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Originally I had messaged Dr. Alter to get a price...

Originally I had messaged Dr. Alter to get a price quote for facial surgery, I had seen him on Dr. 90210 and was please with the before and afters. I was directed by Dr. Alter to Dr. Harrison Lee (his colleague, also appeared on Dr. 90210) Dr. Lee gave me a price quote and surgeries he thought I would have benefited from. The surgery plan was for a sub nasal lip lift, cheek implants, jaw and chin reconstruction and submental liposuction (between chin and neck). His office staff were awesome and so wonderfully accommodating.

I showed up for my surgery and went through the whole procedure with flying colors, anesthesia was a breeze and transportation home was met with no problems. All proper medications were taken as well Arnica Montana and Bromelain (started two days before surgery). No bruising whatsoever and some swelling, this is always to be expected from these surgeries.

Ever since my surgery, I have been extremely happy with how I look and I am able to get through my day, Dr. Lee and all the staff involved with my surgery did so well, I am so happy and look forward to the future. I recommend Dr. Lee, he really is a great doctor and I will only allow him to work on any cosmetic needs I may have in the future.

19,000 is the ball park of how much I paid, 19,000...

19,000 is the ball park of how much I paid, 19,000 is not for the individual cheek implants but for the Sub nasal lip lift, cheek implants, jaw and chin remodeling and sub mental lipo suction

For those of you who asked, I added three pictures...

For those of you who asked, I added three pictures at the 6 month mark and two at the side. Thanks again for all your kind words, I really do appreciate all of it :)

A second visit to Dr. Lee for Perma Lip, Lip implants. (Link below)

Closing Statement

As a year has come and gone since my surgery all the fear and anticipation of my final results has all but faded. When someone like Dr. Lee changes your life so drastically for the better, you can't help but consider them a friend. Dr. Lee didn't recommend procedures that would keep me coming back over extended periods of time, he recommended permanent solutions. Dr. Lee only gave me recommendations on what could enhance my look, he also told me what I didn't need, THAT is the type of plastic surgeon you want, not someone whose going to work off of your insecurities. Dr. Lee truly does want to meet your satisfaction and you can tell he is happy knowing that you are happy with the work he has done. I've learned over just a small period of time that plastic surgery is not a cure for anything, someone with low self esteem will always be someone with low self esteem, no matter how you tweak it. What I know for me personally, is that plastic surgery met my vision of what beauty is for myself, and that vision will differ from person to person. Some people want gigantic breasts, some want small, some even want devil horns and split tongues. Life's too short to not live in the "now" so go for it! Be what you aspire to be, mentally, physically and emotionally. I chose the right Doctor, I had the right attitude and most of all I had a WONDERFUL support system thanks to my Mother and Sister as well as Dr. Lee. Be a vision of what you desire, not what is dictated to you by the words of others.

1 yr mark

final photos have been added

1.5 years

Please note:

Do not contact me for specifics regarding the cheek implants themselves, including size and measurements. Asking for my specific cheek implant may not give you the desired result since all bone structure underneath is different, I am not a surgeon and in no way want to be held responsible for someones undesired results. Please ask your surgeon.

Random pics in the later years (post surgery)

answering a common question.

Many people contact me after going in for jaw line revision complaining about the swelling. I beg you, if you go through this procedure, please be patient. It's a very aggressive and intense surgery and all swelling will dissipate after ONE YEAR POST OP. After the procedure your mind WILL play tricks on you and every month you will believe that how you look that day is going to be the end result, I GUARANTEE you that it will not and your swelling will go away slowly but surely. So, again, you must be patient.

False Accusations

In response to reviews left by suspicious reviewers on this site, saying that Dr. Lee's patient success stories are fake, I'm here to set the record straight. I, and many other patients on this site are not fake, I assure you. I have been on this site for years continuing to answer your questions and concerns and will continue to do so, I may not be able to answer all questions because I am not a Doctor, but I can answer questions from my own experience. When I believe in something with all my being, I stick by it and I still stick by Dr. Lee 100% because he has changed my life for the better. There will always be the possibility of unsatisfactory results, like everything in life, but for me, I have not experienced them in any way.

Thank you

I really want to thank all of you whom had made this journey so positive through the years. Unfortunately, in more recent weeks I have been harassed, mocked, belittled, insulted and threatened by continuous people on here whom have claimed to be former patients of Dr. Lee without any photographic evidence to back their claims, which has lead me to believe that Real Self is not the positive online community I had perceived it to be. So the second half of my journey will be documented elsewhere. I will still answer all of your questions regarding this review and hope it can still remain as positive as the initial surgery was. I encourage everyone to do their homework with legitimate reviews and I only encourage those whom are patient and willing to wait 1 year to see final surgical results to go through cosmetic surgery. Hope everyone achieves what they're looking for, as I have. Take care.
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