Countdown to Long Awaited Tummy Tuck W Dr Dass! (And a BBL)

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Sorry this is long but I feel like my story might...

Sorry this is long but I feel like my story might relate to those who have struggled w weight, have diabetes, or are "older". I will try to keep it brief lol

So I'm a soon to be 42 yr old momma of 2 (both 10 lb babies at birth) who has been stalking this site for about 5 years! I actually got to "pre-op" w another Dr 10yrs ago & thank god I didn't go through with it! Funny how life is... I Truly believe everything happens for a reason. Anyway... I had a girlfriend tell me about Dr Dass while she was on the hunt for a BBL dr over a year ago. I checked him out & of course was very impressed with his results but being that I "have a butt" I never looked into a BBL. Didn't even really know what it was until she told me. My #1 issue is my gut!

Let's really rewind. Lol So when I got pregnant w my 1st I was 21 & weighed 127lbs I remember that because I was upset since my usual weight was 117-120 ( ahhhh to be young again) WELL... Apparently all that eating WHATEVER I wanted didn't workout for me. I gained 80lbs during my pregnancy! Needless to say I developed gestational diabetes. I literally watch myself turn into a meatball - looked like I was having twins lol But after I had him I was able to lose all but 15lbs! (40lbs came off the the first 2 months... The rest took a year) As you can imagine with the rapid weight gain then loss I had stretch marks everywhere!!! Also my tummy hung. I went into a huge depression because I hated my body. Then baby #2 only 2 1/2 years later - this time I was super careful, no diabetes, gained 35 lbs & still managed to have another 10lb baby! Lol Both were c-sections (thank God or I would need a different kind of surgery!! Lmao) Unfortunately (or fortunately) my marriage ended shortly after my 2nd was born so there was no money for a tummy tuck on my single income.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 7 yrs ago & I have had it in check (testing like a pre-diabetic) for 5 1/2 yrs thru diet & losing 40lbs. I'm still a "big girl" though & have no one to blame for that other than my poor habits & lake of exercise. I actually looked great (despite my lower belly) after baby # 2. Maybe it was the divorce & being "back on the market" but I weighed 145 & looked pretty good up until about 30yr old. From 31-35 old I gained a ton of weight! Then found out I had diabetes. (Heaviest being 220lbs)

Today I'm 195 which is about 10-15lbs heavier than the average I've been maintaining since I got my diabetes under control. I'm bummed but this year has been a wild one lol. Did a lot of traveling and not watching that diet like I should. I know that I they say you should be at you ideal weight before this type of surgery but I honestly feel like it's my time to do it! I had to do a lot of tests - blood, etc & get clearance from my endocrinologist prior to booking a date. I'm not getting younger & diabetes is a progressive disease... The time is now! :)

So I had my 1st consult w Dr Dass in May. Just as everyone says, he has a shy/quiet demeanor. I just loved how he didn't rush me & listened to me. He asked me what I wanted to do & I said - where do I start!? Lol He said well what bothers you the most. I said my tummy. I explained that other doctors told me my stomach muscles were torn & he said yes, I will take care of that. I will sow them up doing muscle repair with lipo then a full tummy tuck. I then asked about fat transfer & a bbl. He said I can do it at the same time or its best to have the lipo & bbl then come back for a tt. Wellllll hell no! The thought of making this stomach hang even more made me sick so I knew right then I would just do the tummy tuck by itself. They gave me a quote for everything... Even my boobs (which will be done next). Its ALOT of money (to me). I was quoted 9,900 for the tt, 10,900 for the bbl & 10,800 for the boobs (silicone w chest lipo). I know myself... There is no way I would spend this kind of money & not take care of my investment! I honestly think this will help me in every way.

After the consultation... I began obsessing on my butt & what a shame it would be to throw out all that good belly fat. Lol Also looking at picture after picture of Dass dolls I knew I had to do both. So last week I had my pre op... Booked the tt & bbl!! No turning back now! My surgery is 11 days away & it's all I think about. I was so nervous bringing in all that money... I'm not rich & as a mom I always feel guilty if I spend money on myself. My kids are now 19 & almost 17 so I feel like it's finally time for me to do something a little selfish. Besides... I don't wanna wait til I'm too old to enjoy my new body!!

I wanna say thank you to you girls/ladies on here! It's so awesome to see everyone sharing their journey. It definitely played a huge role in me choosing dr Dass. I can't wait to be a Dass Doll too!!
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