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So I'm pretty small 4'11 117-118LBS I want that...

So I'm pretty small 4'11 117-118LBS I want that hour glass figure and I've been researching different doctors in many different countries because I thought implants were illegal in the states. Little did I know they aren't. So I began looking in Cali and Atlanta I've looking at the work of 2 different Doctors, Dr. Stanton in LA and Dr. Jimmerson in ATL. I need a consultation with them. I've sent about 2 Real Self Consult forms to each one. Has anyone else had an issue trying to get in with them for a consult? I'm in Guam (military) so I guess ill just have to stay up late and call to the states to see if I can reach them on the phone.

Got my Consult!!

So I got my consult!!! I called and it was so simple. I asked for a virtual consultation (over the phone) since I'm abroad the woman I believe her name was Mindy was so professional and friendly instantly made me feel comfortable. She requested that I send photos via email and within a minute she called back to schedule the consult. Feb 4 is the date I can't wait to hear what his recommdationd are!! I'll keep you posted! I'll post my before pics and some wish pics.

Had my Consult!!!!

I had my consult with Dr. Stanton on the tenth and he was extremely professional very knowledgeable and friendly. He answered all my questions and when it was time for pricing he handed me over to THE WONDERFUL MINDY!!! I just love her! She so sweet and kind. So I was quoted for 16,000 for the butt and hip implants. He recommended the anatomic ovals 400-450cc I decided to just get the butt implants because I know in some cases the butt will give you a bigger hip illusion. That price is 9500. When you call and set a date for the surgery you have to put a 1000 down for a deposit and pay the rest within 2 weeks before the surgery. I've got my eyes on having the procedure in June. I just can't wait I'm so excited and and can't wait for this procedure. Definitely will keep you all posted.
Dr. Stanton

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