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Breast reduction is something I have contemplated...

Breast reduction is something I have contemplated doing for years. I have always been a large chested woman, however, I feel in the last year or two it has become such a burden that I finally need to address it. I currently wear a 38G (yes they make bras that big) cup and I am looking to be somewhere in the area of a D cup. I lead a very active lifestyle and I enjoy running, cycling, and hiking however, I constantly am suffering from chronic back pain, dents in my shoulders, shortness of breath when laying on my back, and open sore that develop during workouts that sometime last for weeks. I have over the past few years lost nearly 50 lbs., yet my breast size has never really fluctuated. I feel at this point there is no other option, and I am currently scheduled to have a vertical short scar Lejour technique breast reduction with axillary liposuction. I wouldn’t say I am nervous as I am excited to see what life has in store for me following my surgery. I feel like right now I have restrictions and limitations not only in physical activity but with clothing options as well. I am excited to see the final results. Although I realize that recovery won’t be easy, I am focused on the big picture and I feel as though this is a necessary step to benefit my life down the road.

About a month ago Dr. Chahin's office started the...

About a month ago Dr. Chahin's office started the authorization process to try and get the surgery covered through insurance. Initially the doctor had suggested he would remove somewhere between 350-550 grams per side, however, when the insurance company came back they initailly denied it stating that it was cosmetic rather than a medical necessity. Upon looking into the insurance further it was discovered that the insurance company was miscoding the procedure. Dr. Chahin's office submitted an appeal and we are waiting to hear back. I currently have the day reserved in the surgery center in Beverly Hills, however, if insurance approves the procedure it will be moved to the hospital. Crossing my fingers that we hear something back relatively soon so I can know one way or another.

So it has been a while since I updated my story,...

So it has been a while since I updated my story, but basically in this time we finally heard back from my insurance. There is something that is written into my policy that limits coverage on procedures deemed "cosmetic," therefore, I will be paying out of pocket for the procedure. I am sticking to the original date 11/29/2012 and I couldnt be happier. I have set up my pre-op appointment to get my history and physical as well as all my blood work done the week prior to surgery. Basically as of right now everything is set and although its not working out how I originally planned, it seems to be all falling into place.

So I am only a few days away from surgery. Last...

So I am only a few days away from surgery. Last week I had my lab work done and I filled my perscriptions. I still have to go look for a front zipping sports bra, but I think overall I am pretty prepared. The nervousness hasnt set in yet, I am anticipating that to come probably the night before. All in all I am very excited still about surgery. The count down has officially begun!!!!

Day one post op...feeling really good more sore...

Day one post op...feeling really good more sore than anything. I would equate it to doing 100 push ups kind of soreness. The drains are really easy to maintain and they,iChat actually come out tomorrow. Total amount removed was 450 grams on the left and 510 grams on the right. I will update tomorrow when I get the big reveal. So far so good though!!!

So I'm two days post op and doing great. Taking it...

So I'm two days post op and doing great. Taking it easy but not in a whole lot of pain still

So I have not posted in a while but I wanted to...

So I have not posted in a while but I wanted to update everyone on my progress. I stopped taking the pain medication and muscle relaxer fairly early (after like the fourth day). I followed up with the doctor on day 6 and everything looked great. Drains are out and pain is at a minimum. I have to say I think I was expecting the worse, but the pain was never that intense. I describe it more as sore than anything. On day 8 I started experiencing very intense muscle spasams on the right side. I was instructed to continue the muscle relaxer twice a day (because for some reason it does not make me drowsy). They stopped almost immediately and I have been doing fine. Yesterday (day 11) a small hope opened up under the right breast (which is to be expected and I was warned would happen due to the technique that was used) and I have been covering it with gauze and keeping it clean. The doctor told me that everything looks perfect. I still have all the steri strips in place around the breast and I was told to leave those on until they start coming off on their own. Over all everything is going great. I am back to work (only because I have a desk job) and I started driving because I am not taking any of the pain meds or muscle relaxers. I will update with a picture again soon!!!

5 weeks post-op!!! So I know its a little early...

5 weeks post-op!!!

So I know its a little early to be finally excited about bra shopping but I recently went and got fitted for new bras (seeing how none currently fit). I am a 38 DD (light years from where I was before surgery) and I couldnt be happier. I was told that they are still going to go down a little bit and the size will vary depending on where I am in my menstural cycle. I have had routine follow ups with the Dr. and everything seems to be going just as planned. I got my lab work back on the specimines that they removed during surgery and all came back completly clear of any cancer cells (even the lesion he removed off my breast). The hole that opened up under my breast has completly closed. All the tape has come off and I am currently treating the incision sites with just antibiotic ointment and gauze. I could not be happier about where I am right now. I even started spinning back at the gym this week. I was told running is still a couple weeks away, but I was happy to get back to doing things that I enjoy.

I think overall this whole process has been so worth it. Things didnt go exactly how I had planned in the beginning, however, I think right now I am completly on track to a life free of back aches and expensive bras! I am truly grateful for all Dr. Chahin and his staff have done for me. They work as a team with you and it makes you feel like you are truly family. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart....

pictures to come :)

I am just past two months post op and I couldnt be...

I am just past two months post op and I couldnt be happier. The incisions are completly healed and my results are amazing! I will post another picture as the scars start to lighten up. I started running again recently and its such a difference. I am sleeping better (and can even roll over on my back at times). I would tell anyone contemplating having this procedure do not wait. It will absolutely change your life. Will post an update when the scars start to lighten.
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I have already had one procedure with Dr. Chahin and my results were fantastic so choosing him for this was an easy choice. I have done countless hours of research online and I found that there are a few different techniques that breast reduction offers, however, I prefer the vertical scar (or lollipop) technique as it bosts roughtly 50% less scarring then the inverted T or anchor scar. I am a candidate for this procedure which I am thrilled with. Prior to choosing Dr. Chahin for my initial surgery, I did extensive online research and looked up previous patient testinomials, which all reflected that I was in the best hands.

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