33 Year Old with double chin.

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I'm back!! After a year of contemplation I have...

I'm back!! After a year of contemplation I have decided it is time to take care of my double chin. Perhaps orthodontic surgery would of been the appropriate treatment for my double chin, however I decided to more forward with the liposuction instead. We will see if that helps me look less like my mother. I booked a surgery appointment for this Saturday. 11/19

Day of surgery.

My surgery was scheduled for 8:30 am and I got to Sono bello at 8:00 I was the first surgery of the day. Originally my appointment was at 10:30 but it was moved up the night before. I was greeted then taken in for a urine test (to make sure I wasn't pregnant) then I went into the pre-op room changed into the robe, sterile undies, bra and compression socks and then they inserted an IV in my arm as a precaution measure. They asked me to pick a pandora station to be played while the procedure was happening. I went with reggae (positive vibes) then they gave me couple of pills before the surgery they made me a little sleepy 30 minutes later the procedure started. They first used a pink solution looked like paint on my chin area I think this was the numbing lotion. Then the Dr. made 1 puncture on my chin and inserted a tube in my chin that was the most painful part but it didn't last long... It felt like an electric toothbrush hitting your chin. I was wheeled out to the car with my driver. I was not able to drive myself. You definitely need a driver.

Day 1

I was able to eat yesterday much easier than today probably because of the numbing solution used during surgery. Today I can definetly feel some pain but not enough to continue taking the Hydrocodone pills, not sure if I can start taking tylenol since last time I took the hydrocodone pills was 9am. The pain is not too painful where I'd want to continue taking them. Between 1-10 I'd say the pain level is 6

Pics Before and After

Well, here are some updated pics.

1 week post

so, i feel very stupid some days, I notice only slightly differences it is very frustrating because I went through this procedure thinking I'd see immediate results and the truth is that the difference is very subtle. It might be a good thing in a couple of months though.
Dr. John Hsu

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