I won't miss it when it comes out tomorrow at 10am. Yay. I can't wait to breathe through my nose again!! Pain is bearable, no major bleeding going on, and I'm happy with the shape of my bandage, at least :)

Easy recovery, but ready to be better already!!

Well, I'm alive. I'm tired and I can't get out of bed today since hubby and I spent the day in the car yesterday. I guess I've probably been a bit *difficult, but it's been tough to have a broken face and feel super ugly, haha. I had my packing removed yesterday and it wasn't that bad. I just want to feel better already! Recovery is really exhausting, but it's nice to breathe through my nose again.

49 more hours....

til my cast comes off!

one more day!!!

my cast comes off at 11am tomorrow and I can't wait!! I just hope it's "read" after only 5 days!

one more day!

I haven't been able to really update and review much because I've been pretty out of it. It's been exhausting trying to recover!! I get my cast off tomorrow, but I'm still worried that my bones won't be totally fused and maybe I should keep taping it up. Hubby ran out for some food, so I thought I'd take the chance to update!! The puppy is bored out of his mind, hubby and me, too. It's hard being all cooped up and I'm a bit behind on my homework, which I find really frustrating!! I can't wait to catch up on it, but I've been so messed up on pain pills that I haven't been able to think clearly enough to write papers or do any other assignments. I can breathe great out of my nose, now, which is amazing!! Even if my nose isn't pretty, at least there's that improvement! After we finish at the doc, we're going to grab a puppy and head back the 30+hr drive to Chicago, so I might not be able to update for a couple days!! Wish me luck!!

New pic!

Just to show how much bruises have faded!

Here's the pic, didn't attach for some reason

17 more hours til the big unveil!!

Yikes!! I'm super psyched to see how my nose turned out!! I'm liking what I can see so far, esp that I was awake for the procedure and therefore know what he did. It makes me feel more comfortable about what's going on under my cast, for sure. I was joking with hubby about the op, so I had a pretty enjoyable time overall during the surgery, which I think is crazy! I feel pretty good, except I had some bad pain in my arm starting last night. I got scared that it was a thrombus because I'm in med school and therefore constantly think that I'm dying of one of the million diseases I've learned about thus far. Silly, but I panicked, so I had hubby call the doctor and make sure I wasn't forming a DVT. He said I had nothing to worry about as a healthy, normal 26yr old, which made me feel better. He said it was more than likely a simple case of IV phlebitis, which is just basically a chemical burn from the drugs they use having a drastically different pH than your vein. Since the pain is in my IV arm and the drugs burned like hell going in, I'm pretty sure he's right on the money. Hubby googled it and determined that pain in the arm post-op is a normal thing, and I get it since the drugs are not normal and therefore not so great. I'm still hurting today, but I'm not freaking out anymore. It's very tender and swollen, but according to Mayo Clinic and NIH, my symptoms are 100% what he said. It makes me feel good to know that I got a smart doctor who had an accurate diagnosis. For some reason, it even makes me feel less worried about what's under my cast since I feel like he's really got a good grasp on what he's doing. Plus, I will definitely compliment him on his aftercare availability. The doc answered his phone around 8pm on a Saturday night (not great timing for a panic attack, I know) and was very patient and helpful. Probably we will laugh about this when I go in tomorrow, lol. At any rate, I can only feel so silly since this is what I paid him for...he's providing a service and I'm so far very pleased. I know there aren't many reviews on this guy, but I've really enjoyed this up until now. My stupid arm does hurt a lot in spite of the Vicodin, though!!

more to come, but....

I LOVE my new nose!!!

Cast Off!!!@

YAYYYYY I got my cast off and I LOVE my new nose!! I am so glad I picked Dr. Srour because he really gave me the perfection I didn't think was possible with my nose!! I was just hoping for an improvement in the structure to fix my open roof deformity and maybe a bit of cosmetic improvement. What he did with my nose is amazing; I can't even believe it's the same one!! He turned my disaster of a former rhinoplasty into something that could be on the face of a movie star!! His eye for art and lines/shapes is unparalleled--I'm not even just saying that. I've seen so many revision rhino B&As that are off-center at the start and not corrected well, so they're still off-center. He took my crooked nose and filed it into the straightest, most adorable nose!! It even has a cute little slope and an upturned tip! It looks really good on my face and I don't think another doctor would have been able to deliver what Dr. S. did!! I think he's great and there aren't enough great reviews out there on this guy!! Pics to come.... xoxxo

It's time for pictures!!

I'm super, super swollen at the top of my bridge and forehead, so ignore that!! It looks uneven and wide, but it's all swelling. You can tell how straight it is when the light hits it!! I'm really happy and cant wait to show it off as swelling goes down!!! It looked great at cast removal and it's still SOMUCHBETTER than my old nose!!

New pics!!

I love these angles!! My nose is getting better and better, back to like it was after the cast removal :) :)

recovery going well, except... stupid chihuahuas keep head-butting me and it hurts!!!!

Day 11!

Not too much new to report, other than swelling is going down in spite of my nose being a target!! It's been hit nine times by husbands and puppies and myself in only a week!! Be careful, ladies and gents, as it appears to be not-so-hard to get knocked in it!! Otherwise, no more pain, a little top eyelid bruising, and a great bridge starting to take shape!!

More photos

Yay! 12 days post and I feel back to 100%! Glad this is over! I still have random nose aches and no real definition in the bridge yet, but it'll get there. In the meantime, I'm really happy. It's still way better than my old nose and I know it's going to be gorgeous soon!!

oh, P.S....

I saw one of mine and my husband's friends from medical school yesterday afternoon. My husband and I laughed because it looked like he couldn't figure out what was different; hubby said he kept staring at my hair, trying to figure it out, lol. We were pretty amused since he's known both of us and seen both of us a couple times a week since 2011! This is just for anyone who's scared of being found out! I did honestly bleach bath my hair a couple shades lighter, which is a great distraction for those who think something may be *different with your face!

Day 13!!

Super happy :)

Two weeks post-op!

I'm still loving my nose super much and feeling great. I used to be a model when I was younger; not like, "I took pictures with one photographer one time and I'm a model." I had international contracts (this was all before any rhinoplasty) in Italy, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Turkey, Japan, South Korea, and a bunch of other random places around the globe. I started modeling when I was a young teenager and I got caught up in the lifestyle; eventually, I started to listen to the casting directors and began to really hate my nose. So, during my stay in Bangkok, I opted to get what turned out to be a really great boob job coupled with a really bad nose job. Sometime after my surgery, I lost my confidence in modeling. I was seeing my photos and feeling like I had no good angles. I couldn't get the same results that I used to get, so I stopped working. I stopped going to castings, I stopped enjoying jobs, and I ended up in medical school back in my country. I wasn't cognitively aware of these things; I just thought I was getting bored of it. Plus, I kept thinking that it takes a year to see rhinoplasty results, so I kept hoping it would get better. But, within the last week of having my new nose, I've booked a fashion show, an independent horror film in NYC, sent my photos to Playboy, and even made arrangements to model in Bangkok again after I take my USMLE in December! I had no idea that my nose made me feel so self-conscious and so unhappy--I even quit the job I loved more than anything in the world!! I can't believe that it took me until after I changed my nose to realize that my botched nose job was ruining my life, but apparently, it did. I hated going places, I could never talk to people straight-on because I hated that angle so much, and I always had to be on the left side for photos. Well, with all this in mind, it's easy to see why modeling became so difficult--I didn't look good from anywhere!! I felt my face looked pinched out at a 45 degree angle to the left; it was totally off-center and bugged the crap out of me. That, ironically, was my first and biggest fear during my initial rhinoplasty--I didn't want an off-center nose. Damn. Well, I just want to say thanks again to Dr. Srour for giving me my life back!! I lost my identity when I stopped modeling; it's impossible to do something for twelve years (and during all of your formative years) and then quit, trying to pretend that it's not the thing that you used most to define yourself. I am so thankful I got this done with such a great surgeon; I can't tell you how much better I feel now that I feel beautiful again! I can't wait to get my modeling career back on track (because, thankfully, twenty-six is still not too old!) and feel like myself again! I'm so lucky that I picked Dr. Srour! Thanks to him, I not only found myself, but I also rediscovered why I got into medicine in the first place. I started medical school with the goal to become a plastic surgeon. Truth be told, I hate medicine. I hate diseases, I hate the idea of telling people they're sick, and I hate the idea of being reminded of my own mortality day in and day out. I saw Dr. Srour and how he sees his patients like art; like him, I make art and I have a well-trained eye for aesthetics, honed by years of living in a world that consisted solely of models and critical casting directors. I was made for modeling and to do what he does...he's such an inspiration and his pep talk at the end of our consult completely motivated me to try to do what I love instead of trying to find something in the realm of disease that I could conceivably suffer through for the rest of my working years. Meeting Dr. Srour changed my life for the better and I can't thank him enough!! There is no one better out there!!! I LOVE my face now.

Makeup at 2wks post!

It looks so much more natural than my old nose!!

Day 17, lots of angles!

After my hubby accidentally got me in the nose, it's much more swollen!!

Exactly three weeks later!

Love how it's healing, but ready to have it better already!! Dogs and husbands keep whacking me in the face, which makes healing slow and tedious!! It's like my face has a target on it, or something....or maybe I just never paid attn to how much I get hit in it before now! Well, the tip is pretty swollen and there look like there may be a couple bone calluses still on the bridge causing some bumpiness, but otherwise, it seems great. I'm pleased that the swelling has been fairly symmetrical--enough that it doesn't bother my perfectionist tendencies, anyway. I love going in public, but still not used to not having to hold my head a certain way when I talk to people!! That's going to be awesome, as soon as I get used to it. I almost forget that I had anything done, so it's hard to remember that I don't look funny anymore!! :)

Pics that didn't get attached

three weeks post-op

It's been awhile! 5 weeks post-op!

I love my new nose! People actually stop me on the streets just to tell me I have a perfect nose! It's so weird! I forget that I look like this now. I'm really happy and can't wait for the swelling to go away!!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

I like this guy. He is an amazing surgeon!! He did my revision rhinoplasty (my second one!) and gave me such a perfect nose!! I got a nose that's even better than I could have hoped for!! He's truly an artist!! Also, I liked his twilight anesthesia because I got to be an interactive part of the surgery process, so I knew what he did to my nose as well as what to expect when the cast came off. He is friendly, direct, and available if you need to call him post-op, also. I had an amazing, great experience with him at Doheny Sunset Surgery Center. I recommend him to anyone and everyone considering plastic surgery!!! He's a miracle worker!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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