I Had Cellulaze Yesterday in Beverly Hills, CA

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So, my story is like many others. I'm...

So, my story is like many others. I'm 5'3", 133lbs. I'm tone and in shape. I work out daily (tennis, walking, yoga, spinning, treadmill, weights, exercise videos, etc). I'm a vegetarian. I eat a whole foods, mostly a non processed organic diet. I sleep on average 8 hours a night. I'm not a stressed person. And for the most part, I REALLY like my figure. But no matter what I do, I could not budge the ugly dimples on the back/side of my thighs and on my bum, which seemed to only be getting more pronounced as I passed 40.

I had never tried any of the cellulite gimmicks of machines or lotions, etc. I just kept exercising and eating well and thought that was the best I could do. Just sort of resigned to this is my body, hide the cellulite. Then a few weeks ago my husband calls me into the TV room to see the Cellulaze segment on the Today show. Boom, something clicked. I became obsessed and wanted it. I was just so over another summer of covering my backside in a bathing suit. I for once wanted to walk around and not hide my ass/thighs. So I had two consults in my immediate neighborhood. Dr. Nikolov's office was friendly and easy to schedule with. Jennifer the patient coordinator was so sweet and made you feel right at ease. They were actually significantly more expensive than my other consult, but Dr. Nikolov felt like the right person with 22 yrs of experience and lots of experience with Smart Lipo and Lipo. It's my body and I'm worth the extra money, right? I had the procedure yesterday.

I had never done anything to my body before other than teeth whitening and hair coloring. So to me, this was a big step. I was scared but everyone in the office was so friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend having a hand mirror so you can see exactly what is being marked up on your backside, so nothing is missed. Dr. Nikolov took his time and really marked all the areas I wanted. I took on their recommendation Arnica 5 tablets daily/3x day for 5 days leading up to surgery and continue to take afterwards. Then after being marked up (areas where dimples were), I was given 2 valium and 2 vicodin (which seemed like A LOT !) as I never take anything. And POOF, I was out. I don't remember anything. No pain, no one talking to me, not finishing up the procedure, not getting dressed, not the car ride home. My friend brought me home and I slept from 7pm to 7am. OUT.

I went in today for my post op. The doctor says it all looks good and normal. For me, I can't tell a thing. Besides all the bruising, swelling, and red and black sharpie pen markings all over the place, I can't see anything. I still see my dimples, it looks the same. So now I have to wear my "be patient" hat. Took a lifetime to get these ugly suckers, so I need to allow myself the 3-6 months to allow my skin to regenerate and grow and heal. I can't wait to get back to exercising. 3 weeks. I guess I'll use that time to catch up on over-due house projects!

The compression garment is not so bad. It's not too tight. And to my surprise when I woke up this morning, it's crotchless! (as I have no memory of it being put on, I just saw this when I woke up) So you don't even need to take it down to use the bathroom! Hysterical. The pain is not that bad today. I'm sore. You can't plop down on the couch, you have to sit gently. I'd describe it as sore and achey, but not painful. I'm taking antibotics for a few days as prescribed by my MD. I was given pain meds I have yet to use, but there are there if I need them. I see my MD again in one week. I have taken pictures of my before - and will take pictures of the bruising and post those both within a few days. Stay tuned fellow women. Send good wishes my way. If you have questions, I'm totally open to answering them to the best of my ability.

Had my one week post procedure today with MD. ...

Had my one week post procedure today with MD. And I must say, little real self girlfriends, I am in a good mood. I think this might actually be WORKING??!?!?!?!? I took a good long look at myself today in the mirror (my first real inspection since the procedure) and I clenched my butt cheeks.... and NOTHING. No dimples. Smooth butt. Now this is all well and good but what matters to me more are the ones THAT SHOW. I still have a few dimples - I'd say 6 total - that you can see on the thighs. They are definitely not as deep and pronounced as they were. They are more shallow and flush with skin around it, but you can see them. And the bruising has improved dramatically. I'd go so far to say that in one more week I will probably not be bruised anymore - at least visually. I am still super sore and achy underneath. I have to sit and get up from sitting carefully, roll over in bed carefully. I'd say that's nominally better from a week ago but man, I am still sore. I'm sure I'll be sore under my skin for a while, even after the surface bruising is gone. Now in my full length mirror, which is next to a window, I see those dimples. But in his mirror at his office- my butt and legs looked perfect. My dream legs! So I have to wait and see .... it's only been a week. I'm feeling optimistic though. I have two more weeks of the compression garment and no exercise. My girlfriend (the only one I told) will take some new pictures of me soon, in the next couple of days, and I'll post. Promise. xx

Oh, sorry, last thing- follow up appointment again...

oh, sorry, last thing- follow up appointment again on May 29th. He's going to take pictures then. Can't wait!

LADIES! Look at my new pictures 11 days post...

LADIES! Look at my new pictures 11 days post procedure. I have to say, I was feeling bummed, that I wasn't really improving, but when I put my pictures side by side from today to 12 days ago - wow, there really is a difference! What do you all think? I might be able to be in a bathing suit by Memorial Day WITHOUT A COVERUP COVERING MY ASS! (I literally just burst into tears typing this! I cannot believe this thing I have hated for so long is getting better! I am totally crying right now!)

I am down at the moment. I just went to buy my...

I am down at the moment. I just went to buy my first pair of Spanx to start wearing under clothes that I just can't get the compression garment to work underneath. There was a 2 way mirror in the fitting room in Nordstroms and I looked AWFUL. I didn't see any improvement. I may have actually looked worse. I am so confused b/c in my bedroom mirror, although I still see some dimples, I see lots of improvement. And my 11 day post procedure pix, there was so much improvement (and I took them by the same window, with no flash, and in the same underwear so it was the best true comparison to the pre op pix). But man, in this fitting room I looked just terrible. Now I am not sure if I am getting better. I called my only friend I have told about this - teamlaurelC - and she insisted she saw in person major improvement (she took the B & A pix). It's only been a day over two weeks now, so I know I have a way to go to get to that 3-6month mark. But I was feeling so positive and now I'm not sure. And it's not about wasting the money, it's about really really really really really really wanting to be free of this crap on my body. UGH.

Okay. Just home from my 3 week follow up. Lots...

Okay. Just home from my 3 week follow up. Lots of good news to report. 1) I can stop wearing that yucky compression garment! He did recommend wearing spanx for a couple weeks, but said I could sleep in nothing if I wanted to. 2) I can resume any exercise I am comfortable doing. I can wear spanx if it makes me feel better, which I will. I went for a hike today and going down hill, I felt some discomfort and some jiggle feelings (which is a first b/c I am pretty tone). I am definitely still achy and sore, but getting better by the week. I am not ready to return to spining or tennis (I don't think I could do such fast movements yet), but will start back to my other exercises TOMORROW! 3) a vast majority of my bruising and swelling is gone, with some nominal of both remaining. 4) my incision marks are healing very well, they are practically healed. And 5) what you are all waiting for.... the cellulite improvement. Dr. Nikolav (who BTW is the nicest man. I am so happy with his bedside manner and the amount of time he spends with you! Thank goodness I didn't go with that mean, awful Marina office!). He says it is about 50% improved. He took some pictures and showed me side by side from 3 weeks ago to today. While there still is cellulite (sadly), the dimples are significantly more shallow, more flush with the surrounding skin. They are not nearly as deep or pitted. Other areas that weren't dimpled but the skin had a horizontal unsmooth saggy appearance look look significantly smoother. He is having me do two Smooth Shape treatments in his office, which in his opinion was one of the best options pre-Cellulaze. He says he has had his patients do some Smooth Shape with the Cellulaze and it is helping the results. He is also reminding me that I am only 3 weeks in. That the 3-6 month mark is really the place to get to- and that results are still being seen 1-2 years out. He did also say that in 6 months if there were any yucky spots, we could do re-touches. (no, I did not ask about price). So I am seeing him again in just under a month. I have to wait and be patient, but at least I will be able to be in a bathing suit in July and August, which is good news. Lastly, a big shout out to my real self girlfriends on here. You have all been so helpful and supportive. I love logging on and having your support (as well as hearing about your journeys). xx LC

OMG! OMG! OMG! I went to a pool party yesterday...

OMG! OMG! OMG! I went to a pool party yesterday and wore a bikini and I have to say- my cellulite is so improved! It looks WAY better! It's not perfect, but man, total improvement! I'm 6 weeks out this week- next week I go in for my 7 week followup, I'll post pictures then! Woo-hoo! This is working!!!! I'm a happy girl.

So..... I am close to 3 months out now and am very...

So..... I am close to 3 months out now and am very pleased. My major dimples are gone! I still have say 3 still left, but they are so much less noticeable and pronounced, it's probably only me who sees them now and I barely do myself! I went to a pool party on the 21st and I walked around with NO COVER UP on at all! Totally against my normal comfort level, but I felt so good I did it! My only friend who knows I did this was there and was gushing about not only how great I looked and how much improvement I got, but also about my confidence levels in a bikini! Now I would not say I am perfect, as I started a grade 3 and am 43 so I need to be realistic and realize I'll never have my 22 yr old thighs again, but I am so pleased with the amount of improvement I have had. Now I will say I did get a significant amount of spider veins I did not have before. So I will deal with those come winter months. But if you said spider veins vs dimples, I'm guessing you know which one I would prefer! Spider I can get rid of for about $400 with little down time and are not nearly as gross ( to me at least) as yucky dimples. I am fully back to all exercise like spinning and tennis. My skin still feels a bit strange to touch at times, but practically back to normal. I would say it was worth every penny and would do it again. I am so pleased with my level of improvement. My skin looks smoother and less uneven and bumpy. And the major dimple areas are practically gone! Oh, and my incision areas on my lower thighs I can't even find anymore but the ones on my lower bum are noticeable, but I doubt anyone but me would think anything of them. I am in London at the moment (going to Olympics!) but when I get back, I'll take some updated pics for you all to see! Thanks to all my real self girlfriends. Big huge sloppy kiss from your proud of her thighs Laurel C! Muah!

Okay girls, I finally got my teamlaurelC bestie to...

Okay girls, I finally got my teamlaurelC bestie to take updated pictures. Now I tried to recreate the same look in every picture - no flash each time, same undies, all natural light, same place in my bedroom. So as you will see- it looks a lot better! I have to say in some mirrors around town, I look insanely perfect- and then in my own mirror in my bedroom and esp dressing rooms I look not so great. But my husband says when I am laying on the couch with my legs flat on the couch there is no cellulite and when I look down, all the big significant dimples I had are so much better. Now you will also notice I have TONS of spider veins now - but I will get those addressed in the next few months. I saw my MD the other day for my 3 1/2 month checkup and he said I had about 70% improvement. I am also actively trying to lose 6 lbs - my weight has creeped up over the last year. I was 128 last August and 136 now. So I will take other pictures when I lose those lbs and see if that also helps the appearance as I am only 5'2" and my size 4 pants and shorts are all too too tight! Sending you all my thanks for all your support during these last few months. 0h also- I told my MD that a lot of gals on this site were not thrilled with their results - he did say - not to toot his own horn- that the MD that does procedure is very important. There is a specific technique to using the laser and duration it needs to be used in each layer of the procedure that is very important. My MD knew nothing from the makers of Cellulaze that spider veins were a possible side effect- I informed him that not only me - but a lot of gals on this site are experiencing that too. He said he would go back to the company with that info. But again, I can easily take care of those and I will! Good luck to everyone out there considering it! I am very happy with my results. I am NOT perfect, but if someone told me I can give you 50% to 70% improvement 4 months ago, I would not have believed them. We'll see with time if I get more, but I'm happy today! Lots of love. LC

15 months later.... all good!

It's been over a year since my procedure and I will say this really worked for me. Am I 100% cellulite free? No. But did I get significant improvement? YES. I lost most of the deep dimples. I still have some very shallow ones but they are not terribly noticeable, probably to no one but me. I still don't have perfectly smooth skin but overall, I got a lot of improvement. I was in a bikini all summer without covering my lower half and felt just fine. The truth is we all have to be more realistic about our bodies. I am 45 in a couple months. And for a woman 5 years from 50, I look GREAT. I will never have a 25 year old butt/legs again. So we need to be realistic with our expectations. But all in all, this worked for me. The spider veins I did develop from the procedure were totally gone or drastically reduced with just one injection visit at the derm office. Sensation totally back. Butt doesn't feel loose or jiggly or weird anymore at all. But what I think we learned from these reviews is this isn't a cure all. It works for some lucky ones (myself included) but is NOT a cure sadly. I hope one day there is. Girls out there, keep your chin up. Sending a Real Self Hug.... Laurel C.
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