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After 4 years of looking at my laser damaged face...

After 4 years of looking at my laser damaged face and trying less invasive treatments first, I finally decided after 1.5 years of research and seriously thinking about it to get Dermabrasion.

If you see my TCA reviews, you see I stayed with the same doctor. He knows my skin, has been respectful and I was happy with how he carried out my chemical peels.

Currently Day 1 post op and bandaged. Fresh bandage change and follow up this morning. Stay tuned.

Day 6

Definitely have come a long way in such a short time:
-Transient itchiness is driving me mad.
-Had a couple mini meltdowns due to lack of sleep.
-Disappointed with parts of cheek and nostril were missed where I had laser damage (micro holes).
-Follow up appointments day 1-3 went well, healing on track.
-No longer required to wear dressing however kept forehead bandaged today as it is still somewhat raw.
-Keeping it moist 24/7 with antibiotic ointment & Aquaphor.
-Taking it easy.

Daily Supplements for Healing

-VitaMedica Arnica
-VitaMedica Bromelain + Quercetin
-Emergen C = 2 x packets/daily
-Pumpkin Powder in smoothies


Photo of micro holes left from Profractional & Sciton Micro Laser Peel.

Day 7 (6 days post)

Still raw but have definitely come a long way. I have to give thanks to Muncy for her help and her review. If I did not see her pictures, I definitely would have freaked out more. The physical aspect of this is only half the battle. You definitely need to be stubborn (like me) or very motivated to have this done because it affects you very much mentally and emotionally.

With that said, still a little raw but knowing that re-epithelialization takes 7 to 10 days, I know I am on the right track. I also knew from my peels that I take a little longer than I think most, despite having been on Adapalene (more specifically, Epiduo) for a year. I have a follow up appointment next week.

1 week

Got a little more sleep last night and kept a bandage on my forehead during the night for extra protection. Also added a "before" pic of my forehead.

Follow Up Appointment

9 day check up went well and I'm out of the woods for infection, etc. so that's a relief. Dr. said I am healing perfectly although still hard not to be anxious especially with the itchy and what looks like to be raised areas (nothing about that was mentioned so hopefully he is right about everything! Again, anxiety is normal!).

He said my redness is doing quite well and looks like I only have to use the steroid for 2 weeks instead of the initial 4, so I am very happy with that. I think my diet and supplements like chlorella help a lot with redness. He OK'd wearing make up but I will try to wait a couple more weeks.

Next follow up in a month. So far so good.

Emotional Rollercoaster

I am happy that my doctor was very honest about the whole process. He said I would love my skin at first due to swelling, then hate it as it could look worse after, and then (hopefully) like it @ 3 months when the collagen has formed. I am trying to reserve judgement until March as at this point I am hating my skin! On a brighter note, someone said I had great skin yesterday...(I had make up on) hmm...


Now on a bleaching cream to combat 3 major areas of hyperpigmentation (where he went deeper, photo to come)

Photos soon

Sorry for lack of updates, have responded to comments however. I think hyperpigmentation is slowly getting better.

Almost 3 months

Millia is a major issue right now. Hyper pigmentation is improving however still redness.

3 months Post

Improved Hyperpigmentation, dermabrasion scar softening from cortisone injection, milia and some redness persist. Still healing...Monthly follow ups with light peels help.


In June (6 months post) I will comment on how much improvement there is.

Losing Hope.

Had a light TCA peel a week ago for the milia. All I did was flake. I was hoping for a medium peel instead. Still fighting milia and some redness. Starting to regret my decision. I am feeling very low today.

It has been 5 years since my laser and it still depresses me. I no longer feel beautiful despite being very photogenic I have yet to write a closure letter to the doctor who destroyed my skin. Better late than never.

Improvement of Millia

My last follow up included millia removal with a needle. This ended up helping tremendously, while also trying not to wear as much heavy makeup, etc. I still have some which is annoying, hopefully they will resolve. I will add photos later. End of June will be 6 months post.

At this time, I do not recommend dermabrasion.

For me personally and for my laser damage, I do not recommend dermabrasion. I have new scarring and am still dealing with millia as well as some residual redness. I turn red very easily still, which is annoying.

Do I regret doing it? Yes and no. Yes because of what I see now and the new scarring. But no, I also do not regret trying dermabrasion because I am stubborn and therefore had to try it to see if it would fix or rather, improve my laser damage. This decision was not made on the whim. Overall, I still love my peels more and wish I was not feeling disappointed. Time for some chocolate...

Quick Update

Thank you all for your messages, comments, and support! I am sorry I have been slow at responding and posting new photos. Lots of (good) transitions in life, so have been very busy.

Face is improving each day, I still flush red really easily under emotional or physical stress, which is annoying however make up helps to cover it. I still have about 25% millia, I think I need the remainder popped to further improve it. Back on epiduo for a couple pimples and for the retinoid. I find that it works better than just 0.1 adapalene (I was prescribed the stronger version but $$$).

Anyway, thanks again and I hope to add photos soon.


It looks like there are improvement in fine lines that was caused by the laser, there seem to be less lines. I do have some new scarring on the forehead but it's different.
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