Dr K's Doll in Beverly Hills! Tummy Tuck, Lipo on Flanks, Medial Thigh Lift, and Lipo on Inner Knees! - Beverly Hills, CA

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Hi, I'm very happy to be here on RS with all you...

Hi, I'm very happy to be here on RS with all you beautiful brave ladies! I went in today for my Pre-Op appt with the worlds best Plastic Surgeon- Dr K. I can confidently say that because he did my Breast Lift and Breast Augmentation last Oct 2014 and I'm beyond happy with the results! Now it's time for the bottom half to match so I can be a total Dr K Doll ;). I still get nervous but Dr K takes the time to talk to me and has a calming manner, and he cares about his patients - that means so much to me and that builds the trust I have in him! My background - 45 yo, 5'8, 153lbs with 2 grown sons : all my life I was never confident with my bottom half which is my legs. It was my husband who has always been so supportive that told me to go back and see Dr. K and to get everything done that I wanted too so that I could go forward with 100% confidence in life. So here I am, 11 days to go before the big day! I can't wait to share my experience here with everyone- Please if you have advice or have any questions write to me!

My before pics !

I took some before pics of the areas that I'm getting done.. It's beginning to really set in now- only 8 days before the big day!

3rd day post op

I'm doing pretty good over all. I'm getting so much help from my hubby, it's so important to have someone who helps you out and is patient. I'm taking everything slow and listening to my body .. But I'm having trouble sleeping and I had excruciating gas pain today. OMG- times 10! I've been using baby wipes and gonna take a shower Tomor - unveiling time! I'm excited and nervous to see the new me!

4th day Pre op - Wow!

It's Friday night & I'm 4 days pre-op and finally got brave enough to take off my binder to see my results.. All I can say is Wow!! And the look on my hubby's face was priceless... I am sooo happy with the way I look, and couldn't be happier with Dr K's talent! I only have a couple of stretch marks left and their at least 2 inches below the belly button... Now that's a dream come true, I can truly be proud and not embarrassed anymore!

A little set back, and also a great 1st post-op visit with Dr K

Hi, I'm now at day 10 post-op. Ive had a very hard week.. At day 6 I got Strep throat! Oh the pain was horrific!! I could'nt even swallow my pain meds- drinking water was so painful and it made me cough- which was a pain level of 10+ ... so I have to strongly urge you all, to try and not to have visitors over after your surgery... This is your body's healing time and your immune system is down and will catch anything possible! But I'm feeling better now since taking my new antibiotics.
Ok, on to good news- I went to see Dr K for my 1st Post-op visit and he said that my stitches are healing nicely, and said he can really see my curves on my waist line! I then gave him my drainage records and he said "good news" that he could take out the drainage tube- I only had one drain! I was super nervous because I kept reading these horrible stories of it hurting so bad, and it being painful...
Well this is what makes Dr K so special, he said "don't be nervous, I have all day for you, I'm going to take it out myself" ... I felt a slight tugging feeling, he said if you relax your muscles it makes it easier.. Dr K then started telling my husband and I a story about his day, and then he said " Kimberly, the tube is out.. Your all done!" Wow- it didn't even hurt!! I really appreciate the extra care that he devotes to me.
Now it's swell hell week for me- my turn to go through it, lol! It's funny because when you get better in one area another new pain pops up! Ughh swelling in my abdomen area is no fun!
Tomorrow is a big day for me and I'm looking forward to it- I'm getting my 1st real shower, whoop whoop! It's been sponge baths and now that I'm feeling better, and can safely take a shower I can't wait! Im also going to be posting pics afterwards so I'm excited to see results!!
RealSelf ladies I appreciate you so much more and admire you for being so strong! Xoxo

11 day post op, a much needed shower and swelling!!

I'm so happy that Dr K took the drain tube out, but now I'm dealing with swelling! Ughh, painful. The good thing about today is I get my 1st shower! I'm feeling better & a little stronger from my set back. / omg- shower felt luck heaven! My husband helped and he used Aveno baby wash, cautious to not to irritate my cuts. I took a few pics to document my healing.

18 day Post op and what a trying week it was!

Hello ladies! Its been a pretty bad week for me.. But I learned a lot from it! Im going to share it with you -what happened and why.
After my last post I started to get nausea, with food, without food, 24/7. Then I started to throw up.. 2 days in a row! Omg, worse thing ever- the pain and pressure. I called Dr K and he told me to start taking 1/2.the dose of pain pills along with Tylenol in between. What happened is that my body was beginning to overdose on pain pills - basically I needed to ween myself off of it. It took a couple of days to feel better and I became very weak because I lost my appetite.
After that, the inside of my thigh got a little raw, which felt like a razor blade was slicing it- yep that painful! I made the mistake of letting my husband put newsporean on it. Umm, that's a no no... It's so important to keep your thigh incisions DRY! I started putting warm compress'es on the incisions after I went to the restroom and afterwards used the blow dryer (cold air) to make sure it was completely DRY. That took a couple of days to clear up, whew!
Ok well then another bout of constipation hit me- and HARD! For 3 days I suffered .. When you have a tummy tuck it feels like you can't do much (pushing) I tried taking colace but nobody told me I should also take Metumucil with it.. Ones to soften and the other is to move it! Anyways I was eating way to much (dairy products) yougurt and all bran cereal! My nausea dictated my diet which I suffered dearly for that! After 17 days of constant pain- always a new issue- I just cried. I just wanted 1 bareable comfortable day.
And to top it off I'm still not standing up straight!! Ughh... I go to see Dr K for my 2nd visit and will ask him...
But I hope you ladies can get some knowledge that will help you in your journey from this! Hug~
I'll post some new pics Tomor!

19 day post op and my 2nd visit with Dr K

I went in to see Dr K and he said that I'm healing nicely... I told him my biggest concern is that I'm still not standing up straight yet (umm, it's day 19!) .. He said don't worry, it'll probably take another 2 weeks. Dr K said that he did a lot of Ab work, tightening & made the scar low so to just relax and listen to my body. That made me feel better. It hard because you read about everybody else's progress and you end up comparing yourself.
He had another patient that was thinking about getting a thigh lift and asked if I would let her see my progress. Sure! I was happy too considering i would of wanted to do that myself if I had a chance! Plus I'm very happy and amazed by the wonderful work he did on me!
My wish for today:
to be able to sleep again in bed with my hubby, a.k.a. Superman!

Day 20 post op pics!!

It's been a journey with a lot of unexpected obstacles.. But nothing worth attaining is easy! I'm finally feeling normal, healthy and happy!
My stomach is a bit swollen, my thigh incisions are barely noticeable, and it will look better when I can stand straight!!
I'm going to get a back massage today! Hoping that will help with my aches and get the blood flowing!

Day 35 - it's been 5 weeks!

I can't believe it's been 5 weeks.. It's been a lengthy recovery and I'm doing so much better now! At week 4 I started to stand up (almost) straight and just a week later at week 5 I can stand up tall without my back hurting and I feel more normal! I'm starting to make food and clean up a little around house. My energy level is still low so when I get tired I take little breaks. A couple of weeks ago I got really frustrated with myself, because I felt like I was healing slowly & behind schedule. But now I realize that I'm happy that I did take the time to rest and heal properly, because I never suffered or had any issues with swelling or faced with having to consider a revision. If I had to stress one thing to women it would be that- if you have this surgery or any kind of surgery - Please just rest. If your investing so much money into this, then invest the time that it takes to heal - don't rush it! Great results depends on giving your body the TLC that it deserves! Hugs to all you brave women - it takes courage and patience with this process!! Xo

Almost 2 years later and I'm so happy with my results!

It's been a long journey but definitely worth it! It really does make a difference In the Dr you choose. Dr Khosravi does excellent work and I highly recommend him!
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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