41 Year Old Heavy Eyelids Bothering Me - Beverly Hills, CA

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This site has been really helpful so I am sharing...

This site has been really helpful so I am sharing my story. I am scheduled for upper blepharoplasty and laser resurfacing of the lower lids next week. I'm feeling good about my doctor and the decision. But I am getting feedback from friends that i am 'too young' or 'crazy' to let someone cut into my eye lids. I vacillate between being really excited and feeling like maybe i am overly attuned to my eyelids. Initially i was scheduled for both lowers and uppers but decided to just do the uppers and laser for now. Any words of wisdom are much appreciated!

Tomorrow morning!

Hi all, feeling like it's getting real now! Tomorrow morning at this time i will look like i got into a fight!
I'm excited and also nervous. I spent last night looking at pictures of my eyes from 10-15 years ago. They have alway been heavy lidded/bedroom eyes, which i like. I think the change will be very subtle and probably not noticeable to many people except me. There's just this title lip of skin sagging off my upper brows that drives me nuts and makes me feel older than i want to feel. It feels extremely narcissistic to be doing this, given the suffering of others in the world. That is probably he hardest part of this whole thing is feeling like i should be helping someone else and not indulging in this cosmetic procedure. But I'm going for it. Wish me luck!

Done. Home and Resting

3 hours post op. The eyelids were a breeze. I felt completely relaxed with minimal discomfort except the shields they put in. The CO2 laser was by far the worst part. I hurt a lot and continues to burn.I realize the worst is yet to come so i am bracing myself for brushing and swelling in the coming days. I'm not even trying to imagine the outcome yet. Just trusting in my body to heal quickly.

24 hours post op

Ok, so definitely swollen and bloody tears coming out. But not painful. One eye felt a little scratched yesterday from the eye shield but it doesn't hurt. I am not looking too closely as i know these next couple of days are going to be the worst and there's no sense ruminating over it. I've taken one tylenol and that's it. Peas are my best friend and the V pillow was awesome last night.

Ugly Day 2

Feeling ok, though the swelling is uncomfortable and the stitches itch. But OMG am i looking beat up and quite scary. Hopefully it's downhill from here.

Day 3: Out of the house

I have to say the worst part of this is the g-damned stitches which are poking my eyelids and driving me nuts. I actually trimmed one last night that kept poking my tear duct.
Otherwise i feel great and am looking better than i thought at 78 hours (but who's counting) post op.
I put on my glasses and big hat and ventured out of the house today for lunch at a cafe. Some guy across the room kept looking at me but i just told myself it was because i looked so cute in my hat and kept shoveling in my kale salad and checking my inbox. Ha.
I have no idea how this will turn out but i am feeling optimistic and really, really, itchy.

126 hours (but who's counting) post op

Still a bit more bruised than i would have expected at this point. I'm still doing the arnica/bromelain/frozen peas rigamarole but, let's be honest, it's probably pointless at this stage. The layered bits have started to flake off, so i am looking less lemur-like. Just trying to keep busy until these damn stitches come out in exactly 48.5 hours (but who's counting).

Magical Day 7- Stitches out

I made it to stitch removal day. Hurray! I am happy with the results thus far though i still know i could hit some bumps ahead so i am not allowing myself to celebrate or imagine the final result just yet. I like the change and it feels very like it will be very subtle. The right eye, which was a little saggier pre-op is still, to my eye, a bit heavier/saggy. We'll see what happens. Good luck to anyone out there and thank to all who have shared before me. I will keep you posted periodically!

Minor setback- Day 8

Today at work i scratched my eyebrow and my fingertip caught my upper lid bit and I heard and felt a little pop. I knew immediately that i had opened up the incision line. So- back to the doc's office for about 10 stitches. Damn. 7 more days of stitches. Grrrrr.

Day 15- finally stitch free

Feeling pretty good. Had the (second) stitches removed yesterday. The left incision line is healing slower than the right. The right upper lid still has a bit of a bubble or flap above the crease/incision. Hoping that it's still just swollen. The left eyelid is perfect. I think it's a very natural look and hoping for perfect symmetry once it's all healed. I will report back!

Gah! Opened again

The night that i posted my last update i hit my eye in my sleep. I was having an intense dream and remember waiving my arms in the air and i bonked my eyelid, which immediately opened and started bleeding. Oy. 3 more stitches for a week. No contacts or makeup for another 10 days. I hope it doesn't leave a bigger scar. Feeling depressed. It's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things but i am ready to be 'normal' again. My glasses are driving me nuts.

Anyone feel tingles in the eyelids?

I'm experiencing what i can only assume is tingling in my eyelids. i think the feeling is coming back where it has been numb. But it's really an odd sensation. It feels like there are little wet spots. Just curious if anyone else had this and how long it lasted. I'm 3 weeks out today. Thanks!

5 weeks post with makeup

5 weeks post op. I'm still feeling uncomfortably numb. My eyes just feel weird. They look ok, although today my incisions are very pink. It's a longer healing process than i expected. But i think i am happy with the outcome...

7 weeks post- very happy

I am 7 weeks post op and quite happy with the way my eyes look. As always with surgical procedures, it was a longer healing process than i expected (i find that the docs always make it out to be less of an ordeal). I still see pink lines across my lids, feel scar tissue on the lids and also have some numb spots still. But i am very happy i did it. My eyes look more youthful. Once the scars calm down and numbness goes away completely i will be even happier. This is a great 'first' procedure or one for someone who doesn't want to look they've had anything done. It's so subtle (or should be) that no one will notice that you've had it done.
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